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Habbo Hotel - Make friends, join the fun, get noticed! Play online, show your creativity and make new friends in your virtual world! Adoptables, Adopt an Egg, Virtual Pets. Dragonadopters Home. Enter the Cave. Pottermore: a unique online Harry Potter experience from J.K. Rowling. Transformice ! ยป SecretBuilders. Poptropica.

What I don't get wat u mean btw this message is for dearprincess – jessrox6533
OMG 真白目ㄟ Don't you guys see... Comment: What do you think of this pearl? NOT Comment: Spam this, whoever spams the most wins $1000000000000000000 – dearprincess
Thx guys for goin on poptropoica – goman
K bye and same I love poptropica – jessrox6533
You can also unsubscribe from the comments for any pearltree directly from the notification email. – ostarr
Ye same I'm getting loads of emails in my inbox and it's getting enjoying – jessrox6533
If you want to limit the emails it's easy! Just click on the menu icon in the upper right corner and select "notifications" then you can deselect the ones that you think are coming to your email too often. It's also easy to check your notifications only isnide pearltrees. Up at the top right, just next to the search box you'll see two icons one says "new" and the other is a "earth" icon. That contains all your notifications. You can turn off all the emails if you want and just read them there. – ostarr
Alot of people are commenting now, its weird and its filling up my in-box – parkermiller
To dearprincess: It's not really surprising that there are so many comments from new people with the thousands of people now pearling. Happy Pearling – timepeaces
........ Okay, I'm feeling weirded out. Pearltrees was like a one-day thing, and I don't even come on anymore, yet there are weird comments by weird strangers.... O.o – dearprincess

Fantage: Virtual World where you can Dress Up, Play Games, Chat with Friends, Collect Pets! Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!