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Loved that Lesson: Fractional reasoning on a number line!!! Over the past few weeks my 6th grade math resource kiddos and I have been working hard to have a better conceptual understanding of fractions , we’ve been using concept sorts, fraction towers, fraction wars.

Loved that Lesson: Fractional reasoning on a number line!!!

Spin and compare, anything we can create or get our hands on! But this week…. this week we did the culminating fraction activity…. the fraction number line! Last year I did this activity with my 7th and 8th graders and they really struggled. This year, I took a bit different approach to the activity, and because it was the culmination of a bunch of fraction work it went much smoother than before!

I started out the lesson drawing a random line on the board (I really didn’t measure it until we started the conversation). You may notice that a lot of what I am typing is written on the board below. We started working on our division and found that half of 39 was 19.5 inches. As their spatial reasoning is not great (still working on that!) YES… they were getting it! Halves, thirds fourths. Fractions - Home. Fractions- Introduction, 3 Types- Proper, Improper, and Mixed, & How to Graph.

Teacher Network. How to teach… fractions. The very word fractions is enough to send a chill down a non-maths specialist's spine and it's safe to say the topic is fraught with misconceptions.

How to teach… fractions

Secondary school maths teacher Mel Muldowney points out the Marmite quality of fractions: "It's a subject you either love or hate to teach especially at secondary as students come to you having been taught it before and are already sure they hate fractions – you have to overcome that reaction. " The Guardian Teacher Network has teaching resources to help add fun and clarity to teaching fractions at school and at home. Teachers (and parents) of primary school aged-children are encouraged to play with their food by maths expert Rob Eastaway. Sometimes it seems as if pizza was invented purely as an aid to learning fractions and Eastaway's Pizzas and fractions primary maths resource gives some mouthwatering ideas that will be equally appropriate in the classroom or at home.

Those with a sweeter tooth can do the same with cake. Free Percents Tutorial at GCFLearnFree. Free Decimals Tutorial at GCFLearnFree. Free Fractions Tutorial at GCFLearnFree. Fractions: Introduction to Fractions - Full Page. If you need help with fractions, this free fractions tutorial can help. Get the fractions help you need here. What are fractions? A fraction is part of a whole. It's less than 1 whole thing, but more than 0. We use fractions all the time in real life. Fractions look a little like division expressions, but they aren't problems to be solved. Click through the slideshow to learn how fractions work. Let's imagine that you have one pizza divided into 8 slices.

And now it's 1/4 full. Writing fractions Every fraction has two parts: a top number and a bottom number. As you saw in the slideshow, the bottom number, or denominator, is the number of parts a whole is divided into. The top number, or numerator, refers to a certain number of those parts. Let's look at another example. Try This! Write these images as fractions. Reading fractions In the example above, if you had a pizza with eight slices, each slice would be 1/8 of the pizza. You might know some of these numbers already. Mixed numbers. Percentage Game for Kids - Interactive Math Games Online. Stage 4 fractions and decimals. Strategies Students can:

Stage 4 fractions and decimals

Fraction Calculator. Using LEGO to Build Math Concepts. I was not one of those LEGO® kids growing up.

Using LEGO to Build Math Concepts

Sure, my brothers had LEGO bricks, and every so often I’d kidnap some tiny LEGO men for a make-believe game. But I didn’t truly appreciate the engineering capacity of those studded plastic bricks. They were just so rigidly rectangular! As an adult, I’ve come to appreciate LEGO, both for its rectilinear aesthetic, and even more so, for its mathematical might. In the classroom, the tiny bricks are now my favorite possibility-packed math manipulative! LEGO – Not Just for Playtime Chances are that if you are a parent or teacher, you already know, at least in theory, that these sturdy plastic blocks have huge intrinsic educational value. Let’s face it though – many elementary school teachers are women who, like me, did not grow up as LEGO experts.

You'll undoubtedly find mathematical inspiration in a pile of LEGO bricks. LEGO for Building Part-Part-Total Thinking. How to teach equivalent fractions to elementary students.