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Evolution du métier de journaliste avec le digital

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5 Essential Tools for the Mobile Journalist. The multi-function playground that is the smartphone has shrunk the capabilities of a van-sized 1970’s news team into the pocket of a single reporter.

5 Essential Tools for the Mobile Journalist

Today, front-page news can stream from any individual with a cell phone camera and a Twitter account, as it did during Iran’s election protests last summer. Today, major news outlets, such as CNN, have crowdsourced parts of their newsroom to locally-savvy citizen journalists, often armed with little more than a camcorder. In addition to the standard smartphone equipment, such as a camera and social networking applications, we've compiled a list of five additional tools that can help a single journalist rival a fully-functional news team. With these tools, a mobile journalist can record data, edit clips, and broadcast polished stories as events unfold. 1. A smartphone microphone doubles as a remarkably good interviewing device. 2. In December, Apple approved its first live-streaming iPhone application, Ustream Broadcaster. 3. 4. 5.

GameChanger: providing tools for citizen sports journalism. It is hard to imagine that a sports-crazed country like the US would have any dearth in sports reporting.

GameChanger: providing tools for citizen sports journalism

However, while professional and major college sports get covered no end by traditional media, sports leagues and user-generated sites alike, high school and minor college sports remain largely uncovered, an issue that is being exacerbated by declining revenues. This was one of the reasons that inspired Ted Sullivan, a former minor league baseball player and a graduate of Harvard Business School, to ease the pain of parents, coaches and fans of youth sports, literally, by launching an application that is making the process of scoring simpler, and allowing for easier distribution of stats from the field. “An entire category of content called real-time sports doesn’t exist for what is the enormous majority of athletic events happening everyday, whether that is organized sports from the small college level or high school and youth sports,” says Sullivan.

Like this: Like Loading... En se transformant, le journalisme sportif se met hors-jeu. La discipline, menacée par les questions économiques, a d'ores et déjà perdu une partie de ce qui faisait sa spécificité: le récit de terrain.

En se transformant, le journalisme sportif se met hors-jeu

Comment va le journalisme sportif? C'est la question que (se) pose chaque année l'Association internationale de la presse sportive (AIPS) qui a tenu son congrès début mars à Paris avant de l'organiser à Doha en 2016. Les réseaux sociaux, nouveaux médias d'information ? - Tilder. The vast virtual web spun among Internet users via social networks facilitates the circulation and sharing of information among individuals.

Les réseaux sociaux, nouveaux médias d'information ? - Tilder

Thanks to these national and international networks, information spreads from one family to another, from one company to another and from one nation to another. It travels in an unlimited and instantaneous manner, without being restricted by boundaries, time zones or financial cost. Therefore information becomes immediate and accessible regardless of physical or cultural barriers, as illustrated by the global retransmission of images of revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. While social networks have become a lever in the distribution and sharing of information, can they be considered as a fully-fledged news medium? Polymorph information The Facebook network, which counts almost 200 million users around the world, is a clear illustration of the universal information-sharing possibilities offered by social networks.

Dynamic information… Les journalistes face au développement web / E-dossier de l'audiovisuel : Journalisme, Internet, libertés. Après une licence de Sciences Economiques à Dijon puis l’école de journalisme au CUEJ à Strasbourg,Olivier Porcherot devient journaliste, « news » et magazine (France Télévisions, RTL TV, M6, etc.).

Les journalistes face au développement web / E-dossier de l'audiovisuel : Journalisme, Internet, libertés

Il participe en tant que réalisateur de direct au lancement de chaînes d’information continue telles que L’Equipe TV ou encore i>Télé, et intervient sur des événements sportifs d’envergure (Paris-Dakar, le Tour de France, etc.). En 2007, il devient directeur du département Audiovisuel & Multimédia du CFPJ. Il exerce désormais à l’Ina les fonctions de responsable de l'unité management et conception des contenus (UMCAM) et responsable du service expertise d'Ina Expert, depuis février 2012. Auteur, réalisateur, Bruno Masi a commencé sa carrière comme journaliste au service culture du quotidien Libération, avant de se tourner vers l’écriture de documentaires et de fictions, notamment pour le web.

A ce titre, le rôle du journaliste est indispensable. O.P. : C’est un vrai défi.