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Museum 3 - what will the museum of the future be like? Files/Research_report_PACE.pdf. Research: Social Media Audiences and the Museum. The following research was conducted on behalf of MuseumNext and Sumo in April 2011 by an independent market research company with a sample of 500 UK residents.

Research: Social Media Audiences and the Museum

This survey aims to provide some context for museums looking to use social media. Please note: Please credit MuseumNext should you wish to reproduce this survey. Speaking Digitally About Exhibits. Jennifer S.

Speaking Digitally About Exhibits

Altman for The New York Times CONNECTIONS Francesca Merlino, 25, and Todd Florio, 35, using social media at the American Museum of Natural History. It wasn’t a tough sell. She had tickets for a private gathering with an after-hours tour of The Brain: The Inside Story, a chat with the curators over wine and cheese and a look at the labs and storage lockers where the museum’s scientists keep specimens and do their work. The tickets were free — but with one hitch. For Ms. Wielding their cellphones as they made their way through the exhibit and the museum’s private upper floors, they posted to , checked into FourSquare, the location-based application, shared photos using the apps Twitpic and yFrog, uploaded images to Flickr, recorded video for and updated their status on .

Es: Not Nothings — Sean Redmond. Club Innovation & Culture CLIC France. « Best of the Web awards » 2014: 2 innovations françaises sélectionnées parmi les 60 finalistes La 18ème édition de la conférence «Museums and the Web» se déroule à Baltimore du 2 au 5 avril.

Club Innovation & Culture CLIC France

Les trois jours de conférences, discussions, démonstrations et débats (que nous relaierons sur ce site) se termineront comme chaque année... Baromètre mondial de partage social des contenus muséaux / 17 – 23 mars 2014 (Museum Analytics) Chaque semaine, le site du Clic France publie le baromètre mondial de la diffusion sur les réseaux sociaux des contenus muséaux établi par Museum Analytics. La semaine dernière, le musée du Louvre était deuxième dans le classement... Près de 600 musées et lieux culturels européens participent à la #Museumweek Près de 600­ musées­ et ­institutions ­culturelles ­européennes ­participent, du ­24 ­au ­30­ mars 2014,­ à ­la ­première Semaine ­des­ Musées ­sur ­Twitter.

MuseumPics. Museums_on_twitter_2011. Twitter et les musées….oui ou non ? et pourquoi ?! Wtfirl. Social media/Web Guidelines and Strategy Worksheets. NYT Goes Museums, Hosts Twitter Chat. Ian Padgham of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Erin Coburn of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Robert Stein of the Indianapolis Museum of Art and Shelley Bernstein, chief technology officer at the Brooklyn Museum (image via In the mood for some museum news?

NYT Goes Museums, Hosts Twitter Chat

You’re in luck, because the New York Times has more than you could EVER READ. Their annual special “Museums Section” was just published, and we sorted it for you. Check out a selected list of their stories here, plus stay tuned for an NYT Twitter chat this afternoon about museums and social media. NYT Museums Special Section Private collections in public spaces: This article examines the increasing prevalence of collector-based shows in public museums, noting that they’re often cheaper and easier to pull together than a normal curatorial effort (plus they please donors!). Twitter Conversation Had enough museum stuff? Watch the conversation on Twitter or through the New York Times’ website.