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David Roccato: Be a Brilliant iPhoneographer. David Roccato describes himself as an iPhoneographer — which means he takes professional-quality photos using his iPhone. It’s one of the many new cultural habits to emanate from the global adoption of smartphones. The fear that we’re spending far too much of our day on a time-wasting device is all too present, but some people, like David, have chosen to use their device to search for beauty and art.

Having spent the past few years travelling the world, learning languages and seeing different cultures, David now lives in Italy and manages a local group oriented towards providing services and building relationships. At the same time, he’s compiling a national Internet reference on smartphone photography where he provides several resources that are followed by hundreds of people daily. The term iPhoneography has become the international standard that defines iPhone art and photography. For a lot of people, it is often the same. Articles on iPads in Education. iPad in the Classroom – Can we make it simpler? | With many educational institutions choosing to use tablets for learning, it can be quite intimidating for teachers when faced with so many applications. The diagram below serves to illustrate that less than 20 core apps can play a significant part in the learning process and hopefully temper any trepidation.

(with thanks to Greg Hughes @deepexperience1 for his ideas and input) The apps indicated serve to enhance or modify existing practice with scope to be transformational. The extent to which the learning environment can be changed is up to the educator and students. Twitter and Skype are part of many students’ lives, with immediate contact and communication a must. There is no reason they can’t be utilised in the classroom and to support learning at home.

A PDF annotator and Skitch (with the ability to annotate images) might take a little more getting used to, but are invaluable to the educator with tablets in the classroom. (with thanks to dc12norfolk) (with thanks to Ron Bosch) Dingbats, coding and iPads | cambridgelearning. It is right to start at the beginning of education – there is too much focus on the end examinations and their content and structure in terms of influencing educational debate – cart before the horse. Laying the right foundations is key. Working at a school which runs from age 3 to 19 (the Stephen Perse Foundation), I have a window on this process that is fortunate. I can see how 3 and 4 year olds learn through their creativity, for example. I don’t need a debate about the relationship between creativity or skills and intellectual rigour – I can see it being played out in the classroom. Pupils learn far more content and rigour because they are allowed to be imaginative in the ways in which they are discovering knowledge.

The freedom of these early years, away from assessment criteria, is precious. The problem of assessment, league tables and the like is that it leads to the mantra ‘if it is important we should be measuring it to see how good it is’. A superb coding app. Like this: My Edmodo Journey | SteveColebourne. I decided early this year to try using Edmodo with a class.

I had met three VLEs during my PGCE, and I considered Edmodo to be the best fit for what I wanted. Edmodo, in my opinion, is nearly perfect for use in the classroom. It’s free, is easy to set up, and easy to use. The students can use it intuitively, as can staff. It works perfectly for an individual class (class calendar, discussion etc) but also works well for students who may have more than one class (one calendar with all their deadlines on, a combined feed with all discussions etc). There are also facilities for teacher collaboration, and Edmodo has “apps” – but my understanding is these are currently only available in the US. I gathered support from management and from colleagues and we decided to try a couple of terms initially, with my Year 10 Higher Maths group. My first worry was that I wouldn’t get a critical mass of students that were interested and the experiment would fail before it had even started.

The No.1 App for Every Teacher…. Not all apps are created equal. The first version of Explain Everything was good. The second version is outstanding. As an educator my life revolves around learning, organisation, workflow and school requirements. Lessons are delivered, work is assessed and data is recorded. Thankfully new technologies are providing ways of coping with the increasing demands. At its base level Explain Everything is an interactive whiteboard into which you can insert text, pictures and videos.

An existing presentation can be imported into the app from a Dropbox or GoogleDrive account. Similarly a teacher can record anything that happens in class, via the camera, and then annotate/comment on the work. (courtesy of Digital First Ohio State) As you can see from the ‘how to’ video there are a number of different functions in the new version of Explain Everything that lend themselves to the classroom. Explain Everything can also have an impact on assessment. Like this: Like Loading... iPad Archives - TeachThought. 10 Tips For Smart iPad Security In Schools by PJ Gupta, CEO at Tablet usage continues to expand in schools, colleges, libraries and universities.

Students use tablets for taking notes in class, online learning, research… Read Post → Creating An iPad Workflow For Teachers, Students, And Parents Using tablets in the classroom–whether iPads, Androids, or surging Windows devices–is largely a matter of workflow. If you can forgive a mixed metaphor, the traditional classroom… Read Post → 30 Of The Best Apps For Group Project-Based Learning Project-based learning is a matter of identifying needs and opportunities (using an app like flipboard), gathering potential resources (using an app like pinterest), collecting notes and… Read Post → Drawing On A Napkin: Is This How iPads Function In A Traditional Classroom?

Read Post → Read Post → 100 Of The Best Educational Games For iPad For some reason, educational games are getting an increasingly bad rap. Read Post → Read Post → Read Post → Stop Motion Apps - Great Storytelling. A list of All The Best iPad Apps Teachers Need. Coming to you from the Canadian Maritimes ( Halifax), Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is an educational blog dedicated to curating, reviewing and sharing EdTech tools and mobile apps.

The purpose is to help teachers and educators effectively integrate digital technologies into their day-to-day teaching, learning and professional development. For any questions regarding our website or the content we publish, please contact EdTech admin, editor and blog owner, Med Kharbach at: Med Kharbach is a doctoral researcher and a former teacher with 10 years of classroom teaching experience. Med's research interests include: language learning, linguistics, Internet linguistics, critical linguistics, discourse analysis, new (emerging) literacies, and educational technology.

Kharbach, M. Example: Kharbach, M. (2016, December 30). 9 Fundamental digital skills for 21st century teachers [Blog post]. Back to School – Top 5 iPad Apps for Educators. What apps should I use? The number one question when an educator receives an iPad. Whether it is training colleagues with the technology, or educators finding their own way, the ‘best’ apps always find a place in the discussions. With that in mind, these 5 applications may help with integration of the iPad into the classroom. ‘Introduces you to the iPad, exploring the working parts and touchscreen interface. The app is highly effective in showing you how to carry out each task or function via a series of screens that have hot linked regions that must be touched or swiped in order to progress to the next step.’

The most impressive feature of this app is that the user cannot move on unless they tap the right area of the screen that relates directly to iPad functionality. ‘Explain Everything is an easy-to-use design tool that lets you annotate, animate, and narrate explanations and presentations. Put simply, Socrative is a superb ‘assessment for learning’ tool. Like this: Like Loading... Top 5 iPad Apps for the (Experienced!) Educator #edchat. I know. I know, the (Experienced) part doesn’t quite fit. The majority of apps for the iPad are so intuitive that they are very easy to use. Indeed, developers who are successful, concentrate on simplicity to allow those of us with little technical know-how to use their product. This post is in response to a request for a follow up to the ‘Top 5 Back to School Apps‘.

‘Annotate, edit and save your photos & scribbles… fast. For the educator sketch has excellent implications for producing classroom material and other resources. ‘GoodReader is the super-robust PDF reader for iPad. As well as being an excellent place to store material to read later, Goodreader allows you to annotate PDFs very easily. iBOOKS ‘iBooks is an amazing way to download and read books. iBooks includes the iBookstore, where you can download the latest bestselling books or your favorite classics – day or night. At first glance iBooks wouldn’t seem particularly revolutionary as a classroom aid. Like this: Like Loading... The Top 17 Free Digital Storytelling Apps for The iPad. 1-StoryKit This is an awesome iOS app that allows users to easily create an electronic storybook via illustrations by drawing on the screen, using pictures and text, and recording audio to attach to stories. 2- Talking Tom & Ben News This is fun app to use.

Kids can talk to them and they will repeat what you say in turs. 3- I Tell a Story This is a free app that allows users to narrate and record their stories with their own voice and language. 4- Scholastic Storia This is an app that is designed to help kids learn and love to read in a fun and interactive way. 5- Talking Tom Cat This is a cool app that lets you interact with Tom, your pet. 6- Toontastic This app allows kids to draw, animate and share their own cartoons through imaginative play. 7- Our Story This app lets young learners take part in fun games that can help them develop their reading skills. 8- Bunsella Bedtimes Story 9- Idea Sketch Idea Sketch lets users easily draw a diagram and convert it to a text outline, and vice versa.

10 Presentation Tools for Students. If you have sat through one too many bad PowerPoint presentations or seen too many posters thrown together at the last minute, it’s time to change how your students put together their presentations. With these 10 presentation tools for students, you will significantly reduce the amount of boring presentations you have to sit through. These tools will encourage your students to be creative and think critically when they plan their next presentations. Animoto Create slideshows set to music with Animoto. Glogster Make online posters with Glogster. Prezi Prezi works similarly to a typical slideshow, but it takes it to another dimension. Mixbook Instead of a slideshow or poster, how about a scrapbook? Web Poster Wizard Web Poster Wizard allows teachers to create class pages and add students to their accounts.

Art Skills Art Skills is known for its art supply products, but it also offers a free online poster maker. Museum Box VoiceThread VoiceThread makes slideshows audible and interactive. Empressr. 50 really useful iPad 2 tips and tricks. An absolute gem of an article by John Brandon and Graham Barlow from MacLife on 30th March over at TechRadar. This is going to become my iPad manual from here on in. Customised iPads for all iPad 2 tips and original iPad tips - get 'em here! With great new features like two video cameras, a faster processor and a thinner design, the iPad 2 is the world's best tablet device. iPad 2 review It's also fully capable of running the latest version of Apple's iOS operating system and great apps like iMovie and GarageBand. 1.

iOS now supports folders. 2. Double-clicking the Home button shows you all the apps that are running on your iPad in a bar along the bottom of the screen. 3. The internet got mightily upset when Orientation Lock was replaced with Mute on the iPad during the last iOS update. 4. If you're carrying around sensitive data, you can now enable a feature that'll erase all the data on the device if someone inputs the incorrect passcode 10 times. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Cut, Copy and Paste on an iPad. Business: Coming to Your Office This December. We’re firm believers in building for ourselves. That’s always been the driving force behind Evernote’s development. It’s been amazingly rewarding to learn that there are nearly 40 million people around the world that also need help remembering things across their personal and work lives.

The interesting thing is how the definition of ‘building for ourselves’ has begun to change. These days we don’t only think about ourselves as individuals, but we also think of ourselves as a 200-employee small business. All of a sudden, the feature requests that we’ve been getting over the years from small businesses for improved data continuity, better group sharing and easier user on-boarding started making a lot of sense. So, here we are once again building for ourselves, and for the hundreds of thousands of companies just like ours around the world. We give you: Evernote Business. Visit the Evernote Business site » Evernote Business Availability Evernote Business will launch in December of this year. 10 Starter iPad Apps, 2012 Version.

I guess writing a post twice is nice but I’m declaring three times a tradition. Here’s my traditional Christmas list of favourite iPad applications. The total now passes the original 10! 2010 I thought that perhaps my blog reading friends might have unwrapped an iPad under the tree and were in search of some starter apps. The list from last Christmas looked like this. It was a good list at the time and I still stand behind the recommendations. 2011 I wrote this post last year.

Anyway, I’ll use the premise to give you 10 more iPad applications that I think are noteworthy and should be on anyone’s list of starter applications to grab. Last year, I suggested that a great game to latch onto was the Angry Birds Lite. 2012Let me add 10 more applications that caught my attention this year. So now, there are 30 starter apps in this series. Merry Christmas. Like this: Like Loading...

Related 10 Starter iPad Applications I'll bet that there are many people who received iPads for Christmas. Edmodo is THE iPad Workflow Solution. The world of iPad workflow just got a whole lot easier. After months of ‘work arounds’ involving screenshots, Dropbox and pre-tablet technology, the latest Edmodo update has changed the game. Put simply, you can now use the iOS6 function ‘open in app’, to open a document in Edmodo. This allows you to upload a document to your Edmodo library on an iPad. You can then link the document to a direct post, note or assignment within the Edmodo app.

Lets look at an example to illustrate how easy this has made the sharing of assignments for a student and an educator. I’ll use Pages as an illustration as that is the most common word processing package on the iPad. Once the student has completed their document they should tap on the share and print option in Pages and then tap on ‘open in app’. They should then select open in Edmodo and choose a file type to share – I can recommend the ‘Word’ option as this works well with the Edmodo annotation tool. Like this: Like Loading...

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