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iPad in the Classroom – Can we make it simpler? Dingbats, coding and iPads. It is right to start at the beginning of education – there is too much focus on the end examinations and their content and structure in terms of influencing educational debate – cart before the horse.

Dingbats, coding and iPads

Laying the right foundations is key. Working at a school which runs from age 3 to 19 (the Stephen Perse Foundation), I have a window on this process that is fortunate. I can see how 3 and 4 year olds learn through their creativity, for example. I don’t need a debate about the relationship between creativity or skills and intellectual rigour – I can see it being played out in the classroom. My Edmodo Journey.

I decided early this year to try using Edmodo with a class.

My Edmodo Journey

I had met three VLEs during my PGCE, and I considered Edmodo to be the best fit for what I wanted. Edmodo, in my opinion, is nearly perfect for use in the classroom. It’s free, is easy to set up, and easy to use. The students can use it intuitively, as can staff. It works perfectly for an individual class (class calendar, discussion etc) but also works well for students who may have more than one class (one calendar with all their deadlines on, a combined feed with all discussions etc).

The No.1 App for Every Teacher…. Not all apps are created equal.

The No.1 App for Every Teacher….

The first version of Explain Everything was good. The second version is outstanding. As an educator my life revolves around learning, organisation, workflow and school requirements. iPad Archives - TeachThought. 10 Tips For Smart iPad Security In Schools by PJ Gupta, CEO at Tablet usage continues to expand in schools, colleges, libraries and universities.

iPad Archives - TeachThought

Students use tablets for taking notes in class, online learning, research… Read Post → Stop Motion Apps - Great Storytelling. A list of All The Best iPad Apps Teachers Need. Coming to you from the Canadian Maritimes ( Halifax), Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is an educational blog dedicated to curating, reviewing and sharing EdTech tools and mobile apps.

A list of All The Best iPad Apps Teachers Need

The purpose is to help teachers and educators effectively integrate digital technologies into their day-to-day teaching, learning and professional development. For any questions regarding our website or the content we publish, please contact EdTech admin, editor and blog owner, Med Kharbach at: Med Kharbach is a doctoral researcher and a former teacher with 10 years of classroom teaching experience. Back to School – Top 5 iPad Apps for Educators. What apps should I use?

Back to School – Top 5 iPad Apps for Educators

The number one question when an educator receives an iPad. Whether it is training colleagues with the technology, or educators finding their own way, the ‘best’ apps always find a place in the discussions. With that in mind, these 5 applications may help with integration of the iPad into the classroom. ‘Introduces you to the iPad, exploring the working parts and touchscreen interface. Top 5 iPad Apps for the (Experienced!) Educator #edchat. The Top 17 Free Digital Storytelling Apps for The iPad.

1-StoryKit This is an awesome iOS app that allows users to easily create an electronic storybook via illustrations by drawing on the screen, using pictures and text, and recording audio to attach to stories. 2- Talking Tom & Ben News.

The Top 17 Free Digital Storytelling Apps for The iPad

10 Presentation Tools for Students. 50 really useful iPad 2 tips and tricks. An absolute gem of an article by John Brandon and Graham Barlow from MacLife on 30th March over at TechRadar.

50 really useful iPad 2 tips and tricks

This is going to become my iPad manual from here on in. Customised iPads for all. Cut, Copy and Paste on an iPad. Business: Coming to Your Office This December. We’re firm believers in building for ourselves.

Business: Coming to Your Office This December

That’s always been the driving force behind Evernote’s development. It’s been amazingly rewarding to learn that there are nearly 40 million people around the world that also need help remembering things across their personal and work lives. The interesting thing is how the definition of ‘building for ourselves’ has begun to change. These days we don’t only think about ourselves as individuals, but we also think of ourselves as a 200-employee small business. All of a sudden, the feature requests that we’ve been getting over the years from small businesses for improved data continuity, better group sharing and easier user on-boarding started making a lot of sense.

10 Starter iPad Apps, 2012 Version. I guess writing a post twice is nice but I’m declaring three times a tradition.

10 Starter iPad Apps, 2012 Version

Here’s my traditional Christmas list of favourite iPad applications. The total now passes the original 10! 2010 I thought that perhaps my blog reading friends might have unwrapped an iPad under the tree and were in search of some starter apps. Edmodo is THE iPad Workflow Solution. The world of iPad workflow just got a whole lot easier. After months of ‘work arounds’ involving screenshots, Dropbox and pre-tablet technology, the latest Edmodo update has changed the game. Put simply, you can now use the iOS6 function ‘open in app’, to open a document in Edmodo. This allows you to upload a document to your Edmodo library on an iPad. You can then link the document to a direct post, note or assignment within the Edmodo app.

Home. Top 12 Math iPad Apps for Students and Teachers. 40 iPad Apps For Science. The iPad has found its way into hospitals, retail stores and homes across the nation, but it’s also making a big splash in the classroom. With a great selection of apps focused on everything from word processing to keeping in touch with classmates, the tablet computer can be an invaluable tool for learning — no matter your age. Science students haven’t been left out, of course, and there are a wide range of applications offering help with chemistry, biology, astronomy and even the math that comes along with certain fields.

If you’re a college student looking to supplement your science studies, these apps are some of the best for learning, sharing, researching and just plain having fun. Chemistry Get beautiful photographs of the elements or explore what happens when you design your own molecules using these great iPad apps. 5 more phone apps for researchers. Recently I retired my old Android phone and bought an iphone. Apparently owning Apple products is a sign you are middle aged, at least according to some of my friends. 5 Reasons Mobile Learning Apps Fail. Essential Paid iPad Apps for Schools. One iPad in the Classroom? – Top 10 Apps. Evernote & Moleskine Merge Paper & Pixels in "Smart Notebook"

10 Evernote Uses for Teachers. Evernote is a wonderful program which I use every day.

Not the most illuminating article – viciascience

At a simple level, it lets you store notes about anything that you choose. These are all synced so that you can access them using the PC / Mac / iPhone / iPad / Android / Blackberry (and other) versions of the software, as well as via the Evernote website itself. Having the notes available everywhere is a fantastic feature and it means that you should always have access to whatever you have stored within Evernote.

Evernote has a wide range of potential uses for teachers, so I thought that I would share some of the ways that I use it as part of my own work, both in and outside of the classroom: Using Evernote in schools - mat6453's Space.