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Yaphleen – Studio Ghibli tributes Awesome tributes to the marvel of Studio Ghobli by Yaphleen. See more in the full article ! Superbes hommages aux merveilles du studio Ghibli par Yaphleen. Plus dans la suite ! Via zuppadivetro Yaphleen – Studio Ghibli tributes
Concept Root – Artist - Concept Art, Concept Artists from the Games and Movie Industry
Gorilla Artfare

Gorilla Artfare

How are you web travelers ? Hope your journey is fine. I was lost in the multiverse between Sigil and my own brainshit Here’s one of my last picture, hope you’ll enjoying this. and adding that i got a new tumblr (new is not the word but you’ll understand :p) happy christmas etc … take care bros’ and sis’ > lil’ pic’gift for ya :p