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University of Edinburgh PhD students. Information and advice for PhD students including details of our events for PhD students, advice on options, part time work, career decision making and marketing yourself effectively What are your options?

University of Edinburgh PhD students

Information and advice on options for PhD students including academic careers, research outwith academia and other career options plus case studies of some of our PhD graduates. University of Edinburgh PhD destinations Case studies. Loughborough Uni Postgraduate Researchers. Career Management - Ideas about how careers can be planned or managed have developed over time to reflect a myriad of changes - eg sector make-up, economic climate, technological advances.

Loughborough Uni Postgraduate Researchers

In this workshop we will review a small number of career theories and investigate how modern theories can support your career management in a turbulent labour market ensuring you are sufficiently adaptable to make the most of opportunities that come your way. Dates: Researcher Development. Lancaster Careers Workshops for PhD Students 2015 2016 fin. Careers Service: Doctoral Researchers: Workshops, SOAS, University of London. Workshops on topics related to career planning, key skills and job applications run on Thursdays throughout the year.

Careers Service: Doctoral Researchers: Workshops, SOAS, University of London

These workshops provide the opportunity for learning in a group environment and cover issues around planning careers both in an academic environment and beyond, making connections and applying successfully for jobs. Spring Term Thur 12 Jan 1-3pm Presentation skills I (Theory) In most careers you will be required at some time to present your work or your ideas, your product or your organisation to others. This workshop aims to improve awareness of the different aspects of presenting. Kent Careers for Postgraduates and Contract Researchers. Because of the range of postgraduate study opportunities: from an MBA, to a Humanities M.Phil., to post-doctoral research, the information that follows inevitably has to generalise in places.

Kent Careers for Postgraduates and Contract Researchers

Use it as an introduction, and follow it up by using the various information resources to which it will point you, or bringing specific queries to the Careers and Employability Service. Most of what is written here applies equally to contract research staff and postgraduates. An Academic Career (The University of Manchester) LSE PhD students and research staff - PhD students and research staff - Student careers and vacancies - Careers and vacancies. Careers support - The University of Nottingham. QMUL Researchers (PhDs/postdocs) Welcome to the part of the Careers website specifically designed to help PhD Students and Research Staff (Postdoctoral Researchers, Research Assistants, Research Associates, and Research Fellows) from all disciplines.

QMUL Researchers (PhDs/postdocs)

The menu on the left shows the range of events and support available. For the latest updates you can also follow us on Twitter: @QMResearchers and @QMpostdocs Recent feedback from Researchers: I am very inspired and less stressed out with the whole 'I don't know what to do with my life, ahhhh'.PhD Student You'll be glad to hear that the interview went well and that I got the job! Kings Careers advice for PhD students and research staff. Careers advice for PhD students and research staff PhD students and research staff are welcome to use King’s Careers & Employability during their time at the college.

Kings Careers advice for PhD students and research staff

Access to all the services we provide are free, and this includes one-to-one advice, use of the library and attendance at any career events and fairs. After your degree or contract finishes, you’ll be able to continue to use our services for up to two years. Are you a PhD student? Doctoral Student Coaching Programme. The Graduate School's doctoral student coaching programme has been established to provide you with an opportunity to talk, independently from your academic department, about challenges you may be experiencing as you study for your doctorate.

Doctoral Student Coaching Programme

Although the Graduate School's coaching programme primarily focuses on building effective working relationships, it is recognised that there may be other self-development issues that you wish to explore with a coach. It should be noted that the Careers Service provides a programme of career coaching. Please read on to learn more about what coaching is and how the doctoral student coaching programme works. If you would like to learn more about the programme and whether it is suitable for you, please sign up to one of the Graduate School's Drop-In Sessions where you can speak to a coach.

UCL Research Students and Staff. Bath Researchers. Tailored careers support is available for Research Postgraduates and Research Staff.

Bath Researchers

On these pages we offer specialist careers information and advice for researchers, including information on the potential career paths open to you and advice on successful marketing strategies to help you achieve your aims. Career management sessions for researchers, on topics such as academic careers and marketing your research skills, are run as part of the University's Researcher Development programme.

If you have any suggestions for careers-related workshops that are not already offered, please contact Anne Cameron.