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Syrian Refugee Wearable Shelter by Dr Harriet Harriss & Graeme Brooker. De la tente à la terre, de la terre au ciment. 1 La perception du territoire de la tribu est par ailleurs en totale inadéquation avec celle des Éta (...) 1Partiellement sédentarisés dans une enclave saharienne du sud-est marocain, les Aït Khebbach appartiennent à la puissante confédération berbérophone des Aït Atta.

De la tente à la terre, de la terre au ciment

Ils en constituent l’une des principales tribus sahariennes. Minimaousse. IKEA Unveils Solar-Powered Flat Pack Shelters for Easily Deployable Emergency Housing. IKEA just turned turned its flat pack sensibilities from the urban apartment to the global village by unveiling a comfortable, solar-powered shelter that can provide emergency housing for natural disaster victims and refugees.

IKEA Unveils Solar-Powered Flat Pack Shelters for Easily Deployable Emergency Housing

The flat pack homes were developed in collaboration between the IKEA Foundation and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNCHR), and they can be set up in a snap to provide immediate shelter for those in need. Prior to the IKEA collaboration, the UNCHR was only able to provide tents or converted mass-shelters for the influx of refugees into countries around the world. Now, with IKEA’s help, these displaced citizens will not only have privacy and comfort, but the dignity of having their own place. Better Shelter. La Ferme de la Mhotte - Accueil. OpenStreetMap. RePhone Kit - World's First Open Source and Modular Phone by Seeed. Et si pour arrondir ses fins de mois, chacun pouvait louer son vélo personnel ?

La start up Philock a eu la bonne idée de développer un antivol intelligent et connecté destiné à la location de vélos entre particuliers. Quand vous n’utilisez pas votre biclou, pour une journée ou une semaine, avez-vous déjà pensé à le louer ? « Pour un SDF, le portable, c'est tout » « Les gens croient qu’on a pas de téléphone », observe Jeff, 31 ans, SDF depuis treize ans.

« Pour un SDF, le portable, c'est tout »

Pourtant, le téléphone portable a révolutionné la vie des sans-abri. « On s’imagine les SDF avec trois pièces en poche, assis à côté d’un litron de rouge mais c’est fini, ça. On a des comptes en banque et des téléphones », prévenait déjà Philippe il y a un an. A l’époque, le quinquagénaire dormait sous un remblai aux Halles. Après vingt ans de rue, il a fini par retrouver un logement. Le Centre Pompidou et les sans logis. [Par Diane HAKIZIMANA]

Le Centre Pompidou et les sans logis

Femmes invisibles en replay. Ti-Red bloc 1 web fr 11.11 42. Trafic de migrants sur les réseaux sociaux. ‎الجالية السورية في النمسا "Vienna"‎ Human traffickers advertise on Facebook for a 'safe' passage to Europe. Webpages running offering refugees cross-border trips to other countriesAsk for thousands in return but demand they leave all possessions behindClaim the journey is 'safe' but migrants transported in lorries and boatsTold to try and look like 'Western holidaymakers' by carrying cameras to avoid capture By Vanessa Allen and Steve Doughty and Jason Groves for the Daily Mail Published: 21:02 GMT, 28 August 2015 | Updated: 22:25 GMT, 28 August 2015.

Human traffickers advertise on Facebook for a 'safe' passage to Europe

Hippie ! Communautés et Back-to-the-Land. URBACT. 1970 - Sauver le boeuf. Autour de la table. Homeless vehicles, 1988 by Krzysztof Wodiczko. Residents of New York by Andres Serrano. Over several months, Andres Serrano engaged with homeless individuals in New York City, to create a series of large-scale photographic portraits called Residents of New York, a site-specific public art project that took a look at the many faces of homelessness and poverty in New York City.

Residents of New York by Andres Serrano

From May through June, 2014, his photographs transformed distinct locations around Washington Square, including a full occupation of the subway station at West 4th Street as well as on LaGuardia Place (in collaboration with the NYC Department of Transportation though August 2014), Judson Memorial Church, posters around the area, and public phone booths around Manhattan. WE ARE ALL HOMELESS by Willie Baronet. Signs for the Homeless by Kenji Nakayama and Christopher Hope. ParaSITE — MICHAEL RAKOWITZ. Ikea’s Newly Designed Refugee Shelters Are a Game Changer. Refugee camps across Iraq are about to get a Swedish touch.

Ikea’s Newly Designed Refugee Shelters Are a Game Changer

The United Nations’ refugee agency just ordered 10,000 shelters designed by Ikea, its largest corporate partner, set to be shipped out and built this summer. Produced by Better Shelter, a social enterprise started by the Ikea Foundation, the design marries form, function, and sustainability. One shelter can last an average of three years, compared with traditional tents, which typically last only a few months. Each shelter is fitted with solar panels, mosquito nets, lights, and ventilation, reports news site IRIN. There are also lockable doors, a key feature, as lack of privacy at refugee camps can leave women and children vulnerable to sexual assault. Riyad with sons, daughters and mother in law inside a Better Shelter prototype, Kawergosk refugee camp, Iraq, March 2015.

“The refugees have been involved in the process from the beginning,” Anders Rexare Thulin, managing director of Better Shelter, told IRIN. ParaSITE. [A project by: Michael Rakowitz] BEAUTY IN TRANSITION by Jodi Wood. Denver iteration was staffed by volunteer stylists from Aveda Pure Talent Salon Beauty in Transition is currently fund raising to bring the project to Kingston, NY this winter!


We will accept donations under $100 through Venmo or if you plan to make a large donations, email me at jody.c.wood(at)gmail(dot)com and we will go through our fiscal sponsorship with Fractured Atlas to make it tax-deductible ABOUT Beauty in Transition is an ongoing artistic project created by multi-media artist Jody Wood, establishing a mobile hair salon providing beauty services including a hair wash, cut, color and/or style service to willing participants living in homeless shelters. Through provoking face-to-face dialogue in a calming recuperative salon environment, this project aims to facilitate empathetic understanding and to unravel the reductive label of homelessness. Jody Wood is an artist who utilizes video, installation, performance and community organization to engage with socially charged content. Homeless Projection : Place des Arts par Krzysztof Wodiczko.

Marie-Ange Guilleminot - Destine-moi une Maison. Memoire_Matthieu_Vergote. Philippe Van Wolputte. Misfits installation, collages Elaine Levy, Brussels (BE) 2014.

Philippe Van Wolputte

Philippe Van Wolputte News. Liberty B - Open Space Baltimore Liberty BOpening 11th, September 7pm-11pm 9.11.2010-10.18.2010 Aleksandra DomanovicClaude CloskyDamon ZucconiGuthrie LongerganJacob KirkegaardPhilippe Van Wolputte. Etienne Boulanger / residence orléans 2007. E Boulanger / the Single room hotel - from Berlin. « Mes amis, au secours ! Une femme vient de mourir gelée cette nuit à 3 heures sur le trottoir du boulevard Sébastopol » : le 1er février 1954, l’abbé Pierre lance sur Radio Luxembourg un appel à venir en aide aux sans-abri. 60 ans plus tard, le problème est encore plus crucial.

1SQM House - in Prenzlauer Berg à Berlin. Jasper Morrison Ltd. Le Routard « Hello ! », guide gratuit pour les réfugiés. Google Traduction. Manual for PUBLIC THINGS. 12 PROJECTS. Martijn van Strien launches Post-Couture Collective. Dutch Design Week 2015: Dutch designer Martijn van Strien has launched a fashion company that allows consumers to download, customise, produce and self-assemble clothing designs. The Post-Couture Collective. Don'Appétit. LOC'annonces — - Accueil. Collaborative consumption and others.

En Suède, même l’aumône se fait sur smartphone. La « maison pour tous » de Rikusentakata construite en 2012 par un collectif d’architectes japonais animé par Toyo Ito. Shigeru Ban: Emergency shelters made from paper. Provide Architecture for displaced people in disaster zones. Jean Prouvé - "Maison des Jours Meilleurs", for Abbé Pierre 1956. Préparez votre visite de la Maison Jean Prouvé. New York Ny Usa 1999 - Planning Construction - Northern Architecture. Exhibition. 20/11/99-15/1/2000. Artists Space. Selection: Claudia Gould Curator Jenelle Porter. Materials: Polar fleece and 6 or et ex remnant, rope, chicken wire (among others). wanese-Uom architect Toshiko Mori lias challenged the barriers that divide art Irani architecture or perhaps architecture from the real world Her WOVEN INHABITATION presented at the Artists Space in New York In 1999 seeks lo offer .i simple elegant solution to the vast problem of providing temporary housing ref.nees or victims ol natural disasters.

Selim culturebreakers kenisaacs. The Biotechnique of Phil Ross. Bâtir sa maison avec des briques en champignons. Vous avez toujours rêvé d’être un Schtroumpf pour pouvoir habiter dans une maison en champignon ? Vous allez être comblé(e). Autodesk Sustainability Workshop. #YesWeCode. Black Girls Code   imagine. build. create. - Black Girls Code, BlackGirlsCode, Women of Color in Technology. Black Founders - programs and events for startup entrepreneurs. RECAP PiscineEcolo 03052011. Piscines & Centres aquatiques. Roman Baths at Antiochia ad Cragum: A Preliminary Evaluation of B.