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MyPeers. Mr. Neighborly: A Ruby and Rails bibliography of sorts. "What book should I get?

Mr. Neighborly: A Ruby and Rails bibliography of sorts

" seems to be one of the most popular questions on the mailing lists for both Ruby and Rails. I like to think that I stay on top of the Ruby and Rails book market, and so I thought I'd prepare a few bibliographies or curriculums or, if you like, big fat lists of books. I suggest following these in order for the most part, but if you're wild and crazy, feel free to ignore that. Note: The title links are affiliate links; if you don't like that, then the links provided after the information are non-affiliate links. Based on skill level. Free Software. "Our repository user requirements told us that we needed to go beyond the simple customisation of EPrints.

Free Software

We tendered for development work and found there was nowhere better than EPrints Services to do the job. They've helped us understand the strengths of EPrints and are delivering functionality that matches our needs. " University of Lincoln. Reference management and bibliography generation software for Macintosh. Zotero: The Next-Generation Research Tool. Introducing Papers... Your personal library of science. Catalog your books online.