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Embedding literacy coaches 'absolute gold' for one Tasmanian primary school - ABC News. It's its: Understanding the rules of apostrophes, and the exceptions - ABC News. Copywriter Simon Griffin thought he knew the rules of apostrophes, until he tried to explain them and discovered there are exceptions to every rule.

It's its: Understanding the rules of apostrophes, and the exceptions - ABC News

Like many people, Mr Griffin was becoming increasingly frustrated by the apostrophe mistakes he was seeing at work and on social media. "I was working with some designers and one or two of them would remove apostrophes from headlines because they didn't look nice, so I explained that if they removed an apostrophe it changed the meaning of the words," he told Gillian O'Shaughnessy on 720 ABC Perth. "[But] the more I tried to explain to them, the more I found myself going in circles. Why I can't be angry with my teenager for swearing (artfully) - ABC News. Why handwritten letters are becoming more precious in an increasingly digital world. Updated about an hour agoThu 26 Dec 2019, 9:45pm The most expensive pen I ever sold was about $2,500.

Why handwritten letters are becoming more precious in an increasingly digital world

Key points: Younger people are increasingly engaging with traditional stationery like notebooksHandwriting, and in particular journaling, is a good way to practise mindfulnessRefillable fountain pens are more sustainable than disposable ballpoints That was far from the dearest pen in the store, though. For most of my three years working at a luxury writing shop in Perth, the most expensive pen was the Mont Blanc Marlene Dietrich, a special-edition fountain pen in commemoration of the actress.

It had an 18-carat solid gold nib (of course), inlaid mother-of-pearl on the top of the cap and a diamond adorning the clip, which was shaped like the ties of which its namesake was so fond. That, in turn, was not the most expensive pen the store had ever had — that honour went, I was told, to a Caran d'Ache fountain pen that was literally encrusted with hundreds of diamonds. First library in Victoria to open 24 hours a day, seven days a week has town buzzing.

Updated 29 minutes agoThu 26 Dec 2019, 10:22pm Mornings are busy at Victoria's Foster Library.

First library in Victoria to open 24 hours a day, seven days a week has town buzzing

Key points: The first library in Victoria giving 24/7 access has dozens of members sign up in a monthWest Gippsland Libraries says the round-the-clock access better suits the community because most people work more than 35 hours a weekMembers say it gives more freedom to be able to visit the library outside of traditional hours. Widgit SymbolWorld: Categories : index. Word Games Word Morphs Worksheets. Multiple Intelligences. Cryptic crosswords too confusing? Decipher them with these seven common clue recipes. Posted 7 Jul 2017, 10:00pmFri 7 Jul 2017, 10:00pm Have you tried your hand at the cryptic crossword, only to find it too cryptic?

Cryptic crosswords too confusing? Decipher them with these seven common clue recipes

Writer and broadcaster David Astle creates crosswords for Fairfax newspapers under the initials DA, which fans say stand for "Don't Attempt". But Astle said anyone could attempt cryptic crosswords with a little knowledge of how they worked. Here he gives seven clues, each one an example of a common cryptic crossword recipe. Sweet stall (5) The best way to get started on a cryptic crossword, Astle said, was to look for the shortest clue.

If a clue only has two words it is most likely using the double-definition recipe, in which you are given two synonyms of the answer. Sans Forgetica font makes readers remember text by being harder to read. Updated Fri at 11:32amFri 5 Oct 2018, 11:32am In an age of information overload, it's good to have some memory hacks up your sleeve.

Sans Forgetica font makes readers remember text by being harder to read

The font's reader-unfriendly gaps and slants make the brain work harderIt is not designed to be used for large blocks of textThe font is a result of psychology and design research And text in its multitude of applications has become a style destination in its own right. Now a team of experts have developed a font specifically designed to help you remember things, aptly named Sans Forgetica. But how can a humble typeface improve your mental processes? Stephen Banham, a lecturer in typography at RMIT who helped create it, told RN Drive San Forgetica was actually a good font to discuss on the radio because it was designed on a highly conceptual basis. Sans Forgetica. Should you be using 'less' or 'fewer'? - RN. Posted As anyone who writes "Oxford comma enthusiast" in their Twitter bio will gladly tell you, English possesses quite a few rules.

Should you be using 'less' or 'fewer'? - RN

One of these rules revolves around when it is correct to use less, and when it is correct to use fewer. Here is the rule as it is often expressed: Fewer refers to numbers of things. Less refers to quantities of things. For most style guides, this is about as far as the issue is usually pursued. Antigrams. Australia shoots up international rankings in reading among Year 4 students. Posted Australia has shot up the international rankings in reading, reversing a decade of underperformance in literacy achievement in the country's schools.

Australia shoots up international rankings in reading among Year 4 students

Key points: Australia's Year 4 students ranked 21 out of 50 countries for reading, up six places since the last study in 2011Australia outperformed countries including France, New Zealand and SpainFederal Education Minister says the results indicate teacher and school reforms are paying off The Progress in International Reading Study (PIRLS) ranked Australia 21 out of 50 countries among Year 4 students. Getting boys to love literature and reading: One school's bid to improve English results. Updated Media player: "Space" to play, "M" to mute, "left" and "right" to seek.

Getting boys to love literature and reading: One school's bid to improve English results

Error loading player: No playable sources found Video: Student Alexander Lorenzon wrote a slam poem from the perspective of Mercutio from Romeo and Juliet (ABC News) There is a national focus on engaging girls in maths and science, but the underperformance of boys in literacy attracts little attention. Now, teachers are calling for a national campaign to counter boys' mass rejection of the English curriculum. Compound Complex Sentences Examples. Compound Complex Sentences To understand a compound complex sentence, let's review compound sentences and complex sentences.

Compound Complex Sentences Examples

A compound sentence is made of two simple sentences joined by a conjunction. A complex sentence is made of a simple sentence and a dependent, or subordinate, clause (has a subject and a verb but does not express a complete thought. So, a compound complex sentence is made up of more than one sentence joined by a conjunction, and at least one of those sentence is complex. In other words, it is a compound sentence with a dependent, or subordinate clause. English Grammar 101 - Clauses, Lesson 9: Complex and Compound-Complex Sentences. Before we arrived at school, we met up at the coffee house across the street.

English Grammar 101 - Clauses, Lesson 9: Complex and Compound-Complex Sentences

We met up at the coffee house across the street [independent] + before we arrived at school (dependent) = complex sentence (Before we arrived at school),[we met up at the coffee house across the street.] Clara, who has an incredible voice, was asked to sing the school song. Clara was asked to sing the school song [independent] + who has an incredible voice (dependent) = complex sentence [Clara, (who has an incredible voice), was asked to sing the school song.] SMART Teaching Strategies. Cohesion in texts includes the use of connectives and conjunctions and more sophisticated texts effectively use a variety of referring words, substitutions, word associations and text connectives to improve the flow of the writing. It refers to the use of linguistic devices to join sentences together, including conjunctions, reference words, substitution and lexical devices such as repetition of words (or synonyms), collocations and lexical groups.

Students need to connect ideas in logical ways in order to display and build precise factual knowledge, develop their ideas to persuade more convincingly and express more complex relationships in their speech and writing. Conjunctions and connectives are cohesive devices that work to improve the flow of the writing. Sentence Structure Games for Middle School. In middle school, students learn the different types of sentences: simple, compound, complex and compound-complex. They also learn the components needed for each type of sentence, such as independent clauses, coordinating conjunctions and subordinate clauses.

While most students learn to recognize sentences and sentence components by diagramming, sentence structure games can be more fun for your class and allow students to learn from each other. Sentence Scramble Games Sentence scramble games help teach students different types of sentences and sentence structure by having them put together a sentence rather than diagram it. Divide your class into several groups, and hand each group a baggy containing cutout words. Chart of English Language Roots - OnlineReader : Fantastic Mr Fox. Down in the valley there were three farms. The owners of these farms were rich men. They were also nasty men. All three of them were as nasty and mean as any men could be. Their names were Farmer Boggis, Farmer Bunce and Farmer Bean. Effective literacy practice years 5-8 / Planning for my students' needs / Literacy Online / English - ESOL - Literacy Online website - English - ESOL - Literacy Online.

Sounds and WordsSupport for teaching phonological awareness and spelling in years 1–8. This resource outlines what teachers need to know and what children need to learn at each of the different year bands. Effective Literacy Practice in Years 1 to 4Technical skills for writing: Spelling: this section provides information on the knowledge strategies and awareness students require in year 1–4 as they move towards accurate spelling. This includes knowledge and use of: phonemic awareness, letter sound relationships, orthographic patterns and the morphological structure of written English.

Effective Literacy Practice in Years 5 to 8Technical skills for writing: Spelling: this section provides information on the knowledge strategies and awareness students require in year 5–8 to develop spelling expertise. Allcock, J. (2002). Exploring Language: Words and meanings This section of the resource provides information on word meanings and the relationships among these meanings. English Online / English - ESOL - Literacy Online website. Prefix Flash Cards Word List. Word roots: The web's largest root words and prefix directory.

14 Tools to Help Students Improve Writing Skills. 14 Tools to Help Students Improve Writing Skills. Quiz Gerunds, infinitives and to + infinitive - Quiz General knowledge. I hate (iron) He recommended (go) to his favourite restaurant I can't (understand) his accent I'd like (go) to France, next year. He's not very good at (remember) names Would you mind (not smoke) here? I spent 3 hours (try) to call him but I couldn't get through. It's difficult (learn) a foreign language, but worth it I can't get used to (drive) on the left, now I live in the UK. Purdue OWL Writing Exercises. MyRead – Home. Stepping Out Literacy - Steps Resources - The Department of Education. Tar Heel Reader. How misused modifiers can hurt your writing - Emma Bryce. When to use apostrophes - Laura McClure. To learn more about this punctuation mark, start by reading the two Grammar Girl posts here and here. To understand the difference between grammar “rules” and grammar “style” choices, you’ll want to look at a style guide or two.

Below are the websites for several major English language style guides: The Economist Style Guide Chicago Manual of Style Oxford University Press Associated Press MLA Want to improve (or test) your knowledge about punctuation? Take the TED-Ed Lessons described below: The Oxford comma: If you read "Bob, a DJ and a clown" on a guest list, are three people coming to the party, or only one? When to use "me", "myself" and "I" - Emma Bryce. Verb Tenses Exercises & Answers. Dolch Word Search Puzzles - Reading Worksheets, Spelling, Grammar, Comprehension, Lesson Plans.

BoomWriter - Teacher Login. List of Adverbs. Home. Catalog your books online. Most literate nation in the world? Not the U.S., new ranking says. Literably Is An Excellent Reading Site — If Used With Caution. Reader Erika Chapman tipped me off to an excellent site called Literably. It allows students to read a text and have it automatically assessed for accuracy and words-per-minute speed. Plus, and this is what was most surprising to me, it also provides a fairly accurate indentification of student errors — in other words, what word they said instead of the word in the text. You’re able to provide the student or parent a link to the recording. Why is English so hard to learn? The prime minister, David Cameron, wants more Muslim women in the UK to be taught English to reduce segregation between different linguistic communities and even limit the lure of extremism.

Most of us who have tried it probably feel that learning a new language is difficult, even if that new language is similar to our own. Schools need advice on how to help students with reading difficulties. Why some kids can’t spell and why spelling tests won’t help. English Grammar Lessons for Teachers and Students. Dictionary Stories — Wait, what? Free English Worksheets. English Grammar Lessons for Teachers and Students. SMART Teaching Strategies. Sentences are key units for expressing ideas. Friday Fun Archive. Projects to Engage Middle School Readers. NAPLAN 2010 Teaching Strategies. Spelling Poems: Poetry for Literacy Skills.

Home. What Are Modifiers? The Top 50 Punctuation Errors. Gallery of Tattoo Fails with Grammar or Spelling Mistakes. Lessons Worth Sharing. Buffalo buffalo buffalo: One-word sentences and how they work - Emma Bryce. English Vocabulary. NoRedInk makes learning grammar fun and easy. Spellbee! EnglishCentral. Play online, learn online and feed the hungry. Phrasal Verbs Machine. Phrasalstein Tablet. Vocabulist. Wordle - Beautiful Word Clouds. Power Words - 189 Words That Convert. Index. Index. Index. Index. How to use a semicolon - Emma Bryce. Discussion Thread about the Joys of the English language. Grammar Bytes! Grammar Instruction with Attitude. Telescopic Text © Joe Davis 2008. English is Crazy. Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing. The Oatmeal - Comics. Texting’s Effect on Grammar is Debated. Global Digital Citizen Foundation. Scootle. Learn English Online_Free Study English Website For English Learners and Teachers, 5 Minute English - ESL Lessons - Helping you learn English. Understand what you read.