Multivariate Analsysis

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ABC de la méthodologie de la recherche - Cours de recueil, analyse et traitement de données. Libro - La práctica del análisis de correspondencias. Multivariate Statistics. Biological diversity is the product of the interaction between many species, be they marine, plant or animal life, and of the many limiting factors that characterize the environment in which the species live.

Multivariate Statistics

Multivariate analysis uses relationships between variables to order the objects of study according to their collective properties, and to classify the objects of study, that is to group species or ecosystems in distinct classes each containing entities with similar properties. The ultimate objective is to relate the observed biological variation to the accompanying environmental characteristics. Multivariate Analysis of Ecological Data is a comprehensive and structured explanation of how to analyse and interpret ecological data observed on many variables, both biological and environmental. Correspondence Analysis. Correspondence analysis provides a graphic method of exploring the relationship between variables in a contingency table.

Correspondence Analysis

There are many options for correspondence analysis in R. I recommend the ca package by Nenadic and Greenacre because it supports supplimentary points, subset analyses, and comprehensive graphics. You can obtain the package here. Although ca can perform multiple correspondence analysis (more than two categorical variables), only simple correspondence analysis is covered here. A Gentle Introduction to Correspondence Analysis. There are some digital humanists who are competent mathematicians, but most of us experience some anxiety about the more advanced mathematics involved in the text analysis methodologies that we use.

A Gentle Introduction to Correspondence Analysis

Dammit Jim, I’m a humanist, not a mathematician! The problem of course is that there are clearly some statistical and graphical techniques that can be very powerful for humanities research (if you’re unconvinced by this claim, please read on anyway). Correspondence Analysis. 6.5 Correspondence Analysis Introduction Correspondence analysis is an exploratory data analytic technique designed to analyze simple two-way and multi-way tables containing some measure of correspondence between the rows and columns.

Correspondence Analysis