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MONDE : Libye : suivez en direct les événements - 26 février 2011
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LE « LIVE » du 26 février de DAZIBAOUEB sur la REVOLUTION en cours en LYBIE
ecitice (via Libya Crisis Map When the Libya crisis broke on 16 February 2011, Estella Reed, recruitment professional from the UK, wanted to contribute her time and knowledge to raise awareness of what was going on inside the country. “I have been following the crisis in Libya and was saddened by the suffering that I have seen”, she says. As the crisis in Libya began to unfold, the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the UN agency responsible for bringing together humanitarian actors to ensure a coherent response to emergencies, faced a critical challenge: the lack of information about events inside the country. ecitice
Live Blog - Libya Feb 24 As the uprising in Libya enters its tenth day, we keep you updated on the developing situation from our headquarters in Doha, Qatar. Blog: Feb17 - Feb18 - Feb19 - Feb20 - Feb21 - Feb22 - Feb23 AJE Live Stream - Special Coverage: Libya Uprising - Twitter Audio: Voices from Libya Benghazi Protest Radio (Arabic) Live Blog - Libya Feb 24
Blog - The Arabist One of the most surprising and troubling developments of the last six months, for those of us interested in cultural as well as political life in Egypt, has been the alignment of the overwhelming majority of prominent artists and writers here with the military-backed authorities against the Brotherhood, with the endorsement of state violence and the abandonment of pluralism and human rights that that has entailed. A few recent pieces have focused on this troubled intersection between between art and politics, nationalism and liberalism. At Jadaliyya, Elliot Colla writes about Sonallah Ibrahim's novel al-Jalid ("The Ice") which came out January 25, 2011. Like these other novels, al-Jalid is concerned with Left revolution—its defeats, its disappointments, its erasure—in Egypt and across the globe.

Blog - The Arabist

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Libya February 17th | Keeping with the events as they happen Libya February 17th | Keeping with the events as they happen A large organization? No. A privately funded group? Umm..nope! Professional journalists with years of experience in the business?
LE MONDE | • Mis à jour le | Par Cécile Hennion 6 / 7 Sur la route côtière, les gens font le signe de la victoire, ont l'air fous de joie, et semblent sûrs que Kadhafi va être renversé. Crédits : REUTERS/ASMAA WAGUIH facebook twitter google + linkedin pinterest 7 / 7 A Benghazi, des imams et des comités formés de jeunes et d'intellectuels - avocats, docteurs, etc. - ont appelé la population à abandonner les armes prises aux forces de sécurité. "La situation est stable depuis l'arrestation des bataillons et la ville est sous le contrôle des habitants et de la jeunesse, qui font la circulation avec la police", explique Ali, étudiant de 18 ans, qui refuse de donner son nom de famille. Libye : Tobrouk, une ville libérée qui retient son souffle Libye : Tobrouk, une ville libérée qui retient son souffle
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StateDept: create #NoFlyLibya -keep Gaddafi's bombers grounded. cc: PJC
Libye: suivez le direct de Benghazi (webradio) | Samedi 19 Février 2011 sur StreetPress
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