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Women's designer clothes, shoes, bags & accessories. Unique Jewelry, Ladies Handbags & Fashion Accessories. 50 Excellent CSS3 Techniques and Tutorials for Beautiful Design. CSS3 has got a huge potential to create very elaborate and complicated details by strictly using CSS and no images.

50 Excellent CSS3 Techniques and Tutorials for Beautiful Design

It can carry out a lot of functions as it is based on motion techniques. Many designers all over the world believe that CSS3 is a technique which has unbelievable potentiality which will be used to create wonderful designs in the years to come. At present, it is not being used varied all over the world due to a number of limitations – obsolete browsers being one of them. Some Exceptional CSS3 Magic on this UI. There are very little details that are with me about this stunning piece of work, but before I get to that, I urge you to visit this URL and check out the beauty for yourself.

Some Exceptional CSS3 Magic on this UI

Of course, we recommend a Webkit browser for this. The site, apparently, is a demo of the Dashboard for an admin interface for something ‘Pastel’. Create a unique contact form with css3 transitions  Inspired by the contact form on Clear Span Media website I decided to recreate an effect of a letter sliding out from an envelope on mouse hover.

create a unique contact form with css3 transitions 

You may see the demo here. It works in browsers supporting css3 transitions. Stylish CSS3 progress bars. You've seen progress bars everywhere, they are those bars that display the current completion state for a process, such as a download or file transfer.

Stylish CSS3 progress bars

Whether you're building a desktop or a web application, at a certain point, you may need to use this UI element. Having said that, in this article you'll learn how to create stylish and animated progress bars using CSS3. These Aren't the Sites You're Looking For: Modern Web Apps.

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Fancy. 46 Outstanding Web Layouts From DeviantArt: September 2009. I am starting to think, I will create this as monthly feature, maybe not only picking beautiful web design scratches from DeviantArt, but also featuring latest month best web design related articles.

46 Outstanding Web Layouts From DeviantArt: September 2009

There is a reason why domain name is 1st web designer – I really want to make even bigger focus to just web design. I assure you site is going to change and grow as I promised, just it’s not so easy as I thought at first. Evolving needs experience to do that right, but I currently lack that thing a little bit, still we have now several guest writers, which I hope to become here regular and also website got beautiful proposal about new and special icon sets releasing under our site. I will talk about current future plans in next article, so be sure to come back here! Maybe even there will be monthly contests with good prices and interviews with experienced designers in near future, I will think about it and keep you informed!

The Learning Thermostat. We take what’s familiar and look at it in a new light.

The Learning Thermostat

Our team focuses on making technology that’s simple, fresh and helpful. At the end of the day, look at our product and you’ll see a reflection of the people who made it. Tony FadellTitleFounder & CEOBioTony led the team that created the first 18 generations of the iPod and the first three generations of the iPhone. A Website Design & Development Studio. Smarter office space. Space150 a Digital Agency in MPLS/NYC/LA – Kansas City CreepFest. An Outstanding College. Niepubliczna Szkoła Muzyczna I stopnia im. Augustyna Blocha w Warszawie. Morteza heydari. Oink: Rate the adventure! ColorSnapper — the missing color picker for Mac OS X. Stocks is a Beautiful, User-Friendly Finance App for iPad - Creative in Austria. Things - task management on the Mac. Your life is unique – so it’s no surprise that after just a little while, your Things looks like no one else’s.

Things - task management on the Mac

Do you want to write a song, plan the next big project, improve the house, or write a thesis? Whatever it is, you can customize Things to make it perfect for your needs. Every project you add to Things automatically shows up in the sidebar so you can access it at any time. And you can hide projects you’re currently not working on by putting them in Someday - this keeps your sidebar clean and lets you focus on the things that are relevant now.