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Localeaks: A Drop-Box for Anonymous Tips to 1400 U.S. Newspapers Although the mission of WikiLeaks is to "open governments," it's done quite a lot to make us think about how to open journalism as well. We've seen a number of new whistleblower sites crop up - OpenLeaks and Rospil, for example - as well as major news organizations - Al Jazeera, and perhaps even The New York Times - investigate ways to facilitate more whistle-blowing and leaking. But why wait for local newspapers to roll out their own anonymous tips pipeline when a project from CUNY Graduate School's Entrepreneurial Journalism program has designed just that thing. Using Localeaks, you can send an anonymous tip, including a file, to over 1400 newspapers in the U.S. through one online form. Localeaks: A Drop-Box for Anonymous Tips to 1400 U.S. Newspapers
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A lot of new moms are getting frustrated with their weight. With this, they often seek for effective ways on how to lose some pounds to somehow bring them in a better figure. The option to choose to lose weight after pregnancy should be natural. Do not give up on losing weight for it could truly be hard but certainly it’s achievable. PinoyLeaks - Fight Corruption PinoyLeaks - Fight Corruption
ID: 130475 Date: 2007-11-16 17:13:00 Origin: 07TUNIS1489 Source: Embassy Tunis Classification: CONFIDENTIAL//NOFORN Dunno: 06TUNIS2570 Destination: VZCZCXRO8599 PP RUEHROV DE RUEHTU #1489/01 3201713 ZNY CCCCC ZZH P 161713Z NOV 07 FM AMEMBASSY TUNIS TO RUEHC/SECSTATE WASHDC PRIORITY 4109 INFO RUEHXK/ARAB ISRAELI COLLECTIVE PRIORITY RUEHVT/AMEMBASSY VALLETTA PRIORITY 0396 Classified By: Ambassador Robert F. Godec for reasons 1.4 (b) and (d) 1. (C/NF) Summary: The GOT's decision last summer to revoke Suha Arafat's Tunisian citizenship, which had only been granted less than a year earlier, made international headlines. TuniLeaks TuniLeaks
どのようなローンでも申し込みをすれば必ず審査を行います。申し込み者が貸付をしても返してくれるかどうかを審査によって判断するわけです。もちろん、いくらぐらいまで貸しても大丈夫なのかということも併せて判断するのです。 Brussels Leaks Brussels Leaks
Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau From Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau All edits are anonymous. No IP-numbers are saved in the logs. ORLLY?
israeliLeaks israeliLeaks FIFA world Cup 2014 will be held in Brazil which is also known as home ground of the soccer game. World cups were held in Brazil in the year 2006 and 2010 previously. The biggest question which has become the talk all over the world is which team will win the world cup 2014. There are some nominees who have revealed noteworthy indications that they can win the cup next year.
РосПил РосПил Сегодня было официально объявлено о подписании "постановления Правительства о критериях цен минимальных и максимальных по поставкам для госнужд, начиная с которых необходимо предоставлять информацию о бенефициарах, об органах управления, о руководителях компаний, а также о соисполнителях и субподрядчиках".http://ria.ru/economy/20130905... Это постановление стало итогом одной из длительных дискуссий, связанных с разработкой и принятием закона о ФКС, который должен вступить в силу с 1 января 2014 года и заменить 94 ФЗ. Проект "РосПил" включился в эту дискуссию еще в сентябре 2011 года http://navalny.livejournal.com... Именно тогда, на стадии разработки и согласования закона, юристами Проекта были подготовлены и направлены в Министерство экономического развития РФ поправки к ФКС http://navalny.livejournal.com... https://docs.google.com/file/d...
One identity or more? » Article » OWNI.eu, Digital Journalism One identity or more? » Article » OWNI.eu, Digital Journalism Given the discussion about Facebook enabling other sites to use its comment infrastructure — and what that means for identity and anonymity in discussion — I thought I’d share some of what I’m saying about the question of multiple identities in my book. One tactic to cope with the fear of exposure and overexposure is anonymity. Anonymity has its place. It protects the speech of Chinese dissidents, Iranian protestors, and corporate whistleblowers. It allows Wikileaks to expose secrets. It helps people share, for example, medical data and benefit others without having to reveal themselves.
This record is a partial extract of the original cable. The full text of the original cable is not available. ¶1. (U) SUMMARY: An estimated 2,000 (maybe 3,000) thaicables – It's Your Right to know the Truth! thaicables – It's Your Right to know the Truth!
クラウンの中古車はお得なのか 6月 26th, 2012 いつかはクラウン、の文言通り、クラウンは、大衆車から乗り換え、乗り換えを経て、最後にたどりつく国産の高級車のイメージがあります。室内空間の快適さ、走行時の走りの安定感と静寂性、どれをとっても高級車のイメージにふさわしいものがクラウンにはあります。 Indoleaks.org Indoleaks.org
Following the heartbleed bug we updated our tor hidden services. Please, use this onion address http://dtsxnd3ykn32ywv6.onion Don’t forget to keep your Tor Browser Bundlе updated! [bulgarian cyr] [serbian cyr] [serbian lat] [macedonian cyr] Balkan Leaks
ScienceLeaks (Cross-posted from RRResearch.) This venture was triggered by the many people complaining that they couldn't evaluate the 'arseniclife' paper because the journal Science only allowed access to its abstract, not to the full paper or its supplementary online materials. In response, Science temporarily opened access to people wiling to register at their site, but when the month ends the barrier will go right back up. This access problem applies to the great majority of scientific papers. The public pays for the research, but the results are locked behind journal-subscription paywalls, accessible only to people with personal subscriptions or affiliated with major research libraries, or to those willing to pay $20-$40 for access to individual articles.
FrenchLeaks L’histoire commence le 23 octobre 2001, quand décède, après dix jours de coma, Daniel Wildenstein, le plus célèbre collectionneur et marchand d’art du XXe siècle. Pour sa veuve, Sylvia, c’est à l’époque un double choc, affectif d’abord, mais ensuite aussi financier, parce que les enfants que son mari a eus d’un premier mariage, Guy et Alec, lui apprennent assez vite qu’il n’a pas laissé derrière lui, comme elle le pensait, une immense fortune mais qu’il est mort ruiné. Mais les choses sont beaucoup moins claires que cela.

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