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Keynote David Warlick

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Popplet. Learn to code., Oracle Education Foundation, Projects. Humorous IRC documents and stories Unfortunately, we currently have nothing for people "looking for a good laugh".

Only funny docs for the technically minded people are currently available. If you have written a non-technical humorous IRC article or have a personal IRC-related story you wish to bounce our way for inclusion on this website, do so. MariMUSE Interview. The following interview was conducted in a virtual studio at the MediaMOO site at MIT in August, 1994 (or '93).

MariMUSE Interview

The interviewer, Pei, is David Warlick, currently a consultant in Raleigh, North Carolina. The Interviewees are the teachers, administrators, and volunteers for the first "Camp MariMUSE," a summer experience for academically at-risk students in cyberspace. Flat Classroom Project - home. BITNET. BITNET was a cooperative USA university computer network founded in 1981 by Ira Fuchs at the City University of New York (CUNY) and Greydon Freeman at Yale University.[1] The first network link was between CUNY and Yale.


The requirements for a college or university to join BITNET were simple: Lease a data circuit (phone line) from a site to an existing BITNET node.Buy modems for each end of the data circuit, sending one to the connecting point site.Allow other institutions to connect to a site without chargeback. BITNET came to mean "Because It's Time Network", although the original meaning was "Because It's There Network".[2] Student 2.0 - . Boardgame Players Association.