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Login. Digg - What the Internet is talking about right now. : feed your blog to twitter. Cloze - Apps to connect with the people that matter most. Content Alerts. Keyword and Brand Alerts Create alerts for any topic, brand or keyword.

Content Alerts

Refine alerts to just the Title or set them to search the full text of articles. Domain Alerts Get an alert as soon as your competitor published new content or any site you want to monitor. Author Alerts Track all content published by an author by creating an alert. Comment utiliser Yahoo Pipes pour être (presque) omniscient sur #Twitter ? Ce billet est un complément à celui de Camille qui explique sur Caddereputation comment soigner son infobesité sur Twitter grâce à Yahoo Pipes.

Comment utiliser Yahoo Pipes pour être (presque) omniscient sur #Twitter ?

Je vous invite d’ailleurs à le lire pour bien comprendre le mien car je ne reviendrai pas sur les étapes qu’il a décrit. Je vais quant à moi vous expliquer comment muscler votre veille. Camille montre comment constituer des listes Twitter de façon alternative. Welcome to feedly. Alain Lorfèvre. In late 2012, Oz, Shlomi, Lior and I started drawing a few ideas we had on the walls of our office.

Alain Lorfèvre

We didn’t really know what we were going to built, but we knew we want to focus on content, social media, and analytics. It took several starts until we landed on Swayy in early 2013, but once we finished building it, we felt something we hadn’t felt with any of our other projects: Not just excitement, but a lot of pride. Social Asset Management - Search, Curate and Publish Social Media Content. SAM enables some of the most comprehensive social media search across multiple social networks, in a beautifully simple unified feed.

Social Asset Management - Search, Curate and Publish Social Media Content

We call them Wires. Cross Network Search Search across Twitter, Facebook, Youtube & Instagram within a single, unified feed that's optimized to help you find better content. Search by Location Search Twitter & Instagram content by a specific location or long/lat with a defined radius to ensure you don't miss anything. Track People of Interest Track Tweets or uploads from people of interest on social networks. Search their feeds or view their content on a map. Echo Experience Studio. Defcomb. Social web: comment l'agence Storyful trouve "le signal au milieu du bruit" - Dublin Notes.

Agence de presse branchée sur Twitter, YouTube ou Instagram, Storyful vend un flux vérifié de “contenus utilisateurs” aux rédactions du monde entier.

Social web: comment l'agence Storyful trouve "le signal au milieu du bruit" - Dublin Notes

Elle partage aussi outils et méthodes pour guider les journalistes dans la jungle du “social web.” Visite dans les bureaux de Dublin. Tempête de neige, chaton mignon ou scène de guerre… Le recours aux photos et vidéos amateurs a fait du chemin dans les rédactions. A la fin des années 2000, on réalisait qu’un anonyme avec un smartphone serait presque toujours plus rapide, plus proche et plus “authentique” que le plus réactif des reporters. Twitter doit ainsi son décollage – au moins chez les journalistes – à l’atterrissage d’un avion sur l’Hudson à New York. Désormais, on accepte même que les “contenus produits par les utilisateurs” (User generated content ou UGC) puissent servir un journalisme ambitieux. “Finding the signal…” Elle a été créée en 2010 par Marc Little. Des flux Twitter dans le fil d’agence “Mieux vaut un retard qu’une erreur””

List Manager. Framanews - Accueil. FOLD: Coming February 1st. HootSuite. Create PDF, DOC, XML and other docs from Twitter tweets! Best Free PR Tools, Best Free Resources For PR Professionals. List of the best free PR tools currently available online.

Best Free PR Tools, Best Free Resources For PR Professionals

Includes news syndication, free media lists, social sharing apps and methods of sourcing media opportunities. By Rachel Wild ♦ Google+ ♦ Twitter. The interactive list of 50+ Free PR Tools can be found at the end of this article. Take control of your content - Cronycle. Sourcefabric. We’re looking for a few good journalists to test Live Blog 2.0 in real news situations and give us their unvarnished impressions.


The idea came to us a few weeks ago, reading Steve Buttry’s blog post, where he noted that newsrooms need to provide live coverage routinely. Live coverage will change your newsroom’s culture and workflow quicker and more profoundly than any other step you will try. It will make your news site more timely and produce more content and deeper engagement than any other step you will try. Among many other helpful tips, Steve suggests seven situations where newsrooms should consider live coverage:

Sociallymap. Journalisted (UK) Journalisted is an independent, not-for-profit website built to make it easier for you, the public, to find out more about journalists and what they write about.

Journalisted (UK)

It is run by the Media Standards Trust, a registered charity set up to foster high standards in news on behalf of the public, and funded by donations from charitable foundations. It is independent, non-commercial and non-partisan, and is intended to make the news media more transparent and accountable on behalf of the public. Journalisted works by automatically searching UK national newspaper websites, BBC News and Sky News, and picking out journalists' bylines (see full list of news outlets covered). Netvibes.

Towards a Better Definition of Curation in Journalism. Vadim Lavrusik: Curation and amplification will become much more sophisticated in 2012. Ladies and gentlemen, we can rebuild it.

Vadim Lavrusik: Curation and amplification will become much more sophisticated in 2012

We have the technology. We have the capability to build a sustainable journalism model. Using IFTTT and Google Drive to create a JSON API by Nick Moreton on CodePen. JSON APIs are a pretty powerful way of connecting your frontend app to a dataset through Javascript.

Using IFTTT and Google Drive to create a JSON API by Nick Moreton on CodePen

Most of the big web apps provide their API in JSON format (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) however, as you may know if you've ever tried to use these, they often require an OAuth login in order to access the API. This obviously isn't ideal if you don't want your users to have to log in to their Twitter/Facebook/Instagram account every time they view your app or website! Well, I've found a little bit of a workaround that may get you working with data in your front end without having to worry about stuff like OAuth. A few months back I needed to deliver a Designing With Data class and began experimenting with JQuery and JSON APIs. During that time I stumbled across this post about how to use a Google Spreadsheet as a live JSON. SAM. Intiuitive and Feature-Rich Browser Automation Software.

iMacros makes it easy for you to record and replay repetitious work and it’s the only web automation software that works with every website, including sites use dialog boxes, frames, Javascript, Flash, Flex, Java and AJAX. Support for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome With iMacros you can create and automate tasks across all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. DocumentCloud. Welcome to feedly. Pinterest. Flickr. Flipboard. Storify.