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Messy Wands: The Basic Makeup Application Tutorial. While this post began as a simple office makeup/first date tutorial, it ended up containing mini segments of how to apply and set concealer, how to apply cream blush, how to tightline, and how to apply lipgloss.

Messy Wands: The Basic Makeup Application Tutorial

So, it's really more apt as a basic makeup application tutorial. Basically, this is my long way of saying – grab a coffee/tea/root beer float and sit tight, ladies; it's going to be a long read. Note that I said office makeup/first date above. To me, both situations ask for My Face But Better and that's what I had in mind when coming up with this tutorial. I arranged the steps below according to importance. 1. Tutorial here. 2. The basis of good makeup is its canvas. Tip: Your ring finger applies the least amount of pressure compared to the others, so use it on sensitive areas.


Les plus belles couleurs de fards. Drawing eyes. Teint et contouring. Oeil de paon et de sirène. De beaux smokeys. MakeUp tutorials. How To Pair Your Eyeshadows Like a Pro. Today I am going to show you how to pair eyeshadows together to create tons of looks.

How To Pair Your Eyeshadows Like a Pro

For many of us, it can be confusing when we are looking at a palette of colors to try and figure out which ones work best together and which ones won’t. This tutorial will help you to learn which colors, finishes and combination work best together and hopefull help aid you in picking which shades to choose from. Three Basic Rules of Pairing Eyeshadows Together Always include a neutral - Using a neutral eyeshadow along any brighter shades you may use will keep the look more wearable and tone down the overall look.Always mix your finishes – Eyeshadows come in finishes, shimmer and matte. Using all shimmer on your eyes will make you look like a disco ball while using just matte finish eyeshadows will look to flat.

Skin Tone Shades Now we can move on to blending shades. Below is a guide that gives you different kinds of color combinations that you all can put together. Monochromatic Looks Purples Browns Greens. 11 Bright Makeup Colors That Work on Everyone. Tell me if you've been here before: You see a picture in a magazine of a stunning fuchsia pink lipstick that looks AMAZING on the model, so you promptly rip out the magazine page and hightail it to Sephora with one mission: To get that fuchsia lipstick.

11 Bright Makeup Colors That Work on Everyone

But after 30 minutes of trying on eight different "fuchsia" lipsticks, you end up walking out of Sephora clutching your makeup equivalent of a security blanket -- your go-to sheer pink lip gloss. Look, we love having options -- but the endless number of hues and ever-so-subtle variations of peaches, pinks, and corals often have us breathing into a brown paper bag before resorting to our usual neutral makeup shades. That's why we tapped our go-to sources -- the best makeup artists in the biz -- to give us the color options that'll help us look put-together and be a little bit daring.

And the best way to do that? Buy these 11 makeup products guaranteed to look amazing on all skin tones. Don't be fooled. SEE NEXT PAGE: NARS Funny Face, $24. DIY Makeup: Create Your Own Makeup Cocktails. Nerdy Girl Makeup. A Fleur De Peau. Beauty by poc » Parce qu'une poc, ça peut être girly girly. Tête de Thon. :[___Make Up & Co___]: Salvadordali à votre service. Color block Shu Uemura. 27 février 2011 Teint Fond de teint Shiseido teint lissant perfecteur I 20 Anti cernes Estée Lauder Double Wear n°01 Poudre Mosaïque Avène Couvrance soleil Yeux Paintpot MAC Soft Ochre (beige clair) Fard poudre Shu Uemura M blue 665 Fard poudre Shu Uemura M red 170 Fard poudre Shu Uemura M yellow 350 Crayon Urban Decay 24/7 Deviant (bleu roi irisé) Mascara Max Factor False Lash Effect noir Lèvres.

Padmita's Make Up Blog. Nihrida. EyeGraffiti. Fall 2012 Fashion, Style and Beauty. Louise Young Cosmetics. Louise Young Cosmetics. The Beauty Department: Your Daily Dose of Pretty. Page 3. We get a lot of emails asking how to use brushes correctly so I hope this helps you out a little!

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A brow brush is designed to be stiff and angled for a reason. And we use the slanted edge to shade and the tip of the edge to outline. Put those components together and a brow brush is quite frankly a thing of perfection! Here’s how to use it properly: READ MORE… Last week we explored four different ways to wear Spring’s biggest Cobalt blue trend. This method has been around for centuries! A nod to the Uptown Girl, this look is very put together and polished. Highlighting Pencil — Try Too Faced Instant Attitude Highlighting Pencil.Taupe Pencil — I used Le Metier de Beaute Pencil in Champagne. Superbytimai – Shall we, Beauty ? Les Chroniques de Sonia. (dé)maquillages. L'essentiel de JulienPlanète Beauté.

Le Cosmétologue — Votre décrypteur de beauté. L'Observatoire des Cosmétiques. La recherche INCI Cette banque de données vous permet de vous informer sur un composant cosmétique particulier ou de déterminer le profil complet d’un produit.

Vous verrez, c’est un jeu d’enfant et ce sera encore plus facile et clair si vous prenez un peu de temps pour lire les indications qui suivent. Indications concernant les différents composants Chaque terme INCI (composant), que vous trouvez dans la banque de données, est accompagné d’une appréciation allant de « très bien » à « déconseillé ». Pour chaque composant est indiquée sa fonction principale (soin de la peau, constituant de film, conservateur, etc.) et sa nature: végétale (v), chimique (c), minérale (m), animale (a) ou biotechnologique (b). Certains composants peuvent être de plusieurs natures. On trouvera alors la lettre (d) qui signifie « provenance diverse ». Beauty Blog, Makeup Reviews, How to Makeup.