Android/smartphone apps to learn japanese

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Android App for jap vocabulary. This is a VocabularyTrainer for Beginner.New, "Automatic running" is possiblePlease, give me feedback, if you like it With this easy to use app you can improve your English or your traditional Chinese skills anywhere and anytime!

Android app to train your vocabulary. No Furigana though, so you need to know on/yun pronunciation or you won't be able to speak what you read.... – zerpalmer

If your choice is correct, the button will light up in green.

Android App for jap vocabulary

JA Sensei ~ Application Android v1.4.1 Par RaphaelW.

Great app, love it ! No vocabulary but kanji hira, kata ! – zerpalmer

Best App for japanese + Android.

Greaaat app ! Wonderful ! text spoken, answer in kanji and kana + android apps with same features ! X_x ' – zerpalmer

Android RPG wich involves japanese voca and sentences !