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This website is for maker movement. This website is for maker movement makes its mark. The next industrial revolution is right around the corner, and it's going to be bigger than the Internet — or so says a growing army of hackers, designers, artists and entrepreneurs.

this website is for maker movement makes its mark

Across the country, "makerspaces" are popping up to satisfy demand for affordable access to industrial tools and shared work spaces. These massive fabrication facilities are like a cross between a business incubator and a manufacturing plant, with sprinklings of academia and community spirit thrown in for good measure. "With the right motivation and time on your hands, you can now go through your own personal industrial revolution in 90 days, and can launch a company or product within those 90 days," says Mark Hatch. He's CEO of TechShop, a chain of makerspaces that has eight locations throughout the country and plans to expand globally. How is this possible? "The skill level required to produce a usable prototype or usable object has dropped precipitously just in the last five years," Hatch adds.

This website is for 3D printer into an instant laser cutter. Nov.4, 2013 Here's the situation: desktop 3D printers has been evolving so fast over the past few years, and you probably have already collected quite a few old models in your workshop.

this website is for 3D printer into an instant laser cutter

What to do with them? Upgrade? Sell them? Throw them away? Here, a company called J Tech Photonics Lab, has a better idea. The hardware set up is simple. You can use a drawing program to output G Code files based on path objects. This website is for 3D printer laser cutter. This is the first release of the Boot-strappable Open Laser Cutter project that I've been working on for the past few months.

this website is for 3D printer laser cutter

The goal of the project is to construct an open design laser cutter with a large cut area (about 1 meter square), for about 5%-10% of the cost of a commercial system. The design draws heavily from other open laser cutter projects out there (such as the Buildlog 2X Laser Cutter) in using inexpensive aluminum extrusion and optics for most of the structural frame, while here most of the custom parts are 3D printed from ABS. The printed parts represent about 10 hours of total printing time on a Makerbot or Reprap, and have been designed with the hope that they would be of general utility to anyone printing out a large CNC system -- not just a laser cutter. These include parts such as NEMA17 motor holders that mount onto t-slot, idler brackets, pillow block bushing mounts for motors, idlers, and shafts, and so on. This website is for the fablab IED Madrid.

This website is for fab lab Madrid CEU                                                                      – Fab Lab Madrid Ceu. El próximo sábado 1 de julio de 2014 en Fab 10 estaremos presentes en Fab 10 (el congreso mundial de Laboratorios de Fabricación Digital) con una charla: Digital Fabrication for Architectural Design The talk aims to show how digital fabrication is modifying and implementing architectural design processes nowadays, through a graphic presentation which displays projects that are carried out in Fab Lab CEU, the Digital Fabrication Laboratory of CEU San Pablo University.

this website is for fab lab Madrid CEU                                                                      – Fab Lab Madrid Ceu

The objective is not focused on the exhibition of projects that students develop in classes, but in the explanation of the processes that are conducted in the Fab Lab, allowing students to improve or implement their architectural designs thanks to the use of the digital culture (new technologies or advanced technological languages). This website is for the world maker faire. This website is for the rocklin mini maker faire. This website has 28 cool hairstyles. Still rocking a rotation of hair down, in a bun held together by two pencils, and a side braid?

this website has 28 cool hairstyles

Us too, and it’s about time we mix things up! We’ve scoured the web for the hottest summer hairstyles, from beachy waves to top knots, with a whole lot of braids in between. Be sure to let us know which looks are your favorite in the comments below. 1. Big Booty Bouffant: This va-va-voom look is a great way to wear your hair down with an extra oomph. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

This website has 10 diy to make food.