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Hi: The Interesting science pearls, can be anything science related, though not always proven scientific fact. You could even include something you find interesting and are qurious about. Then maybe someone else will add more pearls or information.

Happy Pearling. L8trs.

Our World And Universe

Environment Plus Solar. Plants. Future of Humanity. Human Abilities. Silicon Chips Wired With Nerve Cells Could Enable New Brain/Machine Interfaces. It's reminiscent of Cartman's runaway Trapper Keeper notebook in that long-ago episode of South Park, but researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison may be scratching the surface of a new kind of brain/machine interface by creating computer chips that are wired together with living nerve cells. A team there has found that mouse nerve cells will connect with each other across a network of tiny tubes threaded through a semiconductor material.

It's not exactly clear at this point how the nerve cells are functioning, but what is clear is that the cells seem to have an affinity for the tiny tubes, and that alone has some interesting implications. To create the nerve-chip hybrid, the researchers created tubes of layered silicon and germanium that are large enough for the nerve cells' tendrils to navigate but too small for the actual body of the cell to pass through. What isn't clear is whether or not the cells are actually communicating with each other they way they would naturally.

People of Science

Secret Life of Scientists & Engineers. ShortCut to Other Peoples Pearls of Science. Techmeme. Fibonacci's Fractals. Des mathématiciens découvrent le plus grand nombre premier. Des mathématiciens ont annoncé avoir découvert le plus grand de tous les nombres premiers connus à ce jour. Avec 17.425.170 chiffres, il vient détrôner le record de celui de 2008 qui contenait 12.978.189 chiffres. Ce nombre ne pourrait même pas tenir sur une page Word ! Et pourtant, la découverte a de quoi ravir les amoureux des mathématiques : des scientifiques viennent d'identifier un nouveau nombre premier qui contient 17.425.170 chiffres.

Un record qui suffit à lui accorder la place de nouveau plus grand nombre premier jamais découvert. Avez-vous déjà partagé cet article? Partager sur Facebook Partager sur Twitter Le précédent était détenu par un nombre identifié en 2008 et possédant 12.978.189 chiffres. Grâce à lui, c'est la troisième fois que le mathématicien en question, Curtis Cooper, découvre un nombre premier supérieur au précédent. 37 jours de calculs et deux vérifications Mais avant d'aller plus loin rappelons tout de même ce qu'est un nombre premier. Kaizen philosophy and Kaizen method.


First Image Made of an Atom Spinning. Physicists have discovered a way to play with matter on a subatomic scale, reaching into atoms to manipulate the spin of electrons. What's more, the scientists were able to capture the first images of the action with a special microscope. Spin is one of three basic properties of electrons, along with charge and mass. Basically, spin describes an electron's angular momentum, which is related to the way an electron moves around an atom's nucleus (which includes the protons and neutrons) – the spin can either be "up" or "down. " In the new study, researchers figured out how to change the spin of electrons in cobalt atoms (a metallic element with 27 protons and 27 electrons). They used a custom-built microscope with a minute iron-coated tip to "see" the atoms and create the first images of electron spin being manipulated.

On scales this small, it's impossible to take a picture using visible light, as the wavelengths are bigger than the objects they would reflect off of. Hunza. Hunza Powder supplies Free Electrons to fuel, energize, alkalize and cleanse every organ in the body. In the form of Activated Silica Hydride, Hunza has an alkalizing, energising and antioxidant effect to make Hunza Water. Additional colloidal silver and colloidal gold using our colloidal generators would complete the Hunza process. Benefits of Free Electrons contained in Hunza: Hunza Powder has the highest antioxidant rating (ORP = -800) to neutralize damaging Free Radicals Eight times more antioxidant power than Pycnogenol, Vitamin C, Coenzyme Q10 or Grape Seed Extract Hunza Powder alkalizes the body Hunza Powder Lowers Blood Lactic Acid Levels During Strenuous Exercise Hunza Powder promotes Intra and Extra Cellular Hydration Hunza Powder provides Protection Against Oxidative Stress (free radicals) which cause cancer and aging.

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