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JUNG - Java Universal Network/Graph Framework.


Maven. Strut2. Webservices. Lucene. Jai. Hibernate. Mockito (Mockito API) Java.lang.Object org.mockito.Matchers org.mockito.Mockito Direct Known Subclasses: BDDMockito.

Mockito (Mockito API)

SLF4J. JSONObject (Overview (json-lib jdk 5 API)) Java Web Development with Stripes. By Mark Eagle 01/24/2007 Stripes is an open source, action-based Java web framework designed around the principles that web development should be simple and productive for developers.

Java Web Development with Stripes

Traditional Java web development focused on versatility through decoupling, which resulted in multiple configuration files, additional objects, and other fragmented resources. These difficulties subjected many developers to a higher learning curve and reduced productivity. As a result, some Java developers have been lured away by non-Java frameworks such as Ruby on Rails or Django.