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Entrepreneurship. A Scientific Guide to Hashtags: How Many, Which Ones, and Where. This post originally published on April 8, 2014.

A Scientific Guide to Hashtags: How Many, Which Ones, and Where

We’ve updated it here with new info, screenshots, and audio. The Ideal Length for All Online Content. 18.7K Flares 18.7K Flares × Every so often when I’m tweeting or emailing, I’ll think: Should I really be writing so much?

The Ideal Length for All Online Content

I tend to get carried away. And for the times that I do, it sure would be nice to know if all this extra typing is hurting or helping my cause. Blog » Blog Archive » The Big 3 of Internet Marketing. Marketing is like a battlefield.

Blog » Blog Archive » The Big 3 of Internet Marketing

You need to fight to survive. You need to find strategies to stay alive. You need to have the greatest, the biggest, and most powerful weapons to defeat your opponents. This is the challenge…and the reality. These days, Internet Marketing is the trendsetter in the world of marketing. Parásitos 2.0 o cómo aprovecharse del contenido de los demás. Is it Time to Re-Evaluate Your Social Strategy? Rick Liebling is Head of Global Marketing for Unmetric.

Is it Time to Re-Evaluate Your Social Strategy?

“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.” – Peter Drucker Five years ago, omnipresence was the social maxim for brands. With each freshly minted social network, brands gleefully added a new button to the company website and proudly pronounced: “Connect with us on (fill in the blank).” The “If you build it, they will come” approach to social worked for some, but for many who hopped on every network because “everyone else did,” the trees fell but nobody heard them. The notion that brands should only engage with audiences that a) exist, and b) pay attention, seems self-evident, yet many continue to project their voices into the void.

This is largely due to the powerful force of habit. What Is "Dark Social Media"? (And Why It Matters) By Brooke Ballard | September 3, 2014 | Please share with your peeps!

What Is "Dark Social Media"? (And Why It Matters)

Así usa el marketing los conocimientos de la neurociencia - Tek'n'life. Cuando amamos a alguien deseamos conocerlo todo de esa persona.

Así usa el marketing los conocimientos de la neurociencia - Tek'n'life

Queremos saber lo que le alegra y lo que le hace llorar, sus colores favoritos, las películas con las que se emociona, cómo se llamó su primer perro y los lugares en los que ha estado. Todo con tal de hacer feliz a esa persona. La espiral del silencio en las redes sociales. What is the Value of Your Social Media Assets and is it Worth Measuring? Companies and brands have refined processes and systems for ascribing value to their physical assets and bricks and mortar properties but when it comes to the measuring of their online properties value there is mostly a big yawn.

What is the Value of Your Social Media Assets and is it Worth Measuring?

We live in a knowledge economy where information is vital and critical to ongoing success as we transition to a post industrial age where workers don’t carry bricks but laptops, iPads and iPhones. Increasing the value of your online assets which displays a brands knowledge and thought leadership to the world should be made a priority for any modern business. Seven Communication Sins That Kill Simplicity and Business. 5 Weak Words You Should Avoid & What to Use Instead. When I first began writing, I was unsure of myself.

5 Weak Words You Should Avoid & What to Use Instead

My sentences were filled with meaningless words and fillers. What I didn’t realize is that by using them I was sabotaging myself and my writing. Weak words can sneak into our writing anywhere, anytime and when they do, they destroy the power of our work. I’ve rounded up five weak words to avoid and some helpful tips for what you can use instead. 1. Example: “The swimmer really performed admirably.” The Moment of Truth: Best Practices For Discovering More Moments to Engage. Yeah, yeah.

The Moment of Truth: Best Practices For Discovering More Moments to Engage

I know you know (cause obviously you’re a smart person) that you need to engage your customers. And you gotta do it fast, or else you lose them, just like that. Is It Worth Responding to Blog Comments? Does Infographic Marketing Still Work? A Data Driven Answer. “En Twitter también hay que respetar la propiedad intelectual” Lessons Learned From OKCupid and Facebook: The 7 Hows and Whens of Experimentation. InShare77 There is nothing wrong with experimenting and testing - in fact, it's extremely valuable.

Lessons Learned From OKCupid and Facebook: The 7 Hows and Whens of Experimentation

But remember to think about how and when you go about experimenting with your consumers. Perhaps by now OKCupid is regretting the rather provocative blog title of "We Experiment on Human Beings! " The post deliberately added fuel to the social experiment fire kindled by Facebook's much maligned "emotional contagion" research. The furor began when Facebook published results from two parallel studies conducted on 689,003 unwitting subjects in the "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. " La fórmula mágica de la viralidad. "Yo no tengo fans ni followers,yo tengo cómplices" Gaby Castellanos es una de esas personas que, en una sola frase, te transmite un concepto, una idea muy compleja. Por eso es una pasada ir a cada charla, porque siempre te da motivos para reflexionar, y, en mi caso, para escribir un post. Before Your Start Your Social Media Campaign, Read This.

Rahul Varshneya is the co-creator of, a SaaS platform helping startups and small businesses grow their companies using social media. This is truly the big bad world. 5 Big Social Media Fails of 2013 (and What We Learned) Social media is a wonderful channel for brands to engage with their target tribe. When brands use social media well, the results can be terrific. A brand can experience increased loyalty, advocacy and word-of-mouth, all of which can lead to increased sales. However, sometimes things go wrong and have a negative impact on a brand. How to Create a Deeply Engaged Customer Community [INBOUND Bold Talk] The world's most vibrant businesses succeed because they sit at the center of a deeply engaged community.

In his Bold Talk, Duct Tape Marketing's John Jantsch argues that building a vibrant community is the greatest objective of any business. An alchemy of founder clarity (who exactly are we, and what are we truly doing in this world) and culture (getting it right so that employees are fully engaged) combine to create great business communities.

John Jantsch has been called the World’s Most Practical Small Business Expert for consistently delivering real-world, proven small business marketing ideas and strategies. In this talk he discusses examples from different industries, geographies and company sizes with one thing in common. Truly great communities. John is the creator of the Duct Tape Marketing System and Duct Tape Marketing Consulting Network, which trains and licenses small business marketing consultants around the world. John's Slides: New Research Shows Social Media Word-of-Mouth Rising. Do you want people to tell their friends about your business? Are you getting positive word of mouth? New research shows that word-of-mouth marketing has grown exponentially on social media.

In this article you’ll discover three ways you can encourage customers to tell their friends about you. #1: Customer Service Tips the Scales analyzed 1 billion brand mentions in a recent study. Movie Magic: 4 Ways Your Color Palette Can Transform Your Work — The Shutterstock Blog. I was able to quickly find stills from Skyfall and extract colors from them with the combination of a color generator and manually extracting colors in Photoshop. I find that combination works best, as most color generators tend to miss colors that can make a palette interesting, and it lets me be creative in the final palette process and decision-making.

I decided I could take this process a step further and try it with several films, and Movies In Color was born. Eventually, I used the blog to keep a record of color palettes that I could use in projects, or that I could reference for a few interesting color combinations. 39 Resources for Understanding the Science & Psychology Behind Great Marketing. We all know that a deep understanding of psychology will make us better marketers, but determining exactly where to start if we want to learn more about the psychology of marketing can feel daunting. After all, psychology is an enormous field, with many sub areas to drill down into and countless case studies, books, online articles and magazines to wrap your head around. Couples, the Internet, and Social Media. How to Use Psychographics in Your Marketing: A Beginner's Guide. Reinterpretando el acceso a la informacion en la economia del conocimiento vía @tristanelosegui.

Continuamos con los contenidos de #HablemosDe con el post de Antonio Toca (aquí puedes leer la entrevista). Puedes recibir estos contenidos a través de mi usuario de Twitter, siguiendo el hashtag #HablemosDe, suscribiéndote al blog (RSS o email) o por cualquiera de mis perfiles sociales: Facebook, Google+ o Linkedin. 36 herramientas increíbles para crear tu nueva nueva móvil en minutos. Published on Oct. 7, 2013 Construir una gran app móvil es ahora más fácil y rápido. ¿También te consideras un Renacentista digital? Presentaba el otro día en Vitoria como tendencia 2014, aunque lo considero un fenómeno mucho más importante, el Generalismo, la idea de que en tiempos de cambio como los que vivimos cobran valor los perfiles profesionales amplios, no limitados a una sola especialidad. Abundan los recursos intelectuales, las posibilidades de aprender para el ser humano en la nueva biblioteca (y casi Universidad) universal de la red.

A la vez, ante tantos datos, tanta información y en época, como decíamos, de cambio, necesitamos personas capaces de “dar sentido”, de establecer patrones, de intuir tendencias, de buscar respuestas que tengan en cuenta los muchos matices posibles. Attracting media and people around the world. El Community Manager, una mente maravillosa. Seguramente muchos recuerden aquella película titulada "A Beautiful Mind", (Una mente maravillosa). Basada en un drama biográfico protagonizado por el actor Russell Crowe, su historia inspirada en la novela homónima de Sylvia Nasar, nominada al Premio Pulitzer de 1998, nos contaba la vida de John Forbes Nash, ganador del Premio Nobel de Economía en el año 1994.

Science & Environment - Doctor Who: 50 years of time travel in the TARDIS. Escudellat : A les 17:14 farem un minut... GeoMetri, analíticas físicas para localizar clientes a tiempo real vía WiFi. Informe de la Sociedad de la Información en España 2011 (Fundación Telefónica) La Marca España, entre las diez del mundo que más valor pierden. La publicitat no és una loteria.