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Global Warming

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Obama talks about climate change as he walks a trail in the Everglades. MIAMI, Fla. — President Barack Obama spoke about climate change during his first visit to the Florida Everglades Wednesday.

Obama talks about climate change as he walks a trail in the Everglades

He said the global threat is putting the national park in danger. Before his speech, the president and park rangers walked the Anhinga Trail, the national park’s most popular tourist stop. They passed baby alligators and a pair of black vultures. The birds are famous for eating the rubber off visitors’ vehicles. Obama said he could think of “no better place” to spend Earth Day than the River of Grass, as the Everglades is called. But his decision to give the speech in South Florida clearly had another purpose. "Can No Longer Be Denied" Submerged bricks in Florida give clue to rising sea levels, climate change. MIAMI — The archaeologists were digging near where the Miami River meets the ocean.

Submerged bricks in Florida give clue to rising sea levels, climate change

They were looking for artifacts from the Tequesta Indians but found something else as well. They found strong proof that South Florida's sea level is rising. Riding the climate change waves. SANTA CRUZ, Calif. — In 1885, three young Hawaiian princes brought surfing to North America.

Riding the climate change waves

On a summer day, they surfed in Santa Cruz, California, using simple surfboards made from coastal redwood trees. Today, surfers check satellite weather forecasts on their smartphones before heading to famous spots such as Steamer Lane and Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz. But the biggest change in surfing could come in the next 100 years: the waves themselves may be changing. Worrisome Changes Global climate change could affect many of the best surfing spots worldwide, as the Earth continues to heat up and storm patterns change. “It definitely worries me,” said big-wave rider Jake Wormhoudt, who has already noticed changes in water temperature and weather during the 35 years he has surfed in Santa Cruz. Decline in snowpack shows Calif. will have to manage its water differently. LOS ANGELES — On Thursday, California workers poked hollow aluminum tubes into Sierra Nevada meadows to measure the snowpack.

Decline in snowpack shows Calif. will have to manage its water differently

They did not find much. “We will conceivably see more years like this in the future,” said Jeffrey Mount, a geologist with the Public Policy Institute of California. The Earth has been getting warmer, scientists say, and the climate is expected to keep getting warmer. Many scientists blame humans. When we burn fossil fuels like gas, oil or coal it releases gasses known as greenhouse gasses. A Dry January Scientists say the state’s mountain snowpack could shrink as a result. But that doesn’t mean nature will provide less water to California. The clearest proof we’ll ever get that our planet is falling apart. Every once in a while, a chart or statistic or image comes along that reminds us, all over again, why it is that this global warming thing is so terrifying.

The clearest proof we’ll ever get that our planet is falling apart

This week, it was those darn walruses, who — after a summer when Arctic sea ice was at its sixth-lowest level on record — mobbed an Alaska beach in the largest such haul-out ever observed there. Salon was on the story. So, too, was pretty much everyone else who writes about climate issues, and we were all trying to get across the same basic idea: Those 35,000 walruses with nowhere else to go are climate change.

Or at least, one of the best ways we have of understanding it. It’s not surprising the photos went viral — they’re a powerful, charismatic representation of dramatic changes that are happening in real-time. They’re also reminiscent of the classic polar bear on an ice floe, the original poster child for a warming planet. This is only going to become more visible. The question now is whether we’re going to listen to them. Stanford University Climate Change Articles Spring 2014. The Crying Indian - full commercial - Keep America Beautiful. Man vs. Nature. The globe is warming, it's our fault and the consequences are going to be terrible.

Man vs. Nature

So goes the rhetoric spouted by politicians, celebrities and the media. It's hard to turn on the TV or open a newspaper these days without hearing about the horrors caused by our warming climate. We can expect more floods, droughts, hurricanes and tornadoes as global warming continues, and pretty soon we'll have to flee from the coasts as the polar ice caps melt and our shorelines flood. Children are frightened, too. I spoke to a group of kids who said they worry about their future on our planet. A few of these kids learned about global warming from former Vice President Al Gore's documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth. " But is it a crisis? In the movie, for example, Gore says that if we allow the globe to warm, "sea levels worldwide would go up 20 feet. " Gore also implies that polar bears are dying off, because receding Arctic ice has forced them to swim longer distances. Global Warming For Kids. A Student's Guide to Global Climate Change.

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