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United Nations - Archive & Records Management Section

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RM - Classification and Files Management. United Nations Document Codes. The United Nations issues most of its official documents in its six working languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

United Nations Document Codes

Many are also issued in German, which in 1973 gained the status of "documentation language" and has its own translation unit at the UN. The official documents are published under the United Nations masthead and each is identified by a unique document code (symbol) for reference, indicating the organ to which it is linked and a sequential number. There are also sales publications with distinctive symbols representing subject categories, as well as press releases and other public information materials, only some of which appear in all the official languages. RM in the United Nations. ARMS - Standard on Recordkeeping Metadata. Retention Schedules by Offices. UN ARMS - Archive and Records Management Section. Retention Schedules by Offices.

ARMS - UN Recordkeeping Policies & Standards.