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树音乐 [北京] Blackmark. 山水/Shanshui的小站 (豆瓣) 豆瓣 登录 注册 山水/Shanshui Top <div class="message"> 您的浏览器不支持javascript,不能使用此页面的全部功能。

山水/Shanshui的小站 (豆瓣)

请换用其他浏览器或者开启对javascript的支持。 Artist ( 全部 ) COVOX (1202人喜欢) Sulumi (4686人喜欢) Discography ( 全部 ) Links Web www.shanshui-music.comSoundcloud 推荐 6人 关注 豆瓣音乐 · 厂牌 成员: Covox / Sulumi 风格: TECHNO 唱片公司:SHANSHUI MUSIC 豆瓣音乐人客户端 发现当下最酷的独立音乐 关注该小站的成员 ( 4014 ) 关注该小站的成员也关注 Sulumi 4686人关注 4358人关注 邵彦棚(Dead J) 2965人关注 665人关注 关于豆瓣 · 在豆瓣工作 · 联系我们 · 免责声明 · 帮助中心 · 开发者 · 移动应用 · 豆瓣广告 © 2005-2015, all rights reserved. 東乐. 摩登天空 Modernsky. 飞行者唱片. 小白兔唱片 White Wabbit Records - 首頁.

UBIQUITY RECORDS. RCA Records 2014 GRAMMY Nominees. Música independiente, Entradas para recitales, Reseñas de discos, Entrevistas, Libros, Cine y más. Cherry Red Records. Where Rock & Roll Was Born. Mercury. The world's 1st ElectroSwing website !

Rough Trade Records. Innergun. Paris qui dort. Thrill Jockey Records. Jim O'rourke (U.S/Japan) - Interview with Musicians - Yamaha - Deutschland. Deutschland Home > Produkte > Musikinstrumente > Elektronische Unterhaltungsinstrumente > TENORI-ON > Interview with Musicians > Jim O'rourke (U.S/Japan) Jim O'rourke (U.S/Japan) Watch Video 1 Watch Video 2 Watch Video 1 Watch Video 1 Profile Born in 1969, composer/improviser/producer Jim O'Rourke has recorded solo and as a member of the groups Gastr Del Sol, The Red Krayola, and Sonic Youth.

Jim O'rourke (U.S/Japan) - Interview with Musicians - Yamaha - Deutschland

Demo MP3 Zurück nach oben Serien-Übersicht TENORI-ON Series. Jim O'Rourke Curates Tokyo ATP Festival. Sonic experimentalist and Sonic Youth/Wilco/Joanna Newsom collaborator Jim O'Rourke is next in line as a curator of an All Tomorrow's Parties Festival.

Jim O'Rourke Curates Tokyo ATP Festival

He'll curate the second day of the I'll Be Your Mirror festival at Studio Coast in Tokyo, which takes place April 14-15. (ATP themselves curate the first day.) He'll also perform, with other artists to be announced later. In other Jim O'Rourke news, he's got a new release in the pipeline for his archival Old News series on Editions Mego. Old News 7 will be out on February 21 as a double-album vinyl release. Old News #7 01 Welcome to the Django Part One02 Welcome to the Django Part Two03 Natural Bonbon Killers04 Tacere Fas.

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