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树音乐 [北京] Blackmark. 山水/Shanshui的小站 (豆瓣) 東乐. 摩登天空 Modernsky. 飞行者唱片. 小白兔唱片 White Wabbit Records - 首頁. UBIQUITY RECORDS. RCA Records 2014 GRAMMY Nominees. Música independiente, Entradas para recitales, Reseñas de discos, Entrevistas, Libros, Cine y más. Cherry Red Records. Where Rock & Roll Was Born. Mercury. The world's 1st ElectroSwing website ! Rough Trade Records. Innergun. Paris qui dort. Thrill Jockey Records. Jim O'rourke (U.S/Japan) - Interview with Musicians - Yamaha - Deutschland. Jim O'Rourke Curates Tokyo ATP Festival. Epitaph Records. Clown and sunset. NEW WINDINGS DOUBLE A-SIDED 7" & FUNDIT. Independent record label since 2001.

Experimental, ambient, noise, improv record label. GROENLAND RECORDS. ~ K A A D A * M U S I C ~ PAGAN RECORDS - Extreme Metal Label. Excelsior Recordings. Here records. Lil' Chief Records. Disasters by Choice. Home: CRAMMED DISCS. Old Europa Cafe: industrial neo-folk, dark-ambient, martial neo-pop, noise mail-order. Ernest Jenning Record Co. Editions Mego. Elefant Records. Eibon Records. Crónica label. Fonal Records. Full Time Hobby. [Wired Records] Bang! Records. DOUBLEMOON - Pozitif Music Production. PACIFIC MOON RECORDS-HOME.

Amiata Records - home page. Miasmah. Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck. Bad Taste Records - Online Store. ABM index. Åiö Records, Susurrus Station, Pikara, Dead Cinema, Zouaves. : : O B L I Q S O U N D : : R&S Records. 兵马司/Maybe Mars. 地下调频-中文 哥特 暗潮 工业 新民谣 黑金属王国 (厂牌+网络电台+杂志) Tokyo Dawn Records - Dirty Soulclaps Since 1997. NOCO CREATIVE LIMITED.