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Interesting potential interactive successor to the novel.

A New Kind of War Memorial Made by Thousands of People… We Tell Stories - 'The 21 Steps' by Charles Cumming. Project Xanadu® Is Hypertext Literature Dead? - Slashdot. Nht paper 2. Twine / An open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories. Literature in a Wired World Wiki. Hypertext fiction is a genre of Electronic Literature which is made up of non sequential and interlinking lexia.

Literature in a Wired World Wiki

History Edit The history of hypertext fiction dates back to even before the World Wide Web was created. Samantha in Winter - a short story in hypertext. Flop Cold Mark didn't come when he'd said he would, nor 15 minutes later, nor 30.

Samantha in Winter - a short story in hypertext

Sam waited, and got colder, and went inside the supermarket, and worried that he'd drive past and think she wasn't there, so went outside again and got colder still. When he finally did arrive, nearly 50 minutes late, she was on the verge of hypothermia. Michael Joyce Hypertext Fictions Online. Michael Joyce Going the Distance, newly republished nightkitchen electronic book Sister Stories, collaborative hypertext fiction (with Rosemary Joyce and Carolyn Guyer), New York University Press On-line, 2000.

Michael Joyce Hypertext Fictions Online

Examples of hypertext fiction – how to write hypertext narratives? - The Chron-nicoles. Looking at examples of hypertext books there are only a handful that have been critically examined.

Examples of hypertext fiction – how to write hypertext narratives? - The Chron-nicoles

Paul Hackman notes, “fifteen years after the first generation of hypertext novels emerged, hypertext literature remains on the fringe of literary studies” (2011, p. 86). One of the reasons for the lack of hypertext fiction novels, besides the issues with remediation and the phenomenological experience are the technical limitations. Afternoon by Michael Joyce, published in 1987 by Eastgate Systems, is known as the first hypertext fiction. One of the well-cited examples of a hypertext narrative is Patchwork Girl by Shelly Jackson published in 1995 by Eastgate Systems using Storyspace software. StorySpace. Storyspace (kostenlose Version) für PC herunterladen. Lizenz:Shareware $295 Downloads insgesamt:89 (letzte Woche) Der eigentliche Entwickler dieses kostenlosen Programms ist Eastgate Systems, Inc.

Storyspace (kostenlose Version) für PC herunterladen

Eastgate: serious hypertext. Why No One Clicked on the Great Hypertext Story. 2.

Why No One Clicked on the Great Hypertext Story

A few adventurous fiction writers had tried to build branching-path narratives in print form, most famously Julio Cortázar in his book Hopscotch. But “Afternoon, a Story” was the first to take this approach in digital form. Each reading of the story could follow a different combination of nodes; “closure,” in this new form, was as obsolete as the printed page. Hypertext History.