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WordPress 3.3 Beta 3 available, now with jQuery 1.7 in core. Promising Plugins. SyntaxHighlighter Evolved. Wordpress Featured Images – add_image_size() resizing and cropping demo — studiograsshopper. Recently, I have been spending a lot of time developing some new automation functionality for my Dynamic Content Gallery plugin, working out how best to get the plugin to use WordPress’ Featured Image functionality and to automatically create the correct additional image sizes when adding and uploading images via the WP Admin UI.

Wordpress Featured Images – add_image_size() resizing and cropping demo — studiograsshopper

During this work I discovered, perhaps to my shame, that I didn’t know quite as much about Media handling in WordPress as I thought I did. I also found out that, sometimes, WordPress does not behave as intuitively as one might expect or, to be more precise, certain behaviours are not so obvious as one might think – such as how best to use the WordPress add_image_size() function to create additional image sizes. The purpose of this article is to give detailed information on how to use Featured Images and the add_image_size() function and, with examples, demonstrate the consequences of using the various cropping and resizing options available in this function. WordPress Category Extra Fields. Update Recently i worked o a site that needed some modification to the category edit screen in order to display a different image for each category page (it’s also implemented in this site).

WordPress Category Extra Fields

Now WordPress doesn’t have a category or tag meta data table in it’s database and i don’t know why but i never liked adding tables of my own. So I decided to work with the options table of WordPress. Before i start a side note: this could be done in the same way for categories, tags or any other custom taxonomies but this example will show how to on categories. Let’s get started the first thing we need to do is add the extra fields to the category edit form using the hook edit_category_form_fields and we use a simple function that will print out the extra fields. As you can see i added 4 new fields and all of them are in an array Cat_meta[key] because that way we only create on row in the options table to save all of the category’s extra fields instead of a row for each field. Incoming search terms:

WordPress Snippets

Smashing WordPress - Coding WordPress-based websites. WordPress Help - Podz @ Tamba2. Wordpress. Vafpress Framework: Easy WP admin for your theme The Vafpress Framework makes it easy to create a custom administration panel for your WordPress theme.


It has full documentation to make it easy to configure, and tons ... WP Test: Run your WP assets through the ringer Whether you're creating a WordPress plugin or a new theme, you need data to test it before releasing it into the wild. WP Test provides the most exhaustive ... Over 600 Secrets, Tips and Tricks for Marketers - only $8! Have a website or online business but disappointed in your income? WPRoller — Custom WordPress installer WPRoller makes it easy to create a custom WP installation package with just the features you need. InfiniteWP — Manage multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard InfiniteWP, a self-hosted app, lets you manage all of your WP sites from one centralized dashboard.

Everything you wanted to know about WordPress 3.0 Menu Management. With the upcoming 3.0 release, WordPress is introducing a new user interface to help manage navigation menus, which simply means you’ll get a new page with some tools on it to help you add, delete, and arrange links.

Everything you wanted to know about WordPress 3.0 Menu Management

To utilize this feature, you must first activate it. Without activation, your menu management page will display nothing, but an error. If it’s currently inactive, in your WordPress administration panel, go to Appearance > Menus to see the error. How to Activate WordPress 3.0 Menu Management Add the following code to the functions.php file of your theme.

While add_theme_support(‘menus’); is enough to activate the Menu Management page, the additional code around this necessary line makes sure if later or earlier versions of WordPress doesn’t have this feature then it will simply do nothing and cause no error. What the code above means: The code above simply means if the Add Theme Support function exists, use that function to add Menus feature. Step by Step. Media Queries.

WordPress Hooks and Filters

15 Free Wordpress Themes with a Responsive Layout. The most popular topic of discussion at the moment, amongst web designers anyway, is undoubtedly responsive web design.

15 Free Wordpress Themes with a Responsive Layout

This is in response to the popularity, over the past couple of years, of visitors opting to use a mobile device of some sort (Android, iPhone, iPad..) to access their favorite web sites. Just to give you a quick overview, responsive web design allows you to offer a specific and optimised screen size layout that is based on whatever device (mobile, tablet…) the visitor uses.

With responsive layouts in mind, with this post we have taken a look at what responsive WordPress themes are currently freely offers. You will be surprised at the quality of the themes we have found. And remember, all of these themes are free to download. Yoko. How to Use WordPress for Business.