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Hurricane Sandy

NOAA Home Page. Hurricane 2006! from - Hurricane Season Pictures, Forecasts, tracking maps, and. Weather Video - Rough Night, D.C. to Philly to NYC from Irene. Hurricane Tracking Map and Radar. Your feedback: What do you think of our interactive map?

Hurricane Tracking Map and Radar

How can we make it more useful to you? [Click to send feedback] Most Viewed Stories Most Viewed Photos Wireless. State-by-state developments related to Hurricane Irene. (CNN) -- On Friday, President Barack Obama said of Hurricane Irene that "all indications point to this being a historic hurricane.

State-by-state developments related to Hurricane Irene

" Numerous local, state and federal agencies, among other organizations, have taken steps in preparation. Here are some of those measures, for states most affected by Hurricane Irene: Irene was off the South Carolina coast on Friday, with its outer bands bringing gusty winds, heavy rain and dangerous surf. No evacuations were ordered, as the storm path appears to be too far east to present serious problems.

However, state emergency officials were monitoring Irene and have contingency plans. Hurricane Irene is expected to make its first contact with the U.S. mainland on Saturday morning near Beaufort, according to CNN meteorologist Sean Morris. Ernie Seneca, a North Carolina government spokesman, told CNN Friday afternoon that authorities were concerned about the "entire eastern half of the state. Gov. Gov. Some 38 U.S.

Preparedness for Hurricane Irene

Katrina. Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. Governor Cuomo Declares State of Emergency in New York in Preparation for Potential Impact of Hurricane Irene. Printer-friendly version Hurricane Irene May Hit New York State this Weekend Albany, NY (August 25, 2011) Executive Order #17: Declaring a Disaster in the Counties of Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens, Richmond, Nassau, Suffolk and Contiguous Areas Governor Andrew M.

Governor Cuomo Declares State of Emergency in New York in Preparation for Potential Impact of Hurricane Irene

Cuomo today declared a state of emergency in New York in preparation for the potential impact of Hurricane Irene, which may hit New York State this coming weekend. A state of emergency enables New York to use state resources to assist local governments more effectively and quickly, allows the state to activate the national "Emergency Management Assistance Compact" to bring in resources from out of the state, and enables New York to access key federal resources earlier in anticipation of an emergency.

The Governor is continuing to coordinate the statewide preparation for the storm and has ordered the state's Emergency Operations Center in Albany to operate twenty-four hours a day. Hurricane Irene track forecast. Hurricane Irene marks 1st big US threat in years. MIAMI (AP) — Officials and residents from Florida to the Carolinas stocked up on supplies, dusted off evacuation plans and readied for the worst as Irene, the first hurricane to threaten the U.S. in three years, churned over tropical waters after cutting a destructive path through the Caribbean.

Hurricane Irene marks 1st big US threat in years

Federal officials warned the storm could flood streets and knock down power lines as far north as New England. Related: What is the Saffir-Simpson wind scale? Hurricane Irene, which already has raked the Caribbean, could cause serious problems along the entire Eastern Seaboard, Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator Craig Fugate said Tuesday during a conference call with reporters. Fugate urged people not to become complacent, even though the forecast is still uncertain and the storm may be days from hitting the U.S. "We need to remind people, hurricanes are not just a Southern thing. "I'll be here," said Hutcherson, a 29-year resident who has ridden out numerous past storms. Hurricane Irene: As many as 200,000 evacuate in North Carolina.

For thousands of tourists in the barrier islands off North Carolina, the threat of Hurricane Irene has just cut their vacations short.

Hurricane Irene: As many as 200,000 evacuate in North Carolina

On Thursday, state officials ordered tourists to pack up the sand toys and abandon the beach rentals. Residents have been asked to find a safe spot farther inland as well. Local news reports pegged the number of evacuees -- tourists as well as residents -- at 200,000, although Ernie Seneca, a spokesman for North Carolina Division of Emergency Management, said he was unable to confirm it. It did not surprise him, however. “We’re at the height of tourist season,” he said. PHOTOS: In the path of Hurricane Irene Evacuations had already begun for visitors to some of the state’s fragile barrier islands, including Ocracoke Island. The governor's office said that, beginning Thursday morning, all Hyde County residents and all visitors to Dare County would be evacuated.

It's unclear just how intense Irene will be when it hits North Carolina. OEM: Hurricane Evacuation Zone Finder. National Hurricane Center.