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Constellation Jar. I asked Amy of This Heart of Mine for a project that would be fun for kids or adults.

Constellation Jar

I love that she thought of star-gazing! We’re so far into the countryside, that the stars here are outrageously bright. It’s awesome! — Gabrielle Star gazing is one of my favorite things. Because of my love of the stars, when my daughter was little, I purchased her a night light that shines stars all over her bedroom walls. What you’ll need: - a wide mouth jar – The jar needs to be wide enough to fit the small click light inside. -an awl - scissors Cut a strip of the cake pan long enough to fit around inside the jar and tall enough to reach to the very top of the jar. Use the awl to poke holes for the constellations. I connected the constellation dots with a silver Sharpie to make them easier to spot.

Fill in the other space with more holes. Roll the aluminum sheet until it fits snug inside the jar. Put the encircled aluminum sheet inside the jar. Take into a dark room and enjoy. ASOS Embroidered Fabric Bib Style Necklace. August 13th, 2012 by aclazaro One of this season’s hottest trends are bib style necklaces.

ASOS Embroidered Fabric Bib Style Necklace

You can turn an ordinary outfit into a fabulous/classy get up by simply adding an eye-popping bib style necklace. Bib style necklaces are commonly designed with different precious stones but this unique bib style makes bib style necklaces even more stunning. It is made of colored & metallic bead-embellished fabric with thick contrast satin ribbon for fastening. In order to maintain its appearance & condition, avoid contact with liquids or perfume when wearing them. Turn Your T-Shirts Into Tote Bags - Brit & Co. - Style. If you’re still busy spring cleaning, we’re guessing you’ve come across a lot of t-shirts that you can’t quite get rid of but don’t really need.

Turn Your T-Shirts Into Tote Bags - Brit & Co. - Style

Naturally, it”s time to repurpose! Today we’ll show you a ridiculously easy way to turn your t-shirts into eco-friendly reusable tote bags inspired by similar DIY projects found on Leethal and HonestlyWTF. The greatest thing about this project is that it’s pretty likely you’ve got all the materials at home. All you need is an old t-shirt, scissors, and a safety pin. Simple, (almost) free, and super convenient. Materials: - t-shirt - scissors - safety pin Pick out an old t-shirt, grab some scissors, and a large safety pin. Cut of the sleeve of the t-shirt as if you were making a tank top. Fold the t-shirt in half lengths-wise and use it as a template to cut the other side. Cut off the collar in a U-shape, going about 4-6 inches deep. Make 2 or 3 slits in bottom seam, making sure not to cut through the stitch. Voila! And you are done! DIY Custom Makeup Palette - Hello Brit - Style.

There are two reasons you need to make a custom makeup palette. One, you've got a dozen eyeshadow compacts and a handful of brushes and can never find the ones you need when you need them. You likely got some of these from your mom, for free with your latest makeup counter purchase, or for a specific event. Or two, you're a masterful makeup maven and need access to the whole color wheel every time you get your face on. Either way, this easy how-to is about to make your life way easier and possibly more beautiful. ;) First, get all your materials ready. Now the tricky part (but it's actually really easy!) Once you've popped it out, hold it gently over the flame of a tealight. Repeat with your next shadow. And your next one. We had an empty eyeshadow container in one of our compacts so we used that to add lipstick to the palette. Now, time to glue and get the job done. Glue each piece and press firmly into your palette.

To secure the brushes, glue a piece of ribbon or lace to your case. DIY Ombre Tights - Hello Brit - Style. It's no secret that we love adding color to anything and everything, and our clothes are no exception. We've color blocked our heels, our jeans, and ombre'd our nails, and today we're pumped to introduce DIY Ombre Tights. Best of all, this project takes under 30 minutes with just a few simple materials! Materials: - white tights (tights, not hose!) - Jacquard acid dye - rubber gloves - permanent dyeset concentrate - large pot (cannot be used for food after) - ladle (cannot be used for food after) - bucket or plastic container for cold water Fill your pot about halfway with water.

Add about half a teaspoon of acid dye. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Then grab a friend with purple ombre tights to match, and get silly on the roof. If you're not feeling the DIY action for this one, but have to have Ombre Tights, check out Etsy Seller BZRshop who largely inspired today's DIY project! How to Turn Shower Curtains into Produce Totes - Hello Brit - Living. You can never get enough reusable totes, but sometimes the fabric ones get dirty quickly and just don’t cut it for fresh produce. So, what to do?

Grab an inexpensive shower curtain and get sewing! The size is great for grocery shopping, and the bag can easily be folded up to fit into luggage for an extra bag on a trip. Materials: - Shower curtain - Sewing machine - 1″ polyester webbing. Available at most fabric and trim stores. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. How To Turn Your T-Shirts Into Nautical Necklaces - Hello Brit - Style. So we might be stretching the definition of nautical, but we couldn’t help but dream of summers spent on the water while making our sweet braided t-shirt necklaces. And you know, they’d be pretty perfect for sporting if you happen to be hangin’ with T-Pain and the boys of Lonely Island. If you’re thinking to yourself, “all my t-shirts are way too awesome to get rid of or re-purpose” (that Bush t-shirt from the mid 90s is still awesome), stock up on a few of our favorite new t-shirts out there and get creative with some of your old ones.

Materials: - t-shirts (we used men’s M-XL) - electrical tape (green, yellow, blue) - 2 pairs of scissors (1 for the tape, 1 for the fabric) Lesson one: If you’re an aspiring crafter, the first thing to know is that you always need a pair of scissors dedicated to fabric. First thing to do is to cut out all the seams of the t-shirt. Next is braiding! Stay tuned for more creative ways to re-purpose old t-shirts and other odds and ends. Disco Ball Helmet.

You will need: Mirror tiles: I used mirror tiles that come backed with fabric.

Disco Ball Helmet

This makes the whole process MUCH faster. You can purchase it from Kit Kraft. I had quite a bit left over, I probably used one half to two thirds of it. They also sell mirror tile by the row, but it's still more cost effective to buy the sheet. Contact cement: I just barely made it through with one bottle. Helmet: I spent a lot of time choosing what kind of helmet I wanted. Glass cutter (not pictured): For cutting the tiles to shape along the edges of the helmet. Metal Saw (not pictured): Most of the vintage style helmets have snaps for a visor which need to be removed. Felt Flowers by Will You To I Do.


Recycled jeans organizer. How to Make a recycled jeans organizer and play mat Do you have an old pair of jeans that you don’t want to throw away but aren’t sure what to do with?

Recycled jeans organizer

Learn how to make a multi-pocket, hanging organizer and a peek-a-boo mat from recycled jeans in this free crafts video series. Make a recycled jeans organizer and play mat - Part 2 of 15 Click through to watch this video on Make a recycled jeans organizer and play mat - Part 3 of 15 Make a recycled jeans organizer and play mat - Part 4 of 15 Make a recycled jeans organizer and play mat - Part 5 of 15 Make a recycled jeans organizer and play mat - Part 6 of 15 Make a recycled jeans organizer and play mat - Part 7 of 15 Make a recycled jeans organizer and play mat - Part 8 of 15 Make a recycled jeans organizer and play mat - Part 9 of 15 Make a recycled jeans organizer and play mat - Part 10 of 15 Make a recycled jeans organizer and play mat - Part 11 of 15 Make a recycled jeans organizer and play mat - Part 12 of 15 See Also.

Customize your jeans six different ways. Buttons from Shrink Plastic. This tutorial is an old one of mine that’s too good not to share again.

Buttons from Shrink Plastic

Since posting the first time, I’ve had lots of questions about these buttons which will hopefully be answered in this revised post. Equipment Some handy notes: 1. The buttons. Single hole, hole punch (like this one here). 2. 3. Okay.. lets get started! Tracing tips: You can use either coloured pencils or permanent pens. Words must be writted backwards in order to be readable. Shrinking the buttons: To shrink the buttons, you can use an oven or a heat gun (the kind used for embellishing). After the buttons have twisted and twirled, and are LYING FLAT, it’s time to take them out. Note: If the skrinking is taking too long, you may need to turn your oven up. Here’s a short little stop-motion to make sure you’ve got the gist of how easy this is! Shrink Paper {here} Circle Punch {here} Hole punch {here} Pens {here} Update: I’ve made a video to show how to shrink the buttons using a craft embellishment heat gun. Kimanh. Anthro Necklace.

This fun necklace is part of my first Anthro Necklace Week – A whole week of fun tutorial sharing Anthro Knockoffs!

Anthro Necklace

Disclaimer: I am not a jewelry-making expert by any means! I’ve tried to show you the way I do these – but believe me when I say that if I can do these – anyone can! :) Today we’re doing the Potentilla Bib Necklace – which I just love. I don’t get the price though. Here’s the Made in Carlsbad version: And here’s the French Anthro Version. This is really one of my favorites for the week. Materials: ScissorsNeedle & ThreadNeedle Nose PliersWire Cutters Supplies: 1 18″ Silver Chain Necklace (Or supplies to make your own)Knit fabric (just scraps)Seed BeadsCone or Small Ribbon Clamp3 Jump Rings (Silver)Felt scrap The first step is to make the flowers.

Trace a small 4 leaf flower onto the fabric. Cut out four flowers this size. For your largest flower, layer the 4 large pieces on top of each other, rotating them just a bit so the different petals show through. Sigh. Close your rings. Stencil with freezer paper. Yes, I am a nerd.

Stencil with freezer paper

I came up with a brilliant idea for a Harry Potter t-shirt and I couldn't resist. "Expecto Patronum! " However, you can make whatever kind of design you want with a freezer paper stencil. It doesn't have to be Harry Potter related. (Although it would be awesome if it was.) I learned about the joys of freezer paper back in my early college days. Basically, freezer paper is backed with a plastic coating that will stick to soft surfaces when ironed, but it peels off cleanly and easily. To make a sweet t-shirt you will need: paper & pencil a t-shirt an iron a piece of cardboard or poster board fabric paint & brush Start by drawing your design on some regular old paper. My design kept getting bigger, so I taped two sheets together. Next, place your design underneath a sheet of freezer paper and trace it neatly with a sharpie.

The marker gives your lines greater width making it easier to cut them out and paint them in later. Important: Set these shapes aside. Old flip-flops + bath towel = spa slippers. When I told my brother about this week’s project, the first thing he said was, “You know you can buy those, right?”

Old flip-flops + bath towel = spa slippers

Halfway into the project, I started to wish I did. My old shower slippers fell apart recently. I examined the shreds and decided that I could make my own—only better. I bought a thrift-store bath towel for $1, grabbed an old pair of flip-flops, and went to work. So glad I stuck with it. UPDATE 10/2011: Good news! How to make spa slippers out of a towel and flip-flops Fair warning: Before attempting this project, please see step #21 below Supplies old flip-flops, thongs, zoris, sandals (whatever you call them)old cotton terry cloth towel1/4 yard polyester batting1/4 yard faux leathercoordinating thread Tools sewing machinefabric scissorskitchen shearsupholstery straight pinswater-soluble fabric markerpenciltape measureneedle 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23.