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Here are some Halloween themed interactive games that you can use in your classroom for learning and for fun: Candy Corn Math: Find the matching pairs. Trick or Treat Route: Click the houses in sequence to choose the shortest route. Candy Cards: Try to clear all of the cards. Click a card that has a matching picture next to it and the set will disappear and reveal the new cards below. Halloween Interactive Games Halloween Interactive Games
Lanternfish has a variety of different activities for Halloween. Just click on the worksheet below. It may take a while to open as most of the files are MS Word documents. Happy Halloween! Crosswords: What monster likes blood? Halloween Worksheets and Activities

Halloween Worksheets and Activities

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Santa Claus Facts, Origins, Christmas celebration in different countries, and fun Tidbits Santa Claus Facts, Origins, Christmas celebration in different countries, and fun Tidbits In the United States and Canada, his name is Santa Claus. In China, he is called Shengdan Laoren. In England, his name is Father Christmas, where he has a longer coat and a longer beard. In France, he's known as Pere Noel. In Germany, children get presents from Christindl, the Christ Child.
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Author: Jan De Ryck - Updated: 19 October 2011| Comment Christmas traditions in England stem from the many and varied parts or our history. England is an old country and has a long, mixed heritage. England is renowned as a sea faring nation and over the years has brought back to its shores, customs and goods from all over the world. The English had many festivals during the winter, way before the birth of Jesus and some of our (now) Christmas traditions even go back to that time. English Christmas Traditions - Lovely Christmas (UK) English Christmas Traditions - Lovely Christmas (UK)
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Christmas Traditions Find information about customs for the Christmas season, including trees, Santa Claus, holly, mistletoe, and more by David Johnson Christmas Tree The practice of tree worship has been found in many ancient cultures. Often, trees were brought indoors and decorated to ensure a good crop for the coming year. Christmas Traditions
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All Things Christmas: For those who share the spirit of Xmas throughout the year. All Things Christmas: For those who share the spirit of Xmas throughout the year. On this page you will find holiday treasures such as printable cards, lyrics to your favorite Christmas carols, songs in MIDI format, unique craft ideas, decorating and tips for christmas shopping and hostess gifts. We have a lot of holiday stories, delicious recipes, links to other holiday web sites, and more, including our Christmas for kids-section, which offers fun, games, riddles, printables and other goodies just for kids. Don’t forget to visit our pages with Xmas fun – we have Christmas videos, top 10 lists, and lots of surprising facts about Christmas. Christmas marks the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, but since then, numerous other traditions have been mixed with the originals.
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