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Study: iPad Apps Improve Learning. First of its kind evidence shows that an iPad learning app can measurably deliver educational value. I’ve tested, rated, tried out, and put tons of educational iPad apps through their paces. Some are worthwhile, some are not worth your time. That’s why I was excited to read about a new study that attempted to figure out the actual effectiveness of iPad apps in learning.

In a landmark study, a USC professor studied 122 fifth-graders from two schools and four math classes to assess the effectiveness of an iPad app for improving students’ fractions knowledge and attitudes. The study is the first to document learning and motivation gains achieved through iPad game play. Education researcher Michelle Riconscente (Los Angeles) designed and constructed the study, which was funded by a grant from the Noyce Foundation and Stanford StartX company, Motion Math . • 5th graders fractions test scores improved 15% after playing Motion Math, for 20 minutes over 5 days.

Social learning vs social media learning

Case studies. Developing a Learning Strategy for Mobile and Social (Keynote) Social media for trainers: think differently! I did a workshop last Friday on the conference 'Trends voor Trainers'.

Social media for trainers: think differently!

The topic was: social media as learning instrument. Amazing that I don't have to translate the title of the conference for you, I'm sure you can make sense of it in English! I forgot my adaptor (really stupid of me) and felt very disorganised working on various different laptops and computers. Skype for instance looks so differently on a Windows computer.

Fortunately I have my new adaptor now. I started with a line up: from no engagement with social media to intensive engagement. Here's the presentation that followed. Nadoen, afkijken en overnemen. Door: Marijke Huisman » Meer blogs van Marijke Huisman Gepubliceerd: 21 maart 2012 11:05Update: 21 maart 2012 11:46 Ondanks de individualisering in de maatschappij zie je de behoefte van mensen om zich te verbinden met elkaar.

Nadoen, afkijken en overnemen

Social media zijn daarvoor geschikte middelen en zijn niet meer weg te denken uit ons, werkend, leven. Binnen organisaties zien we ook een ontwikkeling om meer verbonden te zijn met anderen. Menno Lanting beschrijft dit in zijn boek Connect. Deze trend heeft ook impact op het vak van opleiden en ontwikkelen. Opleiden beschouw ik een traditionele vorm van kennis overdragen. Social learning, leren met en van elkaar, past beter bij deze trend van verbinden, delen en uitwisselen.

Wat is social learning? Sociale learning is het leren en ontwikkelen van individuen en groepen in een sociale context. Er zijn al bedrijven die social media inzetten om het leren en ontwikkelen van medewerkers te bevorderen. Social Media in Education - connect, share, learn, communicate and more. Social Media, while sometimes described as a time waster and blocked by some schools, is actually a great tool for education.

Social Media in Education - connect, share, learn, communicate and more

Educators can use social media as part of their Personal Learning Network, to share resources, learn, discuss, connect, and more with other educators around the world. They can also use it to connect and communicate with students and parents, have students connect with each other and share, and so much more. Like any other technology, it's how the tool is used that is important. Schools and educators should use social media for learning, sharing and communicating. Here are some articles on how to use social media in education: Create a Personal Learning Network.