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British History

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Welbeck Abbey and the Dukes of Portland. Home to the Dukes of Portland, Welbeck Abbey is a landscaped park with much woodland, and documented as a deer park in 1301 and during the late 16th and early 17th century.

Welbeck Abbey and the Dukes of Portland

A Religious House for Premonstratensian Canons Founded 1153-4, Roger Deincourt gave to the church of Welbeck, for the sustenance of three canons who were to specially celebrate for himself and his family, all his lands and meadows and right of pasture except the advowson of the church in North Wingfield, Derbyshire. This gift was confirmed by John Deincourt, rector of North Wingfield, Roger's brother.

British History Resources

British Pre-History. Roman Period (55BC-450AD. Anglo Saxon Period (450-1066) Medieval Period (1000-1500) Tudor Period (1500-1600) Stuart Period (1600-1714) Georgian Period (1714-1830) Victorian Period (1830-1901) Modern Period (1901-2000) Archives.