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The Advaita Vedânta Home Page. Before you start, please take a look at the transliteration key.

The Advaita Vedânta Home Page

Do not be put off by capital letters in the middle of words. They are there for a reason. Poornalayam. FREE PANCHANG CALENDAR - The Agasthiar Website - Agasthiar's Universal Mission. Sage of Kanchi. NirvANa sundarI. [Excerpts from a 4-part talk by Sri Harshaji at Berkeley last month.

nirvANa sundarI

I have captured the details to the best of my ability, I seek pardon of Guru and Vidvajjana for omissions and mistakes - Aileen] Today, a dear friend and a profound scholar of Kevalādvaita had a tough time trying to place Parāśakti as we understand her from the point of Shākta Tantra within the framework of Advaita. I have myself attempted such intellectual acrobatics in the past. But neither the concept of Saguṇa-Brahma nor Māyā hold a mirror to the true glory of Parāśakti. As Brahmasri Chidānandanātha explained to his primary disciple Prakāśāmbā: ‘We try to fit the glory of the Supreme Goddess within the precincts of our favored philosophy by calling her Brahma, Māyā , śakti-viśeṣa Brahma, as path to Shiva etc. Tat sat. En Vasakam - Tamil Blog. The Daily Hindu. National Spiritual Multilingual Television Channel.