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Age Of Arthur by ~JonHodgson on deviantART - Nightly. Nightfall Ghoul by ~AndyHep on deviantART. Big paper airplane - ethan murrow - Nightly. - StumbleUpon - Nightly. Canal de cgsbgs‬‏ Regalos. 30 Páginas webs con un diseño oscuro. Create a Spectacular Grass Text Effect in Photoshop. Smashing Your Creative Block - Photoshop Tutorial. The question arises so much nowadays, How do you overcome your Creative Block?

Smashing Your Creative Block - Photoshop Tutorial

I made it simple for everyone today and created a Photoshop Tutorial to smash your creative block. I will use simple and easy techniques to create a smashing composition text tutorial. It won’t take you to long to finish and you will learn that it is pretty easy to create this effect. This effect could be used on a variety of design projects including, promotional calendars. You could also make use of a Business Printing Company to get your designs printed in the end. Inspiration: Bradlet Castaneda – Smashing Glass Image Owner: Ryann Cooley – Final Preview: Tutorial Requirements: Time: 45minsDifficulty: BeginnerStocks: Smashed Glass by Ryann Cooley | CooleyStudio.comTexture: 24 High-Res Concrete Textures Introduction: Today we will creating a Text Effect Tutorial. Step 1: Open up photoshop and create a new canvas with the sizes 1500 x 720px and fill it with Black #000000. How to Create High Quality Metal 3D Text in Photoshop.

Christmas Design Resources: Santa Claus. Ho ho ho, it’s Christmas again!

Christmas Design Resources: Santa Claus

Which is holiday season where most of us are preparing to take a break, go around traveling. However, it’s probably a different agenda for designers for some of them maybe packed with last minute design ad-hoc notices. While most of us are going mad shopping for Christmas, they might be cracking heads and rushing to meet deadlines for Christmas card, e-cards design, newsletters, or other types of campaigns. Here’s a little something to help getting the job done. We’ve have collected some materials related to Santa Clause, inclusive of graphics and free icons. More Christmas related posts: Graphics and Vectors Christmas Santa Claus – via easyvectorsPreview | Download Old Santa – via TheNassPreview | Download Santa Claus paper craft – via vectorjunkyPreview | Download.

[Stardust] KiraKira Waypoints. 35 Anuncios Vintage. Online paint program. Flame Painter is a unique paint program, it belongs to my 'I am an Artist' experimental project.

online paint program

I think with tools which inspires you, everyone can be an artist. You can try it here, change different brush settings and paint your own flame paintings. When you change the background from black to white, the palette changes from additive to subtractive and the feeling of the painting is very different. It's not easy to explain all brush parameters, so I leave this for your experimentation. Check out new Rebelle - the real watercolor and acrylic paint program, Amberlight - abstract art tool based on particles, or Fluidance motion effect program. You can try more experiments here.

NEW: This is a new Flash version of Flame Painter Free, we removed the old Java version, because it is not anymore supported correctly by most of the browsers. Texturas de PCBs. Primero un poquito de cultura sobre la electrónica… En electrónica, un circuito impreso o PCB (del inglés printed circuit board), es un medio para sostener mecánicamente y conectar eléctricamente componentes electrónicos, a través de rutaso pistas de material conductor, grabados en hojas de cobre laminadas sobre un sustrato no conductor, comúnmente baquelita o fibra de vidrio.

Texturas de PCBs

Las texturas de hoy van de PCBs a una altísima calidad que nos pueden valer por ejemplo para proyectos futuristas aplicando algunos filtros para oscurecer las placas, ya que disponerlas así puede resultar un poco feo. En cualquier caso, son gratis y magníficas, así que a por ellas tras el salto. Modernist Art in Camouflage.

"QUANTUM SHOT" #315Link Welcome our contributing writer Constantine vonHoffman of "Collateral Damage" - "Today's sarcasm is tomorrow's news".

Modernist Art in Camouflage

Constantine is sometime journalist, alleged humorist, award-winning science fiction writer and social media maven for Naval fleets once were the largest painting canvases in the world. War has inspired many great artistic moments but how often have artists returned the favor? Once, as far as I can tell. Fantástica recopilación de iconos para melómanos. 27 Ilustraciones para inspirarte. MySpace Graffiti Text Generator. Shinybinary - Art and designs of Nik Ainley. Sidewalk chalk guy. Sidewalk chalk guy «« back to all material copyrighted by its original creator |

sidewalk chalk guy

Los wallpapers de Barnaby Ward.