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Healing Oils

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Carrier Oil Properties You MUST Know. When you look up different essential oils to help with things like headaches and body pain, you probably see that if you are using the oils to be applied directly on your skin, you need to mix it with a carrier oil.

Carrier Oil Properties You MUST Know

But what is that exactly? Here is information on carrier oil properties and why they are important to use with essential oils. What is the purpose of carrier oils? Best Cooking Oil for Dieters. 10 Cheap Essential Oil Diffusers. Luckily, cheap essential oil diffusers are not hard to find anymore.

10 Cheap Essential Oil Diffusers

Since the use of essential oil diffusers have become popular, there are more manufacturers. For the consumer, this means less expense and quality as well. Best Diffuser Essential Oils for Stress. Lavender is probably the most popular essential oil to help with stress.

Best Diffuser Essential Oils for Stress

It has a long track record of being safe and totally effective. Most also find that it not only reduces their stress, but it also elevates their mood. Rosemary and sandalwood are also other popular choices. These two have a particularly pleasant aroma so are good for adding an overall scent scheme to a room without overpowering it.

Neem Oil Benefits. Neem oil benefits human and animal health.

Neem Oil Benefits

Neem is an Ayurvedic herb that is a powerful antiviral and antibacterial. It possesses unique qualities that set it apart from other herbs. Neem OilClick HereNeem oil is cold pressed from the seeds of neem tree (azadica indica), which grows in India. It has a pungent aroma and a bitter taste. The medicinal properties of the neem tree have been well known to the people of India and Pakistan for thousands of years, and it’s gaining popularity in the West.

Perhaps, its most common use in India is in dental applications. © Dreamstime The benefits of jojoba oil are numerous which is why it’s so commonly used in health and beauty products.

It’s not uncommon to see it listed in hair care and skin care products. Here’s an explanation of why it’s so popular and how you can use it to benefit your own skin and hair. Healing Chinese Oils for Sore Muscle Relief - Healing Oils. There are many over-the-counter creams and ointments for pain relief, so why should you use medicinal oils?

Healing Chinese Oils for Sore Muscle Relief - Healing Oils

Other than the fact that they work as promised, the main reason medicated oils are preferable is that they are safe to use. Drugstore remedies can be dangerous. The FDA has warned consumers about several popular products that cause chemical burns. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has made use of herbs and oils for thousands of years with safe and proven results, so if you’re looking for remedy that won’t do damage to your skin or leave toxins in your body, here are three healing oils for sore muscle relief that will have you pain free in no time at all. Po Sum On Medicated Oil If you say the name of this joint pain treatment oil quickly, it sounds like ‘pour some on’ which is a good way to remember it. Healing Oils. When the Oil Cleansing Method Doesn’t Work.

The oil cleansing method has become an extremely popular way of cleansing the skin.

When the Oil Cleansing Method Doesn’t Work

Most people have success with it, but as with anything nothing works all the time for everyone. If you tried the oil cleansing method and it didn’t work for you, here are some tips you can try. Forego coconut oil and olive oil. While they work for many people, they may not be for you. Instead, try using one of the following oils–or combine them: Three Healing Oils for Acrylic Nail Damage. © C.

Three Healing Oils for Acrylic Nail Damage

Myers I wore acrylic nails for over a decade. Since my hands were always on display at work and I could never grow my natural nails to a decent length, I took a shortcut. Although I love the look of manicured nails, I’m currently underemployed and don’t have the need so can’t justify the expense. So a few months back I ended my love affair with acrylic nails.

Needless to say, when I finally saw my natural nails I was horrified at the state they were in – thin, ragged, and unhealthy looking – extremely damaged. To encourage growth, I started taking a bamboo supplement. Poke Root Oil for Breast Health - Healing Oils. When you think of breast health most likely your mind goes to breast cancer, but like any other part of the body, there are multiple diseases associated with the breast.

Poke Root Oil for Breast Health - Healing Oils

Breasts can develop infections such as mastitis, hard lumps, and fluid filled cysts. Thankfully, there’s a medicinal oil that’s been used successfully for generations to keep breasts healthy – poke root oil. When you think of breast health most likely your mind goes to yearly mammograms and breast cancer, but like any other part of the body, there are multiple diseases associated with the breast. Women are recommended to get get regular screenings, but see your healthcare professional as there is some dispute about the value of yearly mammograms. Why Flaxseed Oil Is Good For You - Healing Oils. Flaxseed oil is a supplement that is derived from the dried mature seeds of the flax plant.

Why Flaxseed Oil Is Good For You - Healing Oils

The oil is obtained by cold pressing and is sold as edible flaxseed oil. Flaxseed oil can be purchased at most health food and nutritional stores as well as online. Flaxseed oil is also referred to as linseed oil. Flaxseed oil is rich in essential omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids that our body needs. It contains B vitamins, magnesium, lecithin, potassium, zinc, fiber and protein as well. Healing Oils For Hair and Body - Healing Oils. Traditionally, using oil on your skin was a big no no. Using it on the face was believed to be a definite cause of breakouts and acne. However, now we know that plant oils especially contain a wide variety of nutrients and antioxidants that have wonderful culinary and cosmetic uses. Supercritical Fluids. Getting Started With Essential Oils - Healing Oils. I mostly stick to carrier oils because they have a lot of great properties people overlook in favor of essential oils, but recently I ventured into the world of aromatherapy, and I love it.

My biggest issue was trying to figure out which oils to buy. I knew there were a few recipes I wanted to try right away, but I didn’t want to buy a bottle of oil and never use it again because I couldn’t find a recipe that called for it. So rather than wasting my money, I went looking for a resource and I found a great ebook called the 5 Oil Toolkit. The premise of the book is that you can make over 130 recipes with just 5 essential oils. Prior to this, I had only purchased Thieves Oil which I have been diffusing all winter. Heal Your Stuffy Nose With Oil. Sesame oil infused with herbs is a traditional Ayurvedic healing oil for sinus problems. If you’re experiencing problems with congested sinuses, this may be the thing that finally gives you some relief. The best part is that unlike the Western approach to a stuffy nose, you won’t spend a lot of money or have side effects from the remedy. Breathing is pretty important. I rank it high on the list of things I have to do every day, so when my sister told me I stopped breathing several times during the night, that was the catalyst that made me spend the next year visiting doctors trying to figure out why.

Healing Chinese Oils for Sore Muscle Relief. Relieve the Pain of Hemorrhoids With Oil. I’ve heard the pain of hemorrhoids described as sitting on shards of glass. No wonder people leave social functions without a word just so they can try to find some relief. It’s hard to explain an embarrassing condition like this. By the time we reach fifty years of age, nearly half of the population will have had hemorrhoids. There are several ways to minimize the pain associated with this sometimes embarrassing medical condition. 10 Uses For St. John's Wort Oil. Named for St. John the Baptist, most people know St. John’s Wort as an herb to counteract depression. However, like most herbs, it can heal multiple ailments. For many years it was thought hypericin was the only active compound, but further study revealed it also contains hyperforin as well as several flavonoids and tannins that have medicinal properties.

As a folk remedy, here are some of the uses for St. The Great Olive Oil Fraud. You can only lose your virginity once, and it appears that the shine has finally worn off of extra virgin olive oil. The EVOO Substitute That Helps You Lose Weight. You know you’re a hit when celebrities make up pet names for you. So, when celebrity chef Rachel Ray coined the term EVOO for the already popular extra virgin olive oil, its fame hit the stratosphere.

Storing Fats and Oils. When I was younger I had a roommate and we lived in this tiny apartment that had a small refrigerator. I was always trying to make room in the fridge so I would take the oil out and put it in the cabinet. Best Oil For Winter Workouts. It’s hard to stay motivated for winter workouts. As the weather gets colder and it gets darker earlier, your natural urge is to play a rousing game of couch potato in the evenings.