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Openerp Integration with Joomla Online Admission portal. Joomla is widely used for portals and business websites due to its flexibility and control.

Openerp Integration with Joomla Online Admission portal

We have created a joomla “component” for online admission which could easily customized to a portal. Forms and fields can be created dynamically without any coding knowledge. This component take cares of all admission procedures including payment. The task is to synchronise the data in Joomla with OpenERP, this was accomplished by the “connector” written in php which acts as a server for the XML-RPC calls.

The connector file consists of : 1) Php function xmlrpc_server_create() creates the XML-RPC server. Function get_reg_details($array,$token) { //php function which fetch details from mysql database and returns } $xmlrpc_server=xmlrpc_server_create(); xmlrpc_server_register_method($xmlrpc_server, "get_reg_details", "get_reg_details"); Requirements for joomla installation; 1) Install the “online registration” module and open the connection Interface.


Apple blocks over parts of Jailbreak iOS 7.1 beta 5. Apple blocks over parts of Jailbreak iOS 7.1 beta 5 With the fifth test version of iOS 7.1, Apple makes it clear that the fight against Jailbreak still in the same line as always.

Apple blocks over parts of Jailbreak iOS 7.1 beta 5

The Cupertino released iOS 7.1 beta 5 yesterday and within hours it was confirmed what we already assumed, followed by patching parts Jailbreak iOS 7 . Hackers rushed to publish as soon Jailbreak and that has lead Apple to lock in its next major update, if all goes as planned will arrive in the coming weeks.

The picture that is coming is the usual: iOS 7.1 will be made ?? Official and all users update Jailbreak lose. thing in these cases is better to be well informed in order to decide whether to upgrade or not, being able to assess the pros and cons of do it. Again, it has been the hacker iH8sn0w responsible for giving the bad news with a series of messages on Twitter. The New iPhone 6 5.5 And 4.7 inches. Samsung Smart Camera 3.0 new family of cameras connected.

Samsung Smart Camera 3.0 new family of cameras connected For quite some time that the cameras stopped being just that, cameras.

Samsung Smart Camera 3.0 new family of cameras connected

Little by little they have been incorporating new features to these devices, especially in order to compete with, until recently unexpected but very fierce enemy mobile phones. And few could imagine, when Nokia presented its memorable 7650, that this camera with VGA (640 × 480) resolution, ie … 0.3 megapixel camera that the concept of integrated on the phone was going to be such a big revolution . Today, camera makers have to be able to equip their new models not only benefits above those integrated in mobile (something increasingly difficult, seeing products like Nokia Lumia 1020 , with its impressive 41 megapixel ) but offer features that, until recently, no one would have expected to find in a camera. Samung NX30:- Samung NX30 Galaxy Camera 2:- Galaxy Camera 2 WB Series:- WB Series Related posts: The following two tabs change content below.


Migration. Joomla 1.6. JEvents. CB. Googlemaps. Main Page. Template. How to create a module. A module is a lightweight and flexible extension that is used for page rendering.

How to create a module

They are used for small bits of the page that are generally less complex and are able to be seen across different components. You can see many examples of modules in the standard Joomla! Install: - menus - Latest News - Login form - and many more. This tutorial will explain how to go about creating a simple Hello World module.

Through this tutorial you will learn the basic file structure of a module. File Structure There are four basic files that are used in the standard pattern of module development: mod_helloworld.php - This file is the main entry point for the module. Basic Hello World Module A Joomla! /modules/mod_hello_world/mod_hello_world.xml: !!! <? Basically, this XML file just lines out basic information about the module such as the owner, version, etc. for identification by the Joomla!