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Immersive Garden. Immersive Garden. Sans titre. Sans titre. Time with some clouds by Julia on Dribbble. Neumorphism is Not a replacement — UX, and Resources. Sonikpass. Details - Agence Créative, née à Genève, Suisse. Longshot Features – Arthouse Cult x Production Company. Dnlsptzk. Promotion website for VIITA Watches latest addition to its smartwatch collection: The VIITA TITAN HRV.

Two Chefs Brewing - Beer with serious flavour from Amsterdam. Two Chefs Brewing - Beer with serious flavour from Amsterdam. Cann Social Tonics. Dnlsptzk. Twitter - Mobile Internet Mind on Behance. Resn. Infecting your screen for your enjoyment. MAD Brussels. Codevember. Toronto's 24/7 Dry Cleaning, Shoe Care and More.

Services – Boo WordPress Theme. Entice Energy - Switch to a cheaper home gas and electricity supplier — Entice Energy. Yes! - Avocats à Strasbourg. 20 Playful Click & Hold, Drag & Gesture Interactions in Web Design. In mobile, multi-touch interactions like pinch to enlarge, pull to refresh and double tap etc. are natural navigation elements, it’s more difficult to find the same variety of interactions on desktop versions, examples that aren’t so much for the user interface but for a purely playful element. It’s true that while swipe or drag are quite common and intuitive actions to navigate a site or gallery, it’s more common to use other types of actions such as click and hold, drag or gesture recognition in an experimental form, in games or animations.

In some cases behind these interaction models there is amazing technical development, this is the case in the Land Lines project by Google Data Arts Team and Zack Lieberman where machine learning, data optimization and gesture recognition are fused. Gestures and unusual triggers make the user experience playful and exploratory, many of them have a strong intuitive component. Wokine - Agence digitale & Startup Studio basée à Lille, depuis 2004.

7h34 - Design graphique & digital. 404. Adobe Digital Marketing Study. Now Boarding Digital – We create captivating digital experiences. Mustafa Çelik. Clay - UI UX Design Agency in San Francisco. Maman Corp. Hitachi Cooling & Heating. Over Paul Warmer - Paul warmer. Cookies zijn kleine tekstbestanden die door websites kunnen worden gebruikt om gebruikerservaringen efficiënter te maken.

Over Paul Warmer - Paul warmer

Volgens de wet mogen wij cookies op uw apparaat opslaan als ze strikt noodzakelijk zijn voor het gebruik van de site. Voor alle andere soorten cookies hebben we uw toestemming nodig. Deze website maakt gebruik van verschillende soorten cookies. Home Gather. Purée Maison - Agence de communication digitale et créative - Paris. News by Slava Kornilov on Dribbble. Christchurch Harbour Hotel & Spa. HarSPA, the in-house luxury spa & gym, includes an indoor swimming pool, steam room, sauna and salt room and a well-equipped gym.

Christchurch Harbour Hotel & Spa

The spa offers top-of-the-range ESPA and HarSPA treatments as well as a selection of membership options. The hotel has two excellent in-house restaurants. The Upper Deck, within the hotel itself, serves expertly-cooked traditional favourites opening up onto a breath-taking alfresco terrace overlooking the water. The multi-award-winning Jetty restaurant, perched on the water’s edge in the hotel grounds, serves same-day, locally caught seafood paired with seasonal ingredients from the New Forest for those wanting to taste the region’s finest flavours. For those wanting to get out and get active, the hotel has kayaks and paddleboards which can be used from the hotel gardens directly into the harbour. The hotel is just 2 hours by train from London Waterloo.

All of our hotels are accessible, and help is always on hand for those who need assistance. Hotel – Hotel WordPress Theme. Beach Resort – Book Your Travel – Premium WordPress Theme. Travel & Tours – Book Your Travel – Premium WordPress Theme site. Where do you want to go?

Travel & Tours – Book Your Travel – Premium WordPress Theme site

A perfect experience with Book Your Travel Our Popular Tours choose your adventure 14 Days North Spain. Hotel – Hotel WordPress Theme. Hue - Startup Landing Page Theme Preview. Spring – Software and App Landing WordPress Theme Preview. History of the Web. We’re SorryThis content requires Adobe Flash Player, which is not supported by your device.

History of the Web

This content can be viewed on a desktop computer or on mobile devices that support Flash Player. Copyright © 2013 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved. Steve Jobs, Thoughts on Flash, April 2010 Apple has a long relationship with Adobe. "New open standards created in the mobile era, such as HTML5, will win on mobile devices... " Second, there’s the “full web”.Adobe has repeatedly said that Apple mobile devices cannot access “the full web” because 75% of video on the web is in Flash. “The mobile era is about low power devices, touch interfaces and open web standards…” They play perfectly in browsers like Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome without any plugins whatsoever, and look great on iPhones, iPods and iPads.Fifth, there’s Touch.Flash was designed for PCs using mice, not for touch screens using fingers.

DEVX Experiments - Digital Design Days 2018. Thomas Van Glabeke + Manon Jouet William Manco + Sebastiano Pierotti Florian Morel + Michele Angeloro.

DEVX Experiments - Digital Design Days 2018

Geex Arts – Creating the Most Impressive Websites. Red Collar. Meet our team. Coulee Creative // Web Design Company. USA Today Redesign concept on Behance. Banking With Zero Compromises. Epicurrence – Breckenridge, Colorado. A selection of Progressive Web Apps. Chris Biron. HOSHINOYA Kyoto. Serenity, you soon realize, is created not by the absence of sound, but the presence of a certain kind of sound--specifically, the sound of water.


From your guest pavilion, you can hear both the gurgling of the stream flowing by the pavilion and the slightly quieter murmuring of the Oi River below. Other sounds soon drift in. From deep inside the forests across the river, you hear a doe calling its child. Evenings come alive with the singing of insects and frogs, to be replaced by birdsong in the morning. You feel as if the moss that decorates the premises is absorbing every sound, filtering them into the water so as to enhance its musical qualities. Guest PavilionsWhere Time Stands Still Inside the guest pavilions are railings and doors of pristine wood, cleansed of every trace of grime and dirt through a traditional Kyoto woodworking technique known as arai.

Immersive Garden. Une communication active entre vous et Agence Me, agence digitale.