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Portfolio - Silly Beast Illustration. Zach Johnsen: Fine Art & Exhibition Work. Design, ilustration, 3D. NICO Di MATTIA . com - Digital Artworks & Speed Paintings. Adam Spizak's Portfolio. Personal project based on Pearl Jam song.Digital Art, Illustration, Motion Graphics2014 IronMan type projectArt Direction, Illustration, Typography2013 I had a great opportunity to contribute to the annual desktopography project curated by Pete Harrison.

Adam Spizak's Portfolio

This year i've made the exercise focused on delivering two images inspired by endangered species. The project used set of different styles – from digital painting to 3D and uses mystical and sci-fi metaphors to highlight the issue of species facing a very high risk of extinction.Art Direction, Digital Art, Illustration2013 Welcome to the Game! We all have projects we really want to work on and creating art based on this amazing universe of Game of Thrones was something I wanted to do since the first season of this great show aired on HBO. So here we are – three posters based on the characters and houses that I think are the essence of the show and also make the biggest impact. Celtra Graphics. Mateusz Sypien on Behance.

28162 The Online Portfolio of David DELIN. Creative Mints : Freelance Web Design. Speed-painting. ArseniXC: 3d, 2d, concept artist. Graphic travelling, online showcase of François Leroy, Illustration/Graphic Design/ Art Direction. Chase Stone's Sketchbook! JORDAN DEBNEY - The repulsive artwork. Adam Spizak's Portfolio. Victorior. Hysterical Minds Collective 3.0. Aeiko - Online portfolio of UK designer Pete Harrison *v8* EPIC - Creative agency. In the spotlight Want to challenge your SEO?

EPIC - Creative agency

Knewledge contacted us to benefit from our design expertise to update their logo and rethink their visual identity from the ground up. Shotgun Front - Web Design, Digital Marketing & Strategy. Dead End Thrills. Brand Nu - Art direction, Illustration, Typography & Graphic Design. Exhibition 18 - 'Fairy Tales' March 10th, 2012 In an attempt to recreate the nostalgic memories of childhood, the Slashthree Collective selected ‘Fairy Tales’ as the theme of its eighteenth exhibition.

Exhibition 18 - 'Fairy Tales'

The project invited our artistic core to recreate the magic they felt as children when they were whisked off to a land far, far away.