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Opensourceecology. Omniline- The Virtual Meeting Tool Bag. What is Omniline, the Virtual Meeting Toolbox?

Omniline- The Virtual Meeting Tool Bag

Take a few free online tools, many that have just come online, and presto magico, you’ll have the online power that only big companies could afford when it comes to group video chat, file sharing, screen sharing, screen swapping, and many other ways to share in the moment as a group to create, well anything you can think of- The 3 programs you'll need if the graphic isn't clear are - Google+ (Video,voice chat), a tool that allows you to share and swap screens with groups you're in meetings with, Google Docs for file sharing.

This is material that's coming out of research on the [restructuring of Open Source Ecology's systems] headed up by [Leif Thor]. Please contact if interested in participating. Leifthor415's Channel‬‏ Open Source Ecology. Open Source Ecology.