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"Samsung says it refined its focus, but that’s not really true: there are still too many features, too many options, too many weird ideas about how we want to use our phones. It’s just all been tossed in a pile, thrown under a blanket, and swept into the corner where we hopefully won’t notice. The S5’s settings menu is 61 items long, and shows by default a grid of all-but-identical circular icons. Good luck with that. make glitch art: corrupt web tool breaks your images make glitch art: corrupt web tool breaks your images
The Art of Glitch Have you ever wanted to make your own glitched out sounds? Today I will dive into a brief overview of some of the free tools one could use to make a stutter-out effectual production. You may be wondering, What exactly is glitch? Glitch is achieved by "splicing together small 'cuts' (samples). These cuts are then integrated with the signature of beats [time signature] comprised of glitches, clicks, scratches, and otherwise 'erroneously' produced or sounding noise." Listen to an example of a glitch rhythm I created for demonstration Listen The Art of Glitch