German Pedagogy Video Game

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Dragon - Dragon NaturallySpeaking. See the Stanford Libraries' Island in Second Life. Virtual worlds, most particularly Second Life, are being used by academics worldwide for collaboration, research and education.

See the Stanford Libraries' Island in Second Life

Stanford University Libraries' Second Life island provides a new way to make the Libraries' unique collections more accessible, and also provides a set of tools to support the teaching, learning, and research needs of many different members of the Stanford community. Researchers - explore the use of virtual worlds to visualize information in new and unique ways. Faculty - hold classes and meet with students or colleagues who are not physically able to come to campus. Students - collaborate with classmates, experiment with virtual environments, and meet to discuss projects without leaving their dorms. What's on the Island The Stanford Libraries' Special Collections Exhibit in Second Life. Not Just for the Tech Savy Second Life is not just for the tech savvy, and there's plenty of help available for the novice user.

For More Information. Melissakagen. Why learn German? - Why study German? - 12 Reasons to learn German - Warum Deutsch lernen? 12 great reasons why you should start learning German today So you already have some perfectly good reasons for learning German ...

Why learn German? - Why study German? - 12 Reasons to learn German - Warum Deutsch lernen?

Maybe you want to be able to communicate with relatives, or to travel to Germany during your summer break, or prepare yourself for study in a German-speaking country. Maybe a German exchange student sparked your interest, or you have a friend who recommended it, or you just like the way the language sounds. Just in case you need some reassurance in your decision or the final push toward taking the plunge, here are 12 more solid reasons why learning German may be a good choice for you. If you first need to be convinced that you should learn a language, then read why everyone should learn a language. <<< 9-12 | Reasons #1-4 to learn German | 5-8 >>> 1. More people speak German as their native language than any other language in Europe. 2.

Germany has the third largest economy in the world and is the economic powerhouse of the European Union. 3. 4.