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Resources about Mobile Learning (empirical research papers, applications for education or for your area of interest).

Resources about implementation of Extended Reality (mixed reality (best practice, types of extended reality (XR), applications, directions, etc.).

Resources about the evaluation of mobile and extended reality applications (models and rubrics from a combination of empirical research papers, applications for education or for your area of interest and best practices, etc.). Simple Collaborative Mind Maps & Flow Charts - Coggle. 5 Simple Ways to Increase Motivation in the Workforce. Many managers and leaders I have coached struggle with motivating employees.

5 Simple Ways to Increase Motivation in the Workforce

They are looking for the magic wand that will solve all the challenges associated with motivating employees. Unfortunately, as the old saying goes: “If it was that easy, everyone would have a magic wand.” A close friend and business colleague of mine continually reminds me that “motivation is an inside job.” Motivation is not formulaic, and never comes as a one-size-fits-all answer. Instead, motivation needs to begin and grow inside each of us individually. 1. Many managers see motivation in simplistic ways. 2. In the workshops I teach on management and leadership, I often utilize a module on motivation that provides a distinct alternative from the traditional carrot and stick. Mastering the art of teaching introductory courses. The hardest course a freshman takes is likely to be a “survey class”—an introductory course that provides a broad overview of a particular subject.

Mastering the art of teaching introductory courses

What makes it hard isn’t necessarily the subject matter, but that it tends to be a large class, with a lot of lecturing necessary to cover all the material. Instructors often don’t like teaching these introductory courses either for similar reasons: Too much information to address, too many students to make individual connections—and instructors hate facing audiences with glazed eyes.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. “We already know how to convey knowledge to a large body of people at one time,” says Joe Crivello, Professor of Physiology and Neurobiology, University of Connecticut. He’s right. Top story: How 'Dungeons & Dragons' Primes Students for Interdisciplinary Learning, Including STEM.

Play Brighter - Gamify Your Class. About ETR Community EdTechReview (ETR) is a community of and for everyone involved in education technology to connect and collaborate both online and offline to discover, learn, utilize and share about the best ways technology can improve learning, teaching, and leading in the 21st century.

Play Brighter - Gamify Your Class.

Gamifying the Classroom, Part III: Gamification Tools. Greetings everyone, to this month’s TESOL games and learning blog.

Gamifying the Classroom, Part III: Gamification Tools

This month, we will wrap up our long look at gamification by highlighting tools for the classroom. Following is a list of tools to get you started—or to keep you going. Classroom Tools ClasscraftClasscraft is a web-based course management system that allows teachers to create custom quests students follow over the course of a class, week, or semester. Gamifying the Classroom, Part III: Gamification Tools. Digital Games for the Writing Process. Welcome back to another edition of the TESOL Games and Learning blog.

Digital Games for the Writing Process

To kick off this month’s post, I wanted to encourage everyone to visit the new Ludic Language Pedagogy journal by James York and Jonathan DeHann. The journal strives to encompass all forms of play and how teachers support that play through their classroom practice. Check it out or, even better, submit an article! Since we are on the topic of journals and article writing, this month’s post highlights several digital games that can be integrated into your writing classroom.

These are all single-player games which engage students in a storyline that makes for interesting writing prompts. 11 Apps to Build Literacy for Elementary ELs. In my last blog, I talked about online resources for building English learners’ literacy skills.

11 Apps to Build Literacy for Elementary ELs

I would like to expand on that topic by listing some apps that also help build literacy. It became apparent as I examined these resources that free apps are not always the best choice. Many app designers create a free version, and this is certainly a way to explore an app. 10 Best, Shockingly Good Apps for ESL Teachers. As technology continues to get more and more popular, classroom attention spans are getting shorter and shorter.

10 Best, Shockingly Good Apps for ESL Teachers

Times are changing quickly and ESL teachers have to hop on board before the train leaves. Keeping the attention of a student while you’re teaching may seem difficult at times, but fear not! Help is on the way! Creating an educational RPG adventure for your classroom. It took an older cousin to expand my consciousness.

Creating an educational RPG adventure for your classroom

Three years my senior, he introduced me to Led Zeppelin, sophisticated home computing (5 ¼” floppy disks and a cradle modem!) , and last but not least, role-playing games. The first RPG I ever played was TSR’s Star Frontiers, and from there my fate was sealed. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that for most of the 1980s, RPGs loomed large in my life. Welcome – Play Brighter. 8 Must Have Gamification Apps, Tools, and Resources. Student engagement is tricky, but it’s also vitally important.

8 Must Have Gamification Apps, Tools, and Resources

When students are engaged in a lesson, they pay attention, ask questions, actively participate, and ultimately learn more. But how can you increase student engagement in your classroom? How can you get young people to find grammar or science fascinating? You can start by trying these 8 must have gamification apps, tools, and resources with your students. Socrative Socrative features a game called “Space Race,” which involves students racing spaceships across the screen by answering questions correctly. Kahoot! As catchy music plays, multiple choice questions appear on the teacher’s screen, and students must answer quickly and accurately on their own devices. Play Brighter In order to complete missions, students must answer questions successfully. Classcraft. The 10 Best Educational Apps that use Gamification for adults in 2019.

This post was recently updated to reflect the 10 best educational apps for adults that use Gamification for 2019 Click here to view our full list of our Gamification examples.

The 10 Best Educational Apps that use Gamification for adults in 2019

Get ready to learn, the fun way! 12 Examples Of Gamification In The Classroom - Contributed by Ryan Schaaf & Jack Quinn Everyone loves games. Albert Einstein himself indicated they are the most elevated form of investigation. Scholar's Quest — Fourth Dimension Games. EJ1065005.

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