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10 PowerPoint Games. There are several benefits to using PowerPoint games in the classroom. They provide an opportunity to model an activity or a game (especially with large classes), they can be fun to play, they are easy to create or edit and they don’t require an internet connection. Since tekhnologic started over two years ago, I have shared several PowerPoint games that I have created. Now, as 2016 draws to a close, I wanted to put together a bumper pack of PowerPoint games to thank everyone who has been following this blog. You’ll find a few some new games as well as some old favorites. Game Based Learning: Zondle. Il ruolo del gioco nella progettazione di percorsi formativi ha sempre avuto un peso molto rilevante.

Game Based Learning: Zondle

Paradossalmente, il ricorso al gioco con strumenti digitali non è ancora così diffuso, per il timore che la componente ludica prenda il sopravvento sui contenuti che vogliamo promuovere. In realtà il segreto del Game Based Learning sta proprio nel riconoscimento della potenzialità fortemente interattiva del videogioco come supporto e stimolo per l’apprendimento. Nasce da qui l’idea di utilizzare lo strumento videogame, per la sua popolarità e rilevanza nel vissuto degli studenti, in vari contesti educativi e di formazione per motivare gli alunni, attirare la loro attenzione e aiutarli a costruire strutture di apprendimento significative e permanenti. Un esempio di piattaforma per introdurre il GBL in classe è Zondle, progettata per costruire giochi didattici e supportare gli insegnanti nel monitoraggio dei progressi degli studenti in ambienti di apprendimento personalizzati.

Online Teaching: Kubbu. Pratique d'une langue vivante étrangère - répertoire de jeux en langues vivantes. Ce dossier a été constitué au fil des années par le groupe départemental langues vivantes de Loire-Atlantique, composé de maîtres-animateurs et de conseillers pédagogiques en langues vivantes.

pratique d'une langue vivante étrangère - répertoire de jeux en langues vivantes

La volonté du groupe était d’offrir à des enseignants du premier degré, expérimentés ou non dans l’enseignement des langues, la possibilité d’enrichir leurs pratiques de classe, à l’aide de jeux existants. Ce répertoire regroupe donc un certain nombre de jeux traditionnels ou classiques qui n’ont pas été conçus pour l’enseignement mais peuvent favorablement être exploités en classe de langues, pour différentes raisons : leur valeur ludique, leur intérêt culturel, et/ou leur intérêt pédagogique. Pour schématiser, on peut ranger ces jeux en différentes catégories : Quizizz: Fun Multiplayer Classroom Quizzes. Wallace & Gromit - The Official Site.

Games & Activities for the ESL/EFL. Games for the classroom. Okay, these games have been modified to get the whole class involved.

Games for the classroom

One of the worst things you can hear is, "I never get picked. " The popular kids claim they don't get picked enough, the unpopular kids complain they never get picked. These games solve the problem. The Drawing Game (This is a game I made up) If you have a whiteboard, you can use 3 markers, if not use a chalkboard and 3 pieces of chalk.On the board you write the numbers 1, 2, and 3 near the top. Space the numbers about 2-3 feet apart. You don't want them to see the ones who you will pick now. That way,it is obvious who goes where. The person at the back turns around and picks their "favorite. " And you pick something else to draw, and continue on as long as you like! Who Are You? How to set-up the Guess-who game. How to set-up the Guess-who game To set-up the guess who game for your students:Download and unzip the file into a directory called games.

How to set-up the Guess-who game

This will create a guessWho directory in it. Rename games/guessWho/people to games/guessWho/people-old Rename games/guessWho/images to games/guessWho/images-old Put pictures of your students as .jpg files in games/guessWho/images. Make sure that the images are small enough. They should be less than 200 pixels wide and tall. When you click on "Play Game" with the origial people and images directories you will see To play the game ask a question by picking the gender, hair color, eye color, or earings?

Anglais cycle 2 : jeux utilisés en classe. Oxford Games. Early Years. A basic numeral recognition activitiy.

Early Years

Develop your mouse control and number skills by matching number digits to words in the 1 to 10 range. © An initial sounds phonic activity that develops the link between letters and the initial sounds of some common objects. A counting and numeral recognition set of activities. Develop your mouse control and counting skills as you help Lecky collect objects to match numbers in the 1 to 5 or 6 to 10 range. Colouring and matching activity. Use the Simple Scales to weigh the bears. Dressing for the Weather is a drag and drop dressing activity. A drag and drop alien making activity to develop mouse control skills and to develop language. Drag and drop fun with the Scary Spuds. Anglomaniacy. Math Games and Puzzles. Games and PuzzlesProduced byMary-Lynne Snedden The Esso Family Math online games require the Flash 6 Player.

Math Games and Puzzles

Download it for free from the Macromedia website. Instructions The object of the game is to correctly count the possums in the the tree and on the ground. There are ten possums in the tree. Click on one and while holding your mouse down, drag the possum out of the tree to the green grass. When you are finished with the possum game, try the Ten Hedgehogs in the Bed for an extra challenge.

Have fun!