QuadSpinner - breathing life into nature
3D Meshbox Buildings for MAX, Shade, Vue, Poser and DAZ Studio 3D Meshbox Buildings for MAX, Shade, Vue, Poser and DAZ Studio Temple of Dagon 3D Dagon was a major northwest Semitic god, reportedly of grain and agriculture and was also a major member, or perhaps head, of the pantheon of the Biblical Philistines. Here is a beautiful, columned hall, where the mighty Samson sought again his strength.
3D Meshes Research Database by Eric Saltel INRIA GAMMA Group
3D Furniture Models - Free
Kolo Sanitec - Welcome in the world of Bathroom... Enjoy
Wavefront/obj models - Free the models
Office furniture - Products - Master - Kinnarps Office furniture Task chairs Desks Office furniture - Products - Master - Kinnarps
Generation s.r.l. - 3D Models - Texture - Cad Library - free download
3D Warehouse 3D Warehouse Advanced Search Sign In Sanyo HIT Double Bifacial 190 Photovoltaic Module PRG3610LP 36" Pro-Style Gas Range with Convection La Buca Chair and Stool - Walnut

3D Warehouse

3d models for photorealistic visualization
MODO + MeshFusion Trial Try MODO + MeshFusion for 15 days Our MODO + MeshFusion evaluation license allows you to experience MODO and Mesh Fusion first hand. For 15 days you will have the unbelievable power of this amazing new tool including video training and a custom content library of meshes to get you started. MeshFusion is a plug-in that adds amazing modeling functionality to MODO 701. If you do not currently own MODO 701 you can download the combo installer to evaluate MODO and MeshFusion together. Try modo 501 Try modo 501
CarbonScatter - Home Carbon Scatter is the most powerful population plug-in for 3ds Max, Maya and Cinema4D - and it now includes a vast library of 3D plants and billboards! Key Benefits of Carbon Scatter Over 100 3D plant species (with variations!) CarbonScatter - Home
CGAXIS | makes your work easier | 3D Models Shop/Market | 3ds | max | vray | mentalray | cinema 4d | texture |
DOSCH DESIGN - 3D models, textures, HDRI, audio and images
Suicidator City Generator: a procedural city creation script for Blender
OrcaM - System demonstration (EN)
Blender City Generator v0.4
Simthetiq has the capacity to develop, customise and integrate any 3D modelling content for any application on any platform to any specification. Over the years and after countless successes, Simthetiq has developed an understanding that solutions cannot take on a one-size-fits-all approach when addressing the diverse needs of each client. Building the most cost-effective and technologically efficient resolve requires a balance between choice and flexibility. Master your reality with Simthetiq. Home - Simthetiq - Advanced 3D Solutions Home - Simthetiq - Advanced 3D Solutions
Real DB inc. - Realtime Databasing Real DB inc. - Realtime Databasing Real DB Inc. offers 3D modeling products & custom solutions in the field of military training, industrial and mechanical simulation, aerospace, serious game, architectural, driving simulation, transportations planning and more. Founded in 1999 on the rigorous demands of the military training and simulation industry, our products & services have proven their reliability and are now recognized as the best synthetic 3D content for real-time simulation. Requiring high detailed & articulated 3D models, IR thermal imaging, night vision view, specific entities, geospecific terrain database, 3D building and elements, our custom services will provide you accurate visual recognition, high definition texture quality for complete immersion in your virtual environments. Our new 3D model catalogue & DVD packages offer you the faster plug and play solution for your visual simulation.
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3D Cities by PLW Modelworks
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Make your simulation or game feel real with our fast, physically accurate environmental effects. Download a demo or an evaluation SDK. For OpenGL, DirectX, Unity, Havok, OSG, Ogre, & more. Simulation Demo Video: Game Demo Video: Our products integrate with these engines and frameworks: 3D Cloud and Sky Visual Simulation: SilverLining™ by Sundog Software 3D Cloud and Sky Visual Simulation: SilverLining™ by Sundog Software
Nice Technology develops and self publishes multiplayer online games and virtual worlds using its proprietary technology, AliceServer. Nice Technology believes that in the near future, virtual worlds will be indistinguishable from reality. Traditional development techniques do not scale well and fail to leverage modern microprocessor technologies such as increased parallelism, branch prediction and super-fast processor caches. AliceServer, is a biologically inspired, thoroughly bottom-up server architecture that manages the complexity of realistic virtual worlds by distributing the problem across potentially hundreds of thousands of small autonomous agents. Nice Technology Limited Nice Technology Limited
Interactive Data Visualization, Inc. | About IDV SpeedTree for Games is an award-winning vegetation modeling and rendering toolkit for video game development. Also used in serious gaming and other real-time applications, SpeedTree for Games is the industry’s premier foliage middleware product. SpeedTree Cinema & SpeedTree Studio allow users to create animated plants or entire forests more realistically and faster than ever before. Many of the world’s best film and animation producers rely on SpeedTree as their preferred foliage modeling and rending software tool. SpeedTree Architect is ideal for architectural visualization projects.
Descensor, landscape procedural game engine for games and simulators in realtime.