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MICHAEL WOLF PHOTOGRAPHY. At Musée des Beaux-Arts de Liège – BAL, the BIP2014 programm will complement the Museum’s permanent collections.


Classical and modern paintings, figurative and abstract art, contemporary pieces, treasures of the Wallonia–Brussels Federation and the Graindorge collection will be reorganized to fit the BIP2014 selected theme of ways of distancing, reflecting and resonating. The broad issue of artistic representation, its scope and its impact on the meaning man has given the world throughout the ages will be questioned through photography and video. The pictorial will be replaced by the mechanical image and vice versa through subtle multiplier effects and reversals. The accepted categories of art history, consecrations and achievements will be viewed through the small end of the telescope. The 2nd floor – devoted to the “Treasures”, to modernity and to the contemporary – will also be witness to a unique meeting between current occurrences of photography and reputed artistic movements. . ( Photos Instagram and more

Point Of VuTh. Cinemagraph: 28 Still Photos With Subtle Motion. So today we’re going to showcase animated GIF artwork but there are not the regular GIF we use on websites.

Cinemagraph: 28 Still Photos With Subtle Motion

These are beautiful twist from somehow nasty animated Gif artworks with the use of high quality photos from modern photography, and the pioneer, Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg called it – Cinemagraph. (Image source: From Me To You) Like what you’ve seen in most GIF animation, cinemagraph is a product of still photo with minor elements moving on. It’s nothing impressive on technique but what makes cinemagraph unique is it brings back certain part of the photo to life, thus making the entire photo more realistic, attractive and sometimes even thought-provoking, just like the magical newspaper from the movie Harry Potter.

Dozens of photographers have found this technique interesting, so do we. Recommended Reading: More Cinemagraphs: 32 Still Photos With Subtle Movements 28 Inspiring Cinemagraphs A Wonderful World. Can You Smell Them? Cheers. Coco Takes Manhattan. Delicious Bacon. Laypark. ATMOSPHERE-PHOTO. Persona : un album. ALAIN DELORME Photography. Visiofly : Toute la prise de vue aérienne. Jane Bown. Jane Bown (born 1925) is a British photographer[1] who has worked for The Observer newspaper since 1949.

Jane Bown

Her portraits of famous people have received critical acclaim. Personal life[edit] Bown was born in Dorset, and first worked as a chart corrector, which included a role in plotting the D-Day invasion. She studied photography at Guildford College under Ifor Thomas. She started out as a child portrait photographer, but got a break in 1949 when she met Mechthild Nawiasky, an Observer picture editor, who asked her to photograph the philosopher Bertrand Russell. Bown married Martin Moss, CBE, the fashion retail executive, who died in November 2007. In 1985, she was awarded an MBE and in 1995, she was "upgraded" to the CBE. Professional Life[edit] Bown works primarily in black-and-white, using available light, and a forty-year-old film camera. Bown was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of The Royal Photographic Society in 2000.

Exhibitions[edit] Books[edit] Collections[edit] References[edit] Sandra Rauch - Tec Artist. Gabriel Mendes. Neff-fotodesign. Scott Beseler Photography Cincinnati. Gregory Colbert's Vision - ashes and snow. Didier Massard. YellowKorner : Photography - Art - Limited edition. Louise Alexander Gallery - Projects & Acquisitions. GoPro.