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Pandora (mythologie) Pandora schonk haar gemaal verscheidene dochters, Prophasis, de godin der uitvluchten, Metameleia, de godin van het berouw en Pyrrha, die later de echtgenote werd van Deukalion.

Pandora (mythologie)

Half-Life nov 19 1998

Metal Gear Solid 2. Half life 2 teaser whatsinthebox march13_2009 + april2 2009. Evoke May6,2010. Conspiracy For Good ~ april-august2010. Half-Life3 teaser Black Mesa dimensional rift with Xen nov8,2012. De Fractie - VPRO TV-series / web 12jan2015 - ...... Unlock your #KNOLPOWER !!! (teaser) Inspirator van 10 miljard. Should journalists and philosophers get together? As the university places its faith in valorisation and emphasises the value of working closely with corporations, should journalists look to philosophers to learn how to better maintain their position as ‘guardians of democracy’?

Should journalists and philosophers get together?

By Katarina Mihaljevic The prevailing wisdom is that journalists should foster critical thinking and serve as ‘guardians of democracy’, but are students of journalism getting the skills they need in order to go along with the changing role of their discipline? What fundamentals should a student of journalism acquire in order to become a stronghold against corruption and poor decision-making so often found in our society? I believe that the curriculum of journalism students should involve more philosophy subjects, such as logic and political philosophy. In the face of increasing corporatization of the university, Katarina calls for journalists & philosophers to unite. Britse hoogleraren kopen huis met hulp van universiteit. Photographer:Fotograaf: London ita UK.

Britse hoogleraren kopen huis met hulp van universiteit

Britse universiteiten geven miljoenen uit aan huisvesting van hun hoogleraren en docenten. De huizenprijzen in steden als Londen en Cambridge zijn namelijk zo hoog dat academici er zonder financiële steun helemaal niet kunnen wonen. Drie universiteiten gaven de afgelopen vijf jaar gezamenlijk meer dan 26 miljoen euro uit om medewerkers te helpen die een huis wilden kopen, meldt Times Higher Education.

House of Cards

MSM abc/fox/nbc/cnn/cbs still have News blackout of #panamapapers = Dutch MSM blackout 36-18 #DeTegel #maagdenhuis. Envision. Noncommutative Geometry and Particle Physics. Lost in the Game. STAR WARS - the last jedi - VR gaming. Schaduwmacht - Nieuwsuur & Vrij Nederland. Snap Map. ...and we're live! SnapMap on Twitter: "...and we're live! Welcome home!

SnapMap on Twitter: "...and we're live!

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SnapMap on Twitter: "...and we're live! Sigh , ..... @bliin memories ( 2009 )

Ready Player One

VPRO Thema: Game of Phones. Cookies op onze websites.

VPRO Thema: Game of Phones

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AI Quantum team - Google

Demonstrating Quantum Supremacy - Google. Nature - Quantum supremacy using a programmable superconducting processor. Quantum supremacy using a programmable superconducting processor. We designed a quantum processor named ‘Sycamore’ which consists of a two-dimensional array of 54 transmon qubits, where each qubit is tunably coupled to four nearest neighbours, in a rectangular lattice.

Quantum supremacy using a programmable superconducting processor

The connectivity was chosen to be forward-compatible with error correction using the surface code26. A key systems engineering advance of this device is achieving high-fidelity single- and two-qubit operations, not just in isolation but also while performing a realistic computation with simultaneous gate operations on many qubits. We discuss the highlights below; see also the Supplementary Information. In a superconducting circuit, conduction electrons condense into a macroscopic quantum state, such that currents and voltages behave quantum mechanically2,30. Our processor uses transmon qubits6, which can be thought of as nonlinear superconducting resonators at 5–7 GHz. Finally, we benchmark qubit readout using standard dispersive measurement41. [1910.11333] Supplementary information for "Quantum supremacy using a programmable superconducting processor"

Authors:Frank Arute, Kunal Arya, Ryan Babbush, Dave Bacon, Joseph C.

[1910.11333] Supplementary information for "Quantum supremacy using a programmable superconducting processor"

Bardin, Rami Barends, Rupak Biswas, Sergio Boixo, Fernando G.S.L. Brandao, David A. Death Stranding. TOMORROW IS IN YOUR HANDS. #デスストでつながれ #WorldStrandTour2019 #DeathStranding     #TomorrowIsInYourHands… Wayback Machine. Mystery Of The City. Facebook - Motc Nijmegen. Mystery of the City (@motcnijmegen)

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