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Between the Spreadsheets. Cooper Union Tuition. COOPER UNION FREE AS AIR AND WATER. Youtube: Oprah Winfrey joins Cooper Union Board of Trustees.

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Welcome to the NEW Cooper Union website. Cooper Union. CU $.O.$. Cooper Union Student Action to Save Our School. @FreeCooperUnion. FreeCooperUnion : If you haven't seen our list... Free Cooper Union. COOPER UNION DAY OF ACTION AND SUMMIT ON DEBT AND EDUCATION. CooperUnion SOS. Transparency parade. Cooper Union Occupier: "We'll Stay As Long As It Takes" @freecooperunion on Celly. Free Cooper Union If you missed press conference the recording is here: USTREAM: . Watch without ads Ustream © Search Log in / Sign up With Facebook (faster) Log in or sign up with Facebook See what your friends like and watch, get awesome recommendations Instant login, no passwords or With email or username Forgot your password?

Free Cooper Union If you missed press conference the recording is here: USTREAM: .

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Cancel or Remove ads Create Highlight Free Cooper Union Entertainment - Educational 135 followers 31,434 views Follow Following Unfollow Comments Load more... USTREAM You're on! English © 2014 Ustream, Inc. OccupyNYC. Cooper Union Task Force. Protest Organizers Explain the Cooper Union Occupation. Casey A. Gollan (CaseyG) sur Twitter. Tyler Paige (tcpnyc) sur Twitter.

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Rangschik uw apps met slepen en neerzetten. Log in en probeer het eens. MeerNog meer van Google. Which one is the satire? _CJJones_ : The Cooper Union parody website... Amstott1789 : Cooper Union continues to... FreeCooperUnion : Poster for the Monday's Day... HaysKali : @NSFreePress group photo of... HaysKali : @NSFreePress @FreeCooperUnion... Photo by eav11. HaysKali : @NSFreePress. Foebster : @CaseyG and the @FreeCooperUnion... Essl : Students have taken over the... Literaryanimal : Student Occupiers via Skype... Copy of Cooper union occupy. Receiving Notes by Balloon. Studentactivism : Of 13 "free" colleges in the... FreeCooperUnion : Students For A Free Cooper... Justinwedes : Here we come, @FreeCooperUnion... Cooper Union: Messages On Balloons. Cooper Union students deliver a pizza. Occupy_harvard : @FreeCooperUnion Solidarity... FreeCooperUnion : 79 YEARS after graduating,... ElizabethWu92 : Cooper Union alumni "Cooper... The Cooper Union releases a press statement.

On Friday, December 7th after 5 days since students first locked themselves into an 8th floor room (the Peter Cooper Suite) at the top of the Cooper Union Foundation Building a press statement was handed out by the Media Relations department of The Cooper Union.

The Cooper Union releases a press statement

Here is a photo of the press statement: Press release from The Cooper Union The first paragraph discusses the situation in abstract detail. The second paragraph discusses the concerns felt by the administration for the safety of the students who have locked themselves in the room as well as other concerns which are stated very vaguely. It’s actually humorous to read the line “The Cooper Union has expressed concerns about their safety, and they responded that they have taken precautions.”

The next sentence reads “Our concerns also extend to actions and conditions that could affect the safety of the public.” I spoke to one student (and organizer) named Audrey Snyder to understand more of the meaning being the press statement. BrownBattery : @FreeCooperUnion stay strong! Mmelion : @OccupyWallStNYC @FreeCooperUnion... Photo by zmccune. FreeCooperUnion : Dancing and chanting: NOT NOT... Karuihiro : Protest for Cooper Union...

OccupyRhetoric : "The Cooper Union" in the... Alexisgoldstein : Students occupying clocktower... Alexisgoldstein : Don't fuck w art & design... ChangeThruArt : Older alumnus & faculty... Allinthered : Students and allies demand... ChangeThruArt : "What do u do when education... StopMotionsolo : En route to Cooper Union... ChangeThruArt : Nice sized crowd forming as... Andypressman : Free Cooper Union! FreeCooperUnion : Holding our own classes in... Free Cooper Union · Home Photos Free Cooper Union Dan Phiffer builds websites, makes art, and teaches in NYC.

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VIDEO: Blockaded Cooper Union students drape beautiful red curtains out the front of the building. #FreeCooper. @FreeCooperUnion. Fullsize - Occupy Cooper Union FYI Evil Real Estate Magnate. FreeCooperUnion : This is an injustice to be... Photos du journal. FreeCooperUnion : Cooper Alum Jesse Kreuzer:... ElizabethWu92 : Cooper Union at the turn of... StopMotionsolo : The Cooper Union campus...

Gregamell : Cooper Union’s founder Peter... Cooper Union - Citywide Rally and March. Free Cooper Union March Crosses Astor Place. Free Cooper Union, NYC, Dec. 8, 2012. Free Cooper Union!! Bruce High Quality "Dancing at the Revolution" at Cooper Union. Cooper Union Sit-Ins. Keep Cooper Free. Solidarity March for Locked In Students Arrives at Cooper Union. SOSfreecooperunion. Justinwedes : Why should students have to...

NYT: Cooper Union Students End Occupation of Suite After a Week. Colin MoynihanCooper Union students on Monday after they ended a weeklong sit-in to protest the possibility that undergraduates will eventually be charged tuition. Just before noon on Monday, a group of Cooper Union students picked up their blankets and sleeping bags and left the Peter Cooper Suite on the eighth floor of the institution’s Foundation Building, where they had barricaded themselves a week earlier to protest the possibility of undergraduates being charged tuition for the first time in at least 110 years. The 11 students told supporters that while the administration had not granted their demands — that Cooper Union’s president resign and that it “publicly affirm the college’s commitment to free education” and “democratic decision-making structures” — the weeklong occupation had helped focus attention on the tuition issue, which they said they would continue to address.

FreeCooperUnion : Students for a Free @cooperunion... Freecoopeunion. Jamshed's salary 750,000 and a free house. OccupyWallStNYC : Shhh, @FreeCooperUnion, don't... Student activism: Cooper Union « Cooper Union students’ fight to preserve the college’s century-plus tradition of free tuition is kicking into gear again, as administrative dithering and blackmail has thrown the new entering class into disarray.

student activism: Cooper Union «

Two of the three schools that make up CU have submitted proposals for integrating tuition into their budgets going forward, but the third — the School of Art — has refused to do so, saying that they will not cooperate with “any solution to The Cooper Union’s current financial crisis that depends, even in part, on tuition compromises and irreversibly damages the ideals of art, education, freedom, and citizenship.” In retaliation for this act of defiance, Cooper Union president Jamshed Bharucha announced last week that the college would not honor the School of Art’s decisions on its early admission applicants, and would instead inform those applicants that they would be considered as part of the general admissions process later in the spring.

More to come. FreeCooperUnion : We are all Cooper Union! We are all cooper union. Studentactivism: Cooper Union Is Still Tuition-Free. In a victory for students, alumni, and faculty, and a startling reversal for administrators, the Cooper Union board of trustees this week announced that they will retain the college’s free tuition policy while they continue to evaluate Cooper Union’s financial situation.

studentactivism: Cooper Union Is Still Tuition-Free

A vote on a proposal to impose tuition was widely expected at Wednesday’s meeting, with many expecting the trustees to break with the college’s history of free access to all undergraduate admittees. But months of increasingly strong and well-organized opposition from student activists, Cooper Union professors, and alumni groups appear to have made an impact. Photos du journal - Free Cooper Union.

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Cooper Union Tuition Scandal and Protests. Chairman of the Board Mark Epstein walks out of a closed-door board meeting.

Cooper Union Tuition Scandal and Protests

Students hold Saran Wrap representing their demand for more transparency in the board's past and future actions. The Cooper Union financial crisis and tuition protests constitute the events surrounding Cooper Union's announcement that they would begin charging tuition after being a tuition-free school for most of its history. The possible mismanagement of the school's finances and the subsequent reactions of students, faculty, alumni and organized protest groups attracted widespread media attention, and activist groups staged a series of occupations and protests demanding that the school president, Jamshed Bharucha resign, promoting a vote of no confidence, and insisting that the administration address the concerns of students, faculty, alumni and the public. Timeline[edit] 2011[edit] 2012[edit] 2013[edit] FreeCooperUnion : Yesterday, the trustees sold...

A Bang, and Then a Whimper: Some Thoughts On the Death of Cooper Union. Cooper Union, as it has existed for the last century and a half, is dead.

A Bang, and Then a Whimper: Some Thoughts On the Death of Cooper Union

“As we work together to find new ways to get The Cooper Union onto stable financial ground,” the board chair wrote in a statement released after yesterday’s unprecedented vote to impose tuition, “we will also work together to develop a contemporary mission for the institution.” Got that? The old mission has been retired, but the college still exists, so a new mission must be found. “Despite the changes, our admissions will continue to be based strictly on merit,” the statement said. The shame of Cooper Union. The Cooper Union Board of Trustees today managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

The shame of Cooper Union

It was a depressing and yet entirely predictable vote, which resulted in a depressing and yet entirely predictable statement. You might remember the tragedy of Cooper Union — the way in which a unique and irreplaceable institution was destroyed by the inflated egos of overpaid technocrats. Well, after many months of outcry and outrage, a glimpse of hope appeared in December: a detailed and hopeful 54-page Working Group Report was submitted to the board, explaining how the institution could still, amazingly continue without charging tuition.

FreeCooperUnion : Wait till students return next... Free Cooper Union — Cooper Union trustees squander the school’s...