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This photo does not do justice to the ridiculous number of co. Relight the UK Student movement: 9th Nov 2011 (Link to the fb event is in the description) Home: NUS UK (@nusuk) sur Twitter. Anti Cuts nov9th-hammer1. Nov 12, 2011 East Midands , East of England , London , North East England , North West England , Northern Ireland , Scotland , South East England , South West England , Wales , West Midlands , Yorkshire and the Humber Aberdeen – 11am, assemble at the St. Nicholas Graveyard, Union Street, AB11 6BH. 12 noon, rally at Castlegate, Castle Street, AB11 5BB. 1.30pm, social gathering at the ATUC-Social Club, 13 Adelphi, AB11 5BL.

Bathgate – 10am-2pm rally at Fairway Hotel, EH48 1BA. Barnsley – 10am, demonstration in Churchfield road, S70 2JT. 10.30am, rally at YMCA, Blucher Street, S70 1AP. Belfast – noon, four feeder marches assemble at: Central Railway Station, Bridge Street, BT1 3PB; Mater Hospital, Crumlin Road, BT14 7AB; Royal Victoria Hospital, Grosvenor Road, BT12 6BA; City Hospital, Lisburn Rd, Belfast, County Antrim BT9 7ER. Birmingham – 12.30pm, assemble for march and rally at the National Indoor Arena, King Edwards Road, B1 2AA. Bradford – 11am, rally at Centenary Square, BD1 1HY. (@Anticuts) sur Twitter. #9Nov Student Protests. (pdf)Confirmed-route by Anticuts. Student anti-cuts demonstration through London. Anticuts Groups Map. Defend Education Fight Privatisation. Student demo November 9th 2011. London (UK): Massive rally against Privatisation of Education & for Free Education. Students March to the City on November 9. Students will once again take to the streets on Wednesday 9th November to continue the fight against fees and cuts.

Students March to the City on November 9

This time we are marching to the City of London to show our anger at the very financial system that has instructed the political classes to smash the last vestiges of the welfare state and public sector. The government’s plans for education need to be highlighted and opposed now more than ever, as fundamental attacks on education as a public service, and on universities as public institutions. The Higher Education White Paper entitled ‘Putting Students at the Heart of the System’, does exactly the opposite; especially if you are poor, adverse to tens of thousands of pounds of debt, or don’t go to a private school that successfully trains you to pass A Levels and ace an Oxbridge interview. Real opportunity, merit and potential are not Mr Willets’ big idea. Occupy Wall Street. Occupy High School / Colleges Universities.

Occupy LSX. OccupyLSX.

The Occupied Times special issue #nov9

Uncut. UK Uncut: #Solidarity with all march... UK Uncut: Vodafone release their 6mo... UK Uncut: 10 activists are facing a... Students and UK Uncut disrupt tax boss' conference speech. For immediate release Tel 07415063231 Email UK Uncut and students from London caused a major embarrassment for HMRC boss Dave Hartnett by staging a mock thank-you celebration from top tax dodgers during a keynote speech at the Tax Journal Conference [1].

Students and UK Uncut disrupt tax boss' conference speech

The students, dressed as executives from Vodafone and Goldman Sachs, entered the main auditorium just after Hartnett had begun speaking. Having made their way up to the stage, they presented the embattled HMRC boss with bottles of wine, flowers and champagne as a mock ‘thank you’ for Hartnett’s role in letting the firms off billions of pounds in tax. A blushing Hartnett clutched a giant thank-you card emblazoned with 'Goldman Sachs Says Thanks' as the ‘executives’ continued to sing his praises. Hartnett has come under increasing fire for striking backroom deals with mega-rich corporations that have cost the taxpayer billions of pounds at a time of austerity [2]. [3] UK Uncut - A short mobile video of our visit to Hartnett. Much better film to follow! #9nov. UK Uncut pay a visit to Dave Hartnett.

HMRC 'needs severe assessment' Taxman accused of letting Vodafone off £8 billion. Judge to examine Goldman Sachs tax deal - Business News - Business. The judge is expected to be given the power to examine the private accounts of Goldman Sachs and Vodafone to establish whether senior inspectors wrongly "let them off" multi-million-pound tax bills.

Judge to examine Goldman Sachs tax deal - Business News - Business

The National Audit Office, which is supervising the inquiry, is also considering whether to examine the tax affairs of other big companies to establish whether HMRC officials routinely signed off deals which underestimated the true liabilities of the companies. The move comes after the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee (PAC) accused Britain's top Revenue official, Dave Hartnett, of misleading Parliament following a deal with Goldman Sachs that allowed the US investment bank to avoid more than £10m in tax penalties.

It also accused officials of allowing Vodafone to pay just £1.25bn in a tax dispute with the Government, despite a potential tax bill of £8bn. The PAC had criticised HMRC because commissioners were both negotiating and signing off deals. Mr Hartnett denies lying. Sukey. Hw52kolj Shared by TamsinVincent. Massed police on Fleet Street. And they accuse *us* of obstr. Wassboy: Riot shields all piled up... OccupyLSX: A sign of what is yet to c... Owen Jones: Lots of protesters express... Varsity: For the BEST (Cambridge-ce... Andrew Griffin: On the coach for London fo...

Live blogs

Luke Durigan on Nov 9 Defend Education protest. Staff from Bartlett school of architecture on why they are marching. This coach just got pulled over on its way to #nov9 #shame on @CO11MetPolice. Caz Parra: SOAS has been decorated fo... Aaron Peters: The BBC had 150 'rallying... Kgs2zgpj Shared by JessicaFuhl. Matthew 'TK' Taylor: have arrived at ULU, march... Charlie Whelton: #nov9 #9nov... Student Newspaper: Edinburgh group banding to... Jessica Fuhl: At rough guess would estim... RT London Bureau: Numbers growing fast, marc... 18. Great banners - #nov9. Students at UCLU with their banners - leaving shortly #nov9 # Now at Malet St outside ULU - I can't count to tell you. November 9th Protest - Student explains why he is marching. Bigger numbers now at start of student demo and some creative.

Bystander claps #nov9 marchers; nearby, a guy in a high-vis j. Share photos and videos on Twitter. Student Newspaper: On the move. Angry yet pea... This my fav protester so far: old man dancing, dressed as elf. Challenging fees through dance #nov9. GOWER STREET, OUR STREET #nov9. [video]And their off. #nov9 on Gower St. Adam Reeves. Demonstration under way. Crowd getting incredibly restless. Maybe it's the 3 line thick group of Met leading them... Probably @lareneg #nov9. Bloomsbury street #nov9. Strike Strike Strike! - River Live Covers NCAFC march. Strike Strike Strike! @RiverNewspaper YouTube. Protesters in action #nov9 #ncafc. Paraic O'Brien: Mini kettle of electrician... Verbal confrontation over section 12 between police and prote. The Occupied Times: Here's @littlemisswilde re... A bank of press and tourists await the the march as it travels towards Trafalgar Square #nov9. Student Newspaper: press on the steps of St M... Naomi O'Leary: Protesters celebrate occup...

Steven Maclean: Oh look, we have occupied... Images live NOW from trafalgar sq: Tents have been popped up at trafalgar square, is now occupie. Protesters changing route against police orders to set up an occupation in Trafalgar Square. #nov9. Sukey: Police dragging protesters... TimesHigherEducation: Police remove about a doze... Keith M. O' Brien: Masked bloc here. Fella us...

Photo #nov9: Thousands of student protesters blocked from continuing the march. View from fleet st. Nzod3kuj Shared by julesmattsson. Kluzzgxj Shared by TamsinVincent. Anna Fleur: Get those animals off thos... Jessica Fuhl: Police horses moving forwa... This kettling seems a little bit OTT, no? Sparks Kettled, 9th November 2011.

David Allen Green: So that's why. RT @MissEll... Jed: #Sparks kettled at Blackfr... Protest passing the Royal Courts of 'Justice' #Nov9. Demo is on the move again. Fantastic banner from St Andrews Students' Association #nov9. Providing sounds #nov9. [video]London Wall #nov9 #9nov. Students from London Met display a banner from their bodying at the end of #nov9. Mark Stone: Impressive clean-up operat...

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