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Alsace. Tourisme sur la Route des Vins d'Alsace. Fine settimana e festività in Alsazia, idee per le visite - Turismo Alsazia. Site officiel des Offices de tourisme du Grand Ried en Alsace. Accueil - Mon Grand Est. Fairy tale village of Colmar, France. A trip to Colmar is a trip to the villages of your childhood fairy tales.

Fairy tale village of Colmar, France

Founded in the 9th century, this town has layers of history and charm. Spared from the wars of the French Revolution and the World Wars, the architecture dates back to the 13th centuries and is a reflection of both German and French rule that controlled the Alsace Region. As you walk the city, make sure to keep an eye out for dates painted onto the side of buildings.

La petite Venise (Little Venice) One of the most picturesque areas in Colmar, the canals are reminiscent of Venice, Italy. Fishmonger’s District Another area with colorful houses is idyllic quarter where fishermen once lived centuries ago. Koïfhus, Ancienne Douane (Old Custom House) 7 Foods to try in the Alsace Region of France. Border regions seems to have some of the best cuisine.

7 Foods to try in the Alsace Region of France

The Alsace region currently part of France was once a part of Germany – many residents here speak a language called Alsatian which is more German than French. Eating in Alsace, you get a taste of both French and German foods and a third version of the blend of the two cuisines. Alsace Wine Region: A Guide for Enthusiasts. What should you know about Alsace wine as you explore all the wine regions of France?

Alsace Wine Region: A Guide for Enthusiasts

Learn the most important facts about Alsace including its major wine grapes and blends. Check out a map of the region and some amazing photos of what it’s like to be there. Alsace has always been in a bit of a pickle. Its perilous location on the border of Germany and France made the area a tug-of-war for centuries. Today if you visit Alsace, you can see how the interventions of two mega empires affected the area through its architecture and the presence of both French and German languages. The food and the wine of Alsace is also a bit of a mish mash. For this guide we’ll discuss what the major Alsace grape varieties and styles of wine are as well as some history for relevance. circa 1964 harvest. Just the Facts on Alsace Wine Two words can pretty well sum up Alsace even if there is much more to know: “Dry Riesling” Alsace wine will change your perception of a traditionally sweet Riesling.

Lorraine. Home - Tourisme Lorraine. La Lorraine est formidable - Nancy Fête, animation Meurthe-et-Moselle. Office de Tourisme du Grand Nancy. Ville de Nancy - Portail. Guide du Grand Est. Terre de traditions, de savoir-faire et de gastronomie située au cœur de l'Europe, le Grand Est est une contrée pleine d'attraits qu'apprécieront sans conteste les amateurs de découverte et d'authenticité.

Guide du Grand Est

Si la région est particulièrement réputée pour ses champagnes, ses vins blancs d'Alsace, ses flammekueches, ses choucroutes, ses baeckeoffes, ses mirabelles et ses marchés de Noël féeriques, elle l'est aussi pour ses villes d'Art et d'Histoire aux multiples trésors, ses ravissants villages fleuris à colombages, ses châteaux forts médiévaux, ses cathédrales gothiques, ses églises fortifiées ou à pans de bois, ses musées réputés, ou encore ses cristalleries et faïenceries renommées.

Destination verte de vacances, le Grand Est peut aussi s'enorgueillir d'offrir un environnement naturel remarquable. Vosges - Sur les pas de Jeanne d'Arc. Champagne -Ardenne. Champagne. Champagne, France Road Trip. In history books, Joan of Arc’s story concludes with the 19-year-old bound to a stake—forced into a dress, clutching a cross and gazing heavenward, flames leaping around her bare feet.

Champagne, France Road Trip

But in France, the “virgin warrior” prevails, a unifying icon who charged onto the battlefield to rescue the French monarchy during the Hundred Years’ War against the British. Indeed, the cross-dressing teen’s defiant independence secured her undoing as well as her immortality. This year, Joan turns 600, inspiring a drive through northeast France that traces the route of her extraordinary early triumphs—from the village where angels’ voices summoned her to the grand city where she stood by as Charles VII took the crown. Fortuitously for travelers, Joan also journeyed through what is now Champagne country, the source of sparkling wine so revered its name has become a global synonym for joie de vivre.

This pilgrimage trailing the path of St. Continue your mission on a two-hour drive west to Troyes. Faux de Verzy – Verzy, France. Dwarf beech trees top out at 4 or 5 meters (or roughly 15 feet) and are notable for the wide spread of their boughs and the dramatic forms they assume.

Faux de Verzy – Verzy, France

They can be found in Germany, Sweden, and Denmark, as well as multiple locations in France. However, the Faux de Verzy national forest contains nearly 1000 of the hauntingly beautiful trees, making it the largest concentration of dwarf beeches in the world. The forest's name comes from the word fau (plural: faux), which was the beech tree's name in Old French, derived from the Latin fagus (the modern French word for beech, hêtre, comes from German). The earliest mention of the existence of dwarf beeches in the area is found in a book from the nearby St-Basle Abbey and dates all the way back to the 6th century. It is unclear what led to their proliferation but speculation abounds, including suggestions that they abbey monks had a hand in spreading the relatively rare trees locally as well as abroad.

Ardennes Tourisme 2017 > Accueil > Carte interactive. Tourisme dans les Ardennes, visiter les Ardennes, sorties dans les Ardennes, vacances dans les Ardennes - Site officiel de l'ADT des Ardennes (Agence de Développement Touristique des Ardennes) Franche-Comté. Nord-pas de Calais. Bienvenue chez les ch'tis. Picardie.