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Entoptic Patterns. Oooh, make it stop, please...

Entoptic Patterns

These are the images which are examined by J D Lewis-Williams and T A Dowson (1988) and Richard Bradley (1989) These are the entoptic images which are examined by J D Lewis-Williams and T A Dowson in their 1988 article "The Signs of All Times". They postulate that these images, which derive from effects within the central nervous system, form the basis for images in Palæolithic art. The images above each other, with the lower slightly to the right of the upper if your browser window is wide, are equivalent effects from the two sources. One important form, the spiral, is not shown since it is for some reason omitted from consideration by Lewis-Williams and Dowson and their example was followed by Richard Bradley.

Bradley cites the same figures in his 1989 article, "Deaths and entrances: A contextual analysis of megalithic art", in which he supports Lewis-Williams and Dowson with evidence from "Megalithic" (Neolithic) tombs in southern Brittany. Stage One. Softology's Channel‬‏ Upload Subscription preferences Loading...

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Mandelbulb: The Unravelling of the Real 3D Mandelbrot Fractal

Around 20 years ago, along with other approaches, he first imagined the concept behind the potential 3D Mandelbulb (barring a small mistake in the formula, which nevertheless still can produce very interesting results - see later), and also wrote a short story about the 3D Mandelbrot in 1987 entitled "As Above, So Below" (also see his blog entry and notebook). Back then of course, the hardware was barely up to the task of rendering the 2D Mandelbrot, let alone the 3D version - which would require billions of calculations to see the results, making research in the area a painstaking process to say the least. So the idea slumbered for 20 years until around 2007.

Zooming in reveals some interesting detail, but nothing truly fantastic. Full size shown here.